Gutter press

What have we done to deserve this kind of  journalism?

A couple of feeds from Andrew Bolt, first  on the bias and unprofessionalism of the press gallery.

In a world approaching a tipping point of debt, the Aust oppositon may be the only political party in the world (with a hope of governing)  that is addressing the issue (wonders will never cease!).

And a vendetta by a journo to pay off a grudge against a NSW minister. My first reaction to the news – what business does anyone have with the off-duty activities of a politician? And he was not misusing the car. The  journalist is a grub, clearly indicated by his previous behaviour.

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  1. daddy dave says:

    Was there ever a golden age of journalistic standards?

  2. C.L. says:

    The increasingly irrelevant Canberra ‘press gallery’ was obviously in a sour mood owing to the rapid collapse of the Rudd house of cards. You just knew they were itching to make amends by avenging poor Kev with some classic concocted get-square against the Coalition. With hardly anything to work with, they turned Joe Hockey into the story at the press club in the same week as the government undertook to consult China on its taxation policy and the Australian economy was judged internationally to be going down the road of Hugo Chavez.

  3. Butterfield, Bloomfield & Bishop says:

    only a catallaxian crackpot would think there is a problem of public debt when there is none.

    Haven’t you clowns learnt your lesson from last year yet where the egg is still on your faces.

    no hockey and Robb with Abbott made absolute idiots of themselves on promising something and not delivering.
    hockey made this worse by not even releasing the ‘savings ‘until after the speech.

    A joke on a joke

  4. THR says:

    I think you and Bolt are straining to hear ‘bias’ in the questions to Hockey. Since the GFC, he has been continually attacking the ALP’s fiscal policies without ever offering a concrete alternative. His hypothetical spending cuts were a good example of that. Anybody can sit back and criticise government policy. The point is to provide an alternative, and on this, the Opposition are utterly hopeless, giving voters only evasion (on the economy), crackpottery (the ‘Green Army’ and attendant tax), or fear (the invasion of asylum seekers from the Middle East). Hockey and Abbott deserve to be called on it.

  5. Rafe says:

    If you asked journalists today they will tell you that journalists have never been better educated, specially trained at tertiary level, more in touch with different sources of information and more aware of their professional responsibilities. I am not suggesting that there was a golden age, but a few decades ago gutter journalism was clearly recognized as such and the major papers tended to minimise that kind of material. Admittedly you would probably have to be over 40 or 45 years of age to remember.

  6. JC says:

    …he has been continually attacking the ALP’s fiscal policies without ever offering a concrete alternative…

    They have, dumphy. They’ve said they will take a meat-cleaver to spending.



    Go away.

  7. C.L. says:

    Stop talking Homer-strength nonsense, THR. Rudd just threw asylum seekers into a military camp and 59 have drowned on his watch. So spare us the phony humanitarianism. Hockey wanted to give a speech on the philosophy and ideas underpinning his deficit strategy and undertook to release the details afterwards. This he duly did. There was no story. There was just the usual bunch of bourgeoise Laborites in the press gallery itching to invent a ‘gaffe’ to equalise the political situation after a fortnight in which the entire Rudd debacle began to implode.

  8. THR says:

    They have, dumphy. They’ve said they will take a meat-cleaver to spending

    Have they said where? Have they said what they’d do differently? Otherwise, these proposed spending cuts are just a kind of magic pudding economics, albeit, in reverse.

  9. THR says:

    Like it or not, the Coalition are a policy black hole, CL. They’ve got absolutely nothing. Keating was right to call Abbott and ‘intellectual nobody’. The Coalition are not endearing themselves to anybody, rather, Rudd is shooting himself in the foot.

  10. JC says:

    Sorry THR;

    For some reason I thought it was the irritating FDR that was commenting and not you.

    The dumphy reference was directed to him of course 🙂

  11. Butterfield, Bloomfield & Bishop says:

    only the innumerate Forrest would believe they have taken a meat cleaver to spending.

    the proposal to cut spending was a farce.

    Forrest probably dreamt it up.Fancy not knowing the difference between capital and recurrent expenditure.

    That is pure forrest

  12. C.L. says:

    No ideas, hey THR? I guess that must be why Rudd has now adopted Abbott’s policy on the ETS – the Greatest Economic and Moral Chellenge of Our Time.

    As for Keating, he was a council clerk who spent the 1970s loafing on the Opposition benches collecting clocks. He admits he picked up Howard’s Campbell Report as Treasurer and went from there. Paul Keating is the most overrated phony in Australian political history. As prime minister, he was a coward and a disaster – presiding over the worst economic downturn since the 1930s. His legend rests upon well-rehearsed parliamentary tirades facilitated by Leo McLeay.

  13. boy on a bike says:

    Homer said, “only a catallaxian crackpot would think there is a problem of public debt when there is none.”

    Excellent. Homer, you pay it off. Stop putting your hand in our pockets and asking us to pay it off.

    Is it a problem now?

  14. THR says:

    No ideas, hey THR? I guess that must be why Rudd has now adopted Abbott’s policy on the ETS – the Greatest Economic and Moral Chellenge of Our Time.

    I’m not speaking in favour of Rudd’s policies, I’m saying that the Coalition have none of their own. There’s no policy substance in the Coalition whatsoever, other than carping from the sidelines about spending, and Abbott’s Green Armée.

  15. Myrddin Seren says:

    “What have we done to deserve this kind of journalism ?”

    ‘We’ have done nothing, and this is what you get for your trouble .

    My recollection, without even an attempt at googling, is that Channel Nine NSW State political reporter Adam Walters was found to have been romantically involved with NSW State Minister Reba Meagher – in most areas this would be called ‘conflict of interest’, not ‘cultivation of journalistic sources’. The positon of the respective parties above-and-below the sheets is a thin but critical ethical line, outside Underbelly.

    Then Walters, in the finest tradition of Australian journalistic independence, jumped ship and took a few other Channel Nine colleagues with him to become spin doctors for Morris Iemma. Wow – this is the sort of loyalty and impartiality that investment bankers are most usually famous for .

    As a tribute to Walters’ impeccable judgment, he joined Team Iemma just before the Labor caucus swallowed a poo sandwich and booted Iemma to replace him with Leftie Nathan Rees. Now to be fair, who could have seen that one coming, especially a mere State political reporter ??

    And today’s revelations in the press suggest two things. It is suggested that Walters thought David Campbell had leaked the story about him and Reba partying into the night while an humble government driver was left cooling his heels in Gov Macquarie Tower all night.

    And secondly, Channel Seven has hired Walters to, what – dig up dirt on Labor enemies….?

    ‘We’ have done nothing to deserve political partisans and hacks whose day jobs masquerade as journalism.

    But the owners and managers of these respective organisations have done a dismal job of inculcating any sort of sense of impartiality and ethics into their prima donna employees.

    At the end of the day, Walters looks like a miserable political hack. But his various employers look like fools.

  16. jtfsoon says:

    oh that’s beautiful.

    the idiot went to work for Yemma right before he got booted?

  17. ken n says:

    Rafe – an important point. It used to be that a small number of papers did the really grubby stuff. Now it can be anywhere. Though the Waters/7 case seems to be about as grubby as they get.

  18. Legal Eagle says:

    Just ugh. I don’t usually agree 100% with Bolta, but hey there’s always a time. The media should not be about pursuing personal vendettas. And I don’t see what someone’s private sexual business has to do with is performance as a minister.

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