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The Keynes vs Hayek rap. I like the bit where Hayek finds the General Principles in the drawer in his hotel room.

A nice series of recent posts from Organisations and Markets. BTW this site and its authors polled very well in a recent survey on the credibility and/or popularity of economics blogs

Calls for industry policy in the US.

The transformation of many Israeli kibbutzim into partially privatized, profit-seeking, professionally managed entities that act in capital, product, and factor markets just like private firms.

Problems with cap and trade schemes in Europe.

Happy Schumpeter day!

Missouri Economics Conference (meet Peter Klein).

From Conservative Teacher, an aid for students, the declaration of independence set to music, maybe a bit long but worth a look.

Andrew Norton on the incoherent student loan scheme.

From Michael Warby, Climate Links, “How many global warming sceptics does it take to change a light bulb? None, because it is far too early to say whether it needs changing. (Viscount Monckton) What the IPCC would call a spade pretty funny too.  

Economics Links

European Links including a map on the different “alcohol zones”.  This map shows Europe dominated by three so-called ‘alcohol belts’, the northernmost one for distilled spirits, a middle one for beer and the southernmost one for wine. Each one’s existence and extension is determined by a mix of culture and agriculture.

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  1. C.L. says:

    “[I]t is they who come nearer than does any other group to having been the ‘founders’ of scientific economics.”

    – Joseph Schumpeter on the late Scholastic Spanish theologians of the Catholic Church.


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