I’m reminded of the lyrics of 99 red balloons

Call out the troops now in a hurry
This is what we’ve waited for
This is it, boys, this is war
The President is on the line

Can conscription be far behind? We’ll be needing brave Australian boys to recapture our resources from those evil greedy unAustralian mining conglomerates. To go down the pits if necessary to do the mining ourselves.

Does that sound a bit over the top?

Looks like Wayne Swan has had a brain explosion.

WAYNE Swan is preparing to escalate his pitched battle with the mining industry over the resource super-profits tax, obtaining a special exemption under national emergency powers to waive the government’s own advertising rules for a campaign against the miners.

The exemption granted this week to the Treasurer by Special Minister of State Joe Ludwig will allow the government to rush out an advertising campaign to counter a mining industry blitz against the new 40 per cent super profits tax.

It will free the campaign from constraints under the guidelines prohibiting campaigns run for party political purposes and releasing materials that “directly attack or scorn the views, policies or actions of other such as the policies and opinions of opposition parties or groups”.

As Cabinet Secretary Senator Ludwig can exempt a campaign from compliance with the guidelines on the basis of a national emergency, extreme urgency or other compelling reasons.

Katherine Murphy at The Age is appalled.

I’m a bit slow on the uptake. Even though I’ve been covering the story all week, I hadn’t quite grasped that the resources tax stoush had reached the status of national emergency.

But apparently it has.

Events are such that the Rudd Government has decided to suspend its own flimsy guidelines for policing taxpayer funded advertising in order to get $38.5 million worth of ads praising its tax reforms on the air. Pronto.

Like tomorrow. And the day after. The new tax ads start tomorrow. Newspapers first. TV to come.

Yes, this morning, Special Minister of State Joe Ludwig had the honourable task of telling us that the government had decided to clear any hurdle between them and a big expensive ad campaign to counter the sound and fury from the resources industry.

These ads have not been cleared by the independent committee now charged with ensuring government ads contain necessary information rather than thinly disguised partisan propaganda.

They have been cleared by the government. No one else.

I hope you all find them interesting and informative given you are paying for them.

The worst insult is this

The trend of decision-making on this issue is all bad, not quite as bad as John Howard, but getting there.

I think this means the government are going to try to brazen it out.

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118 Responses to STATE OF EMERGENCY!

  1. DavidJ says:

    So in an national emergency situation an ongoing advertising campaign will save us? Rudd’s desperation knows no bounds. Who the fuck is advising this guy? Is it you Homer?

    Kinda odd Swan sought permission 2 weeks ago, they must have been thinking about approach for a while.

  2. Myrddin Seren says:

    Presumably a good thing Conroy hasn’t got his internet filter yet then.

    Maybe the National Emergency Powers would be deployed against seditious elements like – ummm- Catallaxy, for querying the government’s ‘robust’ taxation analysis ?

  3. JC says:

    That’s right. Unless it’s evidence based and peer reviewed the government will ban publication now.

    Quick, where’s Controy to get on TV feign outrage and ban it.

  4. Rococo Liberal says:

    And we haven’t even got any legislation yet

  5. JC says:


    It’s a state of emergency. Do you understand?

    The rootless cosmopolitans.. The miners are being allowed far to much leeway in non-peer reviewed propaganda, so we need to government to crush them…. I’m sorry.. I got all angry, emotional a shit then… we need the government to get their message across about these evil, rootless cosmopolitans.

  6. boy on a bike says:

    Rog will presumably be queueing up with his popcorn and softdrink for the opening night screening.

  7. daddy dave says:

    Oh my God…
    These people are despicable.

  8. Andrew Worthington says:

    Well, it surely must be the fifth or sixth greatest moral challenge of our generation, so well worth it! I’m just irritated that as a taxpayer I’m paying for both my own (ineffective) re-education and that of the drones for whom it will!

  9. DavidJ says:

    Next step will be Stephen Smith declares a travel warning to the Pilbara and then immediately deports Dr Kloppers.

  10. Taylor says:

    Things are getting to the point where serious questions may need to be asked about the current interpretation of the taxation power in the Constitution.

    Given a government more ignorant of business than this one – or more “unpredictable” – there is scope to use this to wreak enormous damage on the Australian economy.

    As things stand, the power could only be controlled by the High Court (but there is federal income tax, FBT, and Training Guarantee precedent to overrule) or the Senate (potentially provoking a 1975-style crisis).

  11. JC says:


    No, we can’t deport these people as it would mean other countries would have to except them.

    The next step is the obvious one, of course. We need to place them in camps, away from the general population in case they infect them with the same thinking.

    Of course they’ll be comfortable and the world media will at times be allowed in to check on their ‘stay”.

    We need to do this while there is a state of emergency of course.

  12. If only he promised to adopt the Henry Review income tax proposal.

    Now he’s had a brain meltdown of about 300 chernobyls.

  13. daddy dave says:

    Can I just say… this is a terrible decision. It’s jaw-droppingly bad. This is by far the worst decision they have made.
    The Rudd government has truly jumped the shark.

  14. JC says:

    Can you imagine the screaming and yelling going on as they receive regular updates on polling in the marginals. IT would be like the last days in the bunker.

    That’s what’s obviously causing them to declare a “state of emergency”

    They polled the marginals and they’re probably 5 points worse then last week or so and Charlie Rudd’s popularity is now officially polled at 5 people (his immediate family)

  15. JC says:

    I’d love to be a fly on the wall in the Rudd’s office at the moment. It would be hysterical.

    Screaming heard from the opposition side of Parliament.

    ” what!!! Poll again… How the fuck can I possibly have ZERO popularity in the that seat? Fuck off, I’m much more popular than that. Therese said so.”

  16. C.L. says:

    I seriously expect Rudd and Swan to appear in fatigues and berets any day now.

  17. JC says:

    More screaming heard in the opposition’s parliamentary offices from the Rudd’s office.

    “Miranda, you stupid bitch, get Dead C on the phone”.

    Rudd picks up the phone to Swan.

    “ Swan, you Dead C. I should never have hired you and that other moron on tax. Have you seen the sate of the marginals? Have you?

    “What the f..k are you going to do about it, you Dead C?”

    “What, declare an emergency? What emergency, there’s no fire around Canberra?”

    “You want to declare a state of emergency in order to advertise? That’s the stupidest thing you’ve said since the super-tax.”

    More later.

  18. C.L. says:

    Spaminated picture link.

  19. JC says:

    Continuing on..

    More screaming and yelling heard.

    ” What? No, you Dead C, tell Conroy we can’t arrest all the miiung executives. That’s a stupider idea than the internet filter”.

    ” Okay declare a state of emergency and let’s advertise. You want to call the mining executives what? Rootless Cosmopolitans instead of foreigners in the ads””.

    “Where have I heard that before?. Okay that may work and get everyone in the marginals all worked up against these foreigners”.

    “listen to me, Dead C, this better work or I’m firing your arse by Monday, you hear?

    Slams the phone down.

    “Miranda , where’s that fucking tuna salad?!!!

  20. Ev630 says:

    “The trend of decision-making on this issue is all bad, not quite as bad as John Howard, but getting there.”

    Even in the face of facts, she can write something like that. Gotta love the left.

  21. Summary:

    ALP schill:

    Mary Richards Posted at 12:42 PM Today

    Investors will continue to invest in Australian mining. Why? The cost of capital will be lower under the new regime because risk (beta) will be lower for mining companies. Therefore, the hurdle rates will be lower.

    Comment 71 of 428

    Money quote:

    I actually voted for this lot Posted at 12:46 PM Today

    My God…So let’s see..they’re going to use our money to tell us how right they are and how nasty and wrong the miners are even though they themselves are the deceivers and misinformers…S##t, I can feel my superannuation dwindling in value by the minute. This govt is out of control and there needs to be an emergency button we all can push to jettison them from office.

    Comment 81 of 428

    Tongue in cheek award:

    Phil of Brisbane Posted at 12:51 PM Today

    If this is true it is a most frightening development. David Marr, where are you ? I think the government is crushing dissent.

    Comment 92 of 428

    Only 2% of comments support Rudd et. al.,

  22. dover_beach says:

    We all need to remember that Rudd ‘introduced’ himself to the Australian people with the words: Hi, my name’s Kevin and I’m here to help.

  23. Infidel Tiger says:

    Who’s crazier Kim Jong-Il or Lu Kewen? The fuckers even look alike.

  24. Infidel Tiger says:

    I’ll know it’s a real emergency when Christine Nixon is appointed to the clean up task force.

  25. C.L. says:

    Swan: the people “desire” our National Emergency ads.

    And it looks like Rud wrote the last paragraph. You’ll never guess its key phrase:

    “There is a very strong need and clear desire in the community to know more about the changes to our tax system and it’s important we fill that need,” Mr Swan said.

    “To ensure the Australian people can make informed decisions about their finances and investments, in the budget we indicated that we would be launching an information campaign.

    “Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation being pushed by some parts of of the mining industry, and these myths need to be cleared up.

    “The Australian people have a big stake in getting a fairer share of our resource wealth and we make no apology for keeping them informed.”

    Let’s understand this for what it is. The Commonwealth government – in one of the world’s oldest democracies – has decided that organised political opposition to its policy constitutes a national emergency.

  26. JC says:

    Rudd could be gone this weekend, Cl.

  27. asf says:

    Dissent cannot be tolerated in a Ruddocracy.

  28. rog says:

    jc says that he would love to be a fly on the wall.

    We can arrange that; THWACK! (oops, I thought it was just a fly)

  29. JC says:


    As relevant to the thread, as any troll, Wodge?

    Don’t try stand comedy as your next line of work. Try being a clown.

  30. rog says:

    paper rock clown fly


    So thats what the paper is for, to wipe up the mess of jc-da-fly

  31. rog says:

    It amuses me how jc seeks to redefines the limits of the thread and introduces new limitations based on….?

    His success rate is a significant figure, ie 0

    You know how you imagine the appearance of these on line personalities? well I see jc as some sort of diminished Mussolini – with a small ‘m’ – a pygmy would do fine – although in jc’s case he cant be bothered to do anything incl make the trains run on time

  32. C.L. says:

    Abbott pinpoints the hypocrisy of this precisely:

    “The Government can’t have it both ways,” he said.

    “They can’t say their great big new tax on mining is having no effect on financial markets and then claim the effect on financial markets justifies spending even the existing elastic requirements to have an emergency advertising campaign.

    “This is a desperate act from an ethically challenged and completely panicked government.”

  33. JC says:


    Stop annoying everyone with your trollish behavior and go away.

  34. C.L. says:

    Hugo Rudd:

    “I believe this is a sick cancer within our system. It’s a cancer on democracy,” then-opposition leader Kevin Rudd told The 7.30 Report in October 2007.

    Mr Rudd said as prime minister he would put his job on the line to ensure the auditor-general had the power to scrutinise expensive ad campaigns, to check their veracity, and make sure they were not simply political ads.

    He was asked in 2007 if he would resign if he had not delivered this system within his first term.

    Mr Rudd replied: “In terms of establishing the office of the auditor-general with clear-cut guidelines to whom every television campaign is submitted for approval before that television campaign is implemented, you have my absolute, 100 per cent guarantee that that will occur.

    “One hundred per cent guarantee and each one of you here can hold me accountable for that.”

    But two months ago the auditor-general was sidelined from the job.

  35. pedro says:

    You think you’ve seen it all and then this. Words fail. Where is homer to stick for them?

    I think this could be the death of Rudd and Swan. Surely they have reached a point that is beyond laughable.

  36. JC says:


    Even the ABC is mentioning that Charlie Rudd is now breaking his own promises and refuses to answer questions about it.

    I think the Beattie comment today was the first dagger being pushed in his back.

    They’re basically in crisis as I’m pretty certain the polls are showing them to be in trouble.

    The news this evening was reporting that polling in two WA showed they were trailing badly and that a 3 third seat was neck and neck with a 6.5 swing against them.

    They’re in serious trouble.

    If they lose those 3 seats there it means the state of play goes from

    84/63 seats to 81/66.

    That means 8 seats change hands in the rest of the country and it’s over. I could imagine 4 seats being lost in Queensland, which leaves another 4 to be found.

    I think they’re in serious trouble in terms of how it looks now.

  37. Michael Fisk says:

    So desperate are these lunatics becoming that it’s only a matter of time before Rudd plays the Jew card. He’s visibly cracking up.

  38. JC says:

    They could regain though. What they have to do is fire him immediately, install Gillard who in turn fires the senior Rudd remnants and starts off with an entirely new cabinet.

    I think even Rattlesnake Tanner is now on the nose. So perhaps the minster assisting in finance I think would be a good choice as he’s a softy spoken, likable dude.

    She would also have to fire Henry for the clean break with the past.

    They don’t have much time as they’re basically imploding.

    The longer Rudd stays on the worse it gets for all of them.

  39. Leo says:

    Ah, there are none so blind as those who can not see.

    Continue. As you were. LOL.

  40. JC says:

    Centrebet is 1.43 to 2 72. That’s shortened from 1.25 to 4.50.

  41. Infidel Tiger says:

    Groundskeeper Gillard’s a total dud, too. The ALPs only hope is Turnbull.

  42. JC says:

    Leo sounds awfully like Liam, the beret wearing beta boy from LP who was kicked off from here for “courageously” attacking a innocent woman.

    He always posted deep and meaningful comments like that ending with… “as you were”

  43. Leo says:

    What bimbo was that JC?

  44. JC says:

    And i reckon they’d take him too, Infidel.

    I love labor implosions. They get so cool. They seem to lose all their restraints and do anything to hold power.

  45. JC says:


    stop pretending it’s not you by giving us that hard charged manly sounding comment underneath the beret. You know it’s not your natural beta-like disposition and it sounds exactly how it looks. False.

    Do you sleep beret too?

  46. JC says:

    oops.. with the..

  47. JC says:

    Where the f.. did you get Leo from Liam, you twit?

    Let me change that.

    I’m not in the least surprised you’d choose Leo.

  48. Leo says:

    More interesting is how sheilas sleep IMHO. A perfect union is where the man and women are like a strung bow where an arrow can be fitted.

  49. C.L. says:

    Gillard is worse than Rudd, if anything. A former Slater & Gordon hack who has bungled everything she has touched. She’s only spoken about in awe-struck tones because she’s a female and the luvvie set are desperate for her to become Australia’s first woman prime minister. But everyone wants Rudd gone. Swan hates him for calling him “DC,” the backbenchers hate him for his embarrassing flip-floppery and monumental incomptence, the staffer class hate him for his documented sociopathy, the media hate him for making them pretend he was great when they know he isn’t and the State premiers hate him for being wholy indifferent to their parochial hobby-horses.

    When I think of Gillard’s view of Rudd – as she hungrily eyes off the top job and imagines a life for herself and her dropkick boyfriend; a fuller fruit bowl, as it were – I think of Captain Willard speaking of Colonel KurtzL

    They were going to make me a major for this and I wasn’t even in their fucking army any more. Everybody wanted me to do it, him most of all. I felt like he was up there, waiting for me to take the pain away. He just wanted to go out like a soldier, standing up, not like some poor, wasted, rag assed renegade. Even the jungle wanted him dead, and that’s who he really took his orders from anyway.

    Honestly, Rudd.

    FM. The horror.

    The horror.

  50. daddy dave says:

    Leo is making no sense. And JC, ignore rog and Homer. Seriously… try ignoring them for a couple of days.

  51. Leo says:

    CL has obviously got the serious hots for Le Gillard.

  52. C.L. says:

    Yeah, I wouldn’t say no in a dark bar.

    So what?

  53. daddy dave says:

    they’d be crazy to install Gillard right now. It’s too big a gamble, because if they change and it doesn’t stem the bleeding, they will be so rooted, what’s happening now will look like a summer picnic. If they try a Gillard leadership spill and it goes wrong (ie their popularity keeps tanking) we’d be looking at a party collapse of historic proportions.
    Their best bet is to buckle up, hold on, and if they lose the next election, regroup under a new leader.

  54. C.L. says:

    Bolt has a number of updates. This from Stephen Bartholomeusz, associate editor of Business Spectator:

    “Omigod! Australia is facing a national crisis so threatening that the federal government has had to invoke national emergency powers. The crisis? Someone disagrees with the government!”

  55. JC says:


    He’s losing support by the day and they’re panicked.

  56. daddy dave says:

    yes they’re panicked and that’s the problem. People, when panicking, can make foolish decisions. I’m saying, if they’re looking at a possible election loss, they need to accept whatever happens, take it on the nose and think about the long game.

  57. C.L. says:

    What a day. Another red-letter day in the history of this epochally disastrous government.

    – Set up fake Twitter site. During a national emergency. Communication experts say it will fail.

    – House of concentration camp survivor burns down thanks to those wonderful pink batts.

    – Anti-Jap whaling stunt re-launched for the umpteenth time to provide Friday news dump smokescreen for national emergency declaration.

    – National emergency declared.

    Just one day. Just one day in the life of the Rudd government.

  58. JC says:

    I think this ad business resonates with the electorate in the worst possible way.

    They can’t read the public mood well and don’t understand that what did work may not work again.

    What I mean is that they’ve broken their promise about government advertising before and it didn’t really resonate with the public and the media all that much.

    How they did it was smart actually. They tested it out and saw they weren’t getting grief and they kept on doing it. However the media and the electorate is really freaking fickle, so you don’t know if they will get pissed at you or when for breaking your promise.

    Being tone deaf they thought they could get away with this as they just can’t believe the public would be against the raping and pillaging… if they explained it properly.

    And what do they get now?

    A public that is inceased at them for trying this shit, breaking their promise.

    The ads will make it worse for them, as each one will remind the public just what they are about.

    The ads will have the effect of making them even more unpopular.

    Who is advising these idiots?

  59. Leo says:

    “Yeah, I wouldn’t say no in a dark bar.

    So what?”

    So she mentally owns you.

  60. C.L. says:

    Sure. Whatever turns her on, Phil.

  61. JC says:

    Is it really phil? I thought it was liam.

  62. daddy dave says:

    We’ll know soon enough. If “Leo” turns out to be a raving psychotic nutcase with a persecution complex, it’s Phil.

  63. Leo says:

    Sabba dukkha, sabba anatta, sabba anikka.

  64. daddy dave says:

    Hmmm…. the evidence is accumulating.

  65. entropy says:

    We all need to remember that Rudd ‘introduced’ himself to the Australian people with the words: Hi, my name’s Kevin and I’m here to help.
    DD, that would make a good attack ad.

    Run Rudd saying that, then follow up with Reagan “the scariest words in the english language are I’m from the government and I’m here to help”

  66. JC says:

    Yep, it’s good old phil.

    Hey, phil how they hanging?

  67. JC says:


    I think the first part of the ad would be great, but the Aussie public is still frightened of Reagan so I’d leave him out.

    I think then cutting into burning houses, and the school dunnies would be good.

    Ending with his non-apology.

  68. Dandy Warhol says:

    They are failing. It’s just a matter of time now.

    I may be wrong but I think it is Abbott. He has got inside Rudd’s head. Imagine how Rudd must have felt when Abbott caned the triathlon.

    He’s going to pieces. And it’s all down to his complete inadequacy.

  69. JC says:

    Leo is making no sense. And JC, ignore rog and Homer. Seriously… try ignoring them for a couple of days.

    Didn’t see it. I suppose you’re right, Dad.

  70. JC says:

    The trouble is that there’s no money left in the draw as they could have sprung some out if they hadn’t wasted it all on the obvious fuck ups they’ve had.

    I really don’t know what they can run their campaign on now as being labor there was always money for shonky programs. They’ve spent all their bullets and now they’re left running a campaign on two tax hikes. The Miners heist and the ets.

  71. entropy says:

    yes finish the ad with “and I make no apology for that!”

  72. Samuel J says:

    Where is Homer in this thread? AWOL. Has he given up on Hero Rudd?

  73. C.L. says:

    No, he’s just waiting for Possum to produce a graph showing that the number of house fires endured by 80 year-old Holocaust survivors has actually diminished since the commencement of the pink batts program.

  74. sdfc says:

    Ausralians should be afraid of a Reagan type figure JC. That man knew how to rum up a deficit.

  75. JC says:

    That man knew how to rum up a deficit.

    I’d actually agree with a small part of that, SDFC, but that’s an entirely different story fro another time.

    But can i ask , are certifiably insane or just pretending to act out your homerish instincts? As an aside you’re the only person at the blog who has praised him, incidentally.

    The US has now a running deficit of anywhere between 10 and 13% of gdp, a debt position of $16 trillion and you backhanding Reagan. Boy you must despise Obama then.

  76. daddy dave says:

    Yeah I thought the same thing JC. Any progressive/leftist/whatever who mentions deficits these days – other than to praise them – is either a hypocrite, ignorant, or stupid.
    If it’s “stupid” I don’t hold it against you, sfdc, since you have no control over that.

  77. JC says:

    I’m waiting for the spin he’ll invariably put on this one, dad.

    He’s thinking at the moment, trying to figure how best to reply without looking silly or hypocritical.

    SDFC has been the dude who’s been peddling spending up the warzoo for months now going to the point of saying that although he recognizes most of the it here was wasteful it was needed to avoid a recession worse than….. whichever he thinks sounds dramatic.

    He’s now found to be backhanding Reagan’s deficits and but suddenly realizes the deficit elehpant is presently in the White House.
    oh me , oh my. How we spin a fine web for ourselves. Keynesianism is basically a state of inconsistent beliefs.

  78. sdfc says:

    Typical JC analysis, who in place of argument runs the if you believe this then you must believe that line. The man you hates deficits except when his his hero who has special permission to run big deficits for years on end.

  79. JC says:


    SDFC you mentioned him. I haven’t initiated anything about him other than a throwaway line.

    Having said that, I’d much rather a president run a deficit at much smaller plane to defeat the cold war opponent than spending more money on crap the way this idiot is doing all based on a much higher one.

    having said all that, you find Reagan’s deficit distasteful while Obama’s not so much. How quaint.

    You guys are unbelievable. You lefties are just irremediable.

  80. sdfc says:

    Raegan constistently ran huge deficits over the course of his presidency. Obama’s running deficits in the midst of a financial crisis. Big difference. The US debt position was dire before he was elected. You can thank your heroes Reagan and Bush for a large part of that and neither of them faced a financial collapse.

  81. JC says:

    Raegan constistently ran huge deficits over the course of his presidency.

    True, he did for the reasons I explained. But there’s one slight difference, dagwood. He ran a deficit to win a war which he did and the piece dividend was felt through the Clinton years and Clinton to his credit began to pay off the debt, with the result being that the country was reducing the red ink.

    Your also comparing Reagans deficit which is similar to say a mid level executive taking on a 20G debt with a good chance to repay, while Obama is like a coke addict who has a 100G debt and no job.

    Obama’s running deficits in the midst of a financial crisis. Big difference.

    Pardon me? Reagan inherited an economy that was in horrible shape in the early 80’s. You forget that, did you. And you call that a biog difference? Lol

    The US debt position was dire before he was elected.

    He added to it and made it worse. He’s a deadbeat.

    you can thank your heroes Reagan and Bush for a large part of that and neither of them faced a financial collapse.

    They did Dagwood. You’re just forgetting.

    80/81 recession, 86 recession, 90/91 recession, 2000 recession.

    I gotta go.

  82. C.L. says:

    Reagan didn’t have ‘special permission’ to run deficits. He had permission to re-build the US military that was destroyed during the Carter disaster – a rebuild with which he won the Cold War, thus demolishing the most murderous tyranny in human history.

    Obama has tripled the defecit and his only accomplishment to date is the Beer Summit.

  83. Infidel Tiger says:

    Hey, he’s also lowered his golf handicap and sold a few books.

  84. C.L. says:

    But let’s keep focused on the topic.

    Sdfc weighs in regarding a story involving the Rudd government declaring a ‘national emergency’ because a group is exercising its constitutional right to free political speech.

    And what does he want to talk about?

    Ronald Reagan.

  85. C.L. says:

    Obama has played more golf than Bush did in 8 years.

    What did leftist icon Michael Moore highlight in Farenheit 9/11 again?

    Oh yeah – <a href=""this.

    Inadvertantly, by the way, Moore highlighted one of the coolest moments in 21st century politics so far.

    But we digress…

  86. C.L. says:

    Oh yeah – this.

  87. JC says:

    Sdfc weighs in regarding a story involving the Rudd government declaring a ‘national emergency’ because a group is exercising its constitutional right to free political speech.

    And what does he want to talk about?

    Ronald Reagan.

    They’re working all the way back to that Republican beast : Lincoln.

  88. Capitalist Piggy says:


    In that Barrie Cassidy article I noticed he used the word “propaganda” rather than the more politically correct term “spin.”


    Actually, on 11 November 1998 Rudd introduced himself in his first parliamentary speech with the following words:

    “Politics is about power. It is about the power of the state. It is about the power of the state as applied to individuals, the society in which they live and the economy in which they work…

    I believe unapologetically in an active role for government. I believe that this activist role should have as its foremost guiding principle a commitment to equality of opportunity that is real rather than rhetorical. It is a principle that should permeate all that we do in education and health. I also believe that governments must actively look after those who, through no fault of their own, cannot look after themselves. I believe that governments must regulate markets….

    But markets sometimes fail, requiring direct government intervention through instruments such as industry policy. There are also areas where the public good dictates that there should be no market at all.”

  89. JC says:

    His speech sounds totalitarian. doesn’t it?

  90. Boris says:

    “yes they’re panicked and that’s the problem.”

    No this is just great!

  91. Entropy says:

    No it’s not great. Because we have to live with the consequences.

  92. Capitalist Piggy says:

    Well yes JC, totalitarian. As the great FA Hayek put it:

    “A claim for equality of material position can be met only by a government with totalitarian powers.”

  93. JC says:


    It’s truly fascinating to watch when looked at from that perspective. It’s fascinating in the sense of how a broadly democratic socialist government functions and invariably how how all roads lead in the same direction: the jackboot is various sizes.

    These clowns don’t seem to realize just how close they’re veering in that direction.

    Attacking a group of people out of the blue. Attempting to create discord by focusing on one group and trying to demonize them by calling them liars and cheats.

    The calls to xenophobia.

    The declaration of a state of emergency.

    If Rudd spoke Spanish he could pass very easily as a Hugo Chavez supporter.

  94. Paul says:

    @Capitalist Piggy:
    His narrative is in a nutshell “The Government knows best, enlightened bureaucrats are better than individuals or groups of individuals”.
    That narrative is as old as it comes and it is always in opposition to liberty.

    The opposition need to keep on this now, forget announcing new policies in other areas as that just causes distraction.

    The idea of election should be simple for them and is one word “Waste”.
    They need to equate the Government’s waste in terms of the voting individual, so $48 billion deficit it is $2285 per individual.
    $148 billion in debt is $7047 per individual.

  95. C.L. says:

    So desperate are these lunatics becoming that it’s only a matter of time before Rudd plays the Jew card.

    He already has, Fisk:

    The long delay of three months (after Israel was caught having used forged Australian passports) with nothing happening, and the deliberate resumption of diplomatic dialogue, led the Israelis, and Israel’s friends in Australia, to believe the government was going low key. Then, all of a sudden, some internal dynamic changed and a couple of weeks ago, the government sent ASIO director David Irvine to Israel…. (H)is trip, and the fact that Smith this week publicised it, represents an overt politicisation of ASIO by the government. The Irvine trip, which could produce nothing more than the AFP trip, gave the government cover for the expulsion. The manner and timing of the expulsion reflect very poorly on Rudd.

    The government decided to announce the expulsion on Monday, the first day of parliament’s new sitting. This was the day it was likely to face its heaviest pasting over the resource super-profits tax, just as the earlier outburst of confected anger against Israel coincided with a spike in the pink batts controversy.

    For those prats who excoriated Bishop for her “breach” of ‘don’t confirm, don’t deny,’ please note that Rudd and Smith publicised the movement and mission of the head of fucking ASIO.

  96. Adrien says:

    Currency Lad tell us the truth. Are you being paid by someone to render the term Anti-Semite meaningless?
    Inquiring minds wanna know.

  97. Leo says:

    “If Rudd spoke Spanish he could pass very easily as a Hugo Chavez supporter.” Quelle horreur. Xcept what would be wrong with that?

  98. C.L. says:

    No, Adrien, but given you hailed the courage of the Mumbai murderers – who bravely butchered a pregnant Jewish woman – the idea that you’re being paid by Islamists to trivialise anti-semitism has rather more and rather stronger legs.

  99. C.L. says:

    Now watch as Adrien tries to LOL and smiley face away the abovementioned fact – which he’ll also say constitutes me ‘twisting’ his actual words.

  100. Michael Fisk says:

    What would be wrong with being a supporter of a failed socialist who has resorted to muzzling his media critics, Phil? Let’s see:

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said on Wednesday that a recession in his Latin American country marked the death of capitalism and had nothing to do with his government’s socialist revolution.

    The OPEC member’s economy is bucking the global recovery trend, with the central bank posting a 5.8 percent contraction for the first quarter of 2010 on Tuesday.

    The poor fiscal performance in the first three months, compared with the same period of 2009, had been widely forecast by analysts who expect Venezuela to be the only country in the region to record negative growth this year.

  101. Michael Fisk says:

    Even Zimbabwe is looking better than the Venezuela of the unpopular authoritarian Chavez:

    Inflation in Caracas is triple the next highest rate in Latin America (Argentina) and is more than double that of the next worst economy (Pakistan) among the 56 tracked by the Economist’s website. Even Zimbabwe, which used to be considered the world’s economic basket case, looks good compared to Venezuela: it is expecting 6 percent growth this year, while inflation is under 5 percent.

    The caudillo’s popularity rating around Latin American is now below 40 percent, and his backing in Venezuela has dropped below 50 percent. With an election for the National Assembly coming up this fall, he has resorted to the Iranian tactic of disqualifying prominent opponents from the ballot. He will try to steal the election; if that doesn’t work he will try to strip the legislature of power.

    It must be incredibly embarrassing to be a Chavez supporter.

  102. sdfc says:

    Reagan consistently ran huge deficits over the course of his presidency.

    Hate to break it to you JC but the US wasn’t involved in a war in the 1980’s unless you count Afghanistan as some sort of proxy war, or their support for terrorism in central America. The cold war was basically a Mexican standoff that in no way warranted the big deficits he was running in a period of largely strong growth (there was no recession in 1986). Deficits that were bigger than anything Hoover ran during the height of the great depression. Reagan’s deficits got bigger after the end of the early 80s recession.

    As for Bush he ran deficits from 2002 onward, after the end of the mild 2001 recession.

    It’s not just about Reagan and Bush however. The US has practically ran non-stop deficits since the late 50s. That is at the heart of their current debt position. Laying it all at the feet of Obama is the kind of gross exaggeration I would expect from CL but is a bit disappointing when it comes from someone who works in the financial markets.


    JC brought up Reagan, I responded. Excusing Reagan and Bush’s substantial deficits while bagging others who run them is just a little inconsistent.

  103. Adrien says:

    he’ll also say constitutes me ‘twisting’ his actual words.
    No CL. It’s axiomatic and repeating things makes one a witless bore. 🙂
    I don’t use LOL, BTW I suggest you mention Roman Polanski ASAP.

  104. Rob w says:

    If these ads emergency measures are to address sovereign risk concerns about Australia and to stop a capital flight, shouldn’t they be showing in new York, London and whereever the global mining companies are based. If they are shown in Australia instead they just 100% pure Labor Party propaganda.

  105. Butterfield, Bloomfiled & Bishop says:

    The Cold war was lost by Gorby saying uncle.

    no Gorby no result. if you had Castro or Kim in Moscow they still would be Commo.

    Reagan always ran deficits and always was going to.
    He attempted to say in the 1984 election the budget would change because of the improved economy.It didn’t.
    Bush only had a balanced budget in 2001 because it was bequeathed to him by Clinton.As soon as he could he put it into Deficit by offering tax cuts that were unfunded.

    The preset budget is due mainly to the slowing economy which has affected the cyclical deficit.
    It has also doubled the structural deficit.

    guess how.

  106. Rob w says:

    If these ads are emergency measures to address sovereign risk concerns about Australia and to stop a capital flight, shouldn’t they be showing in new York, London and whereever the global mining companies are based. If they are shown in Australia instead they just 100% pure Labor Party propaganda.

  107. Butterfield, Bloomfiled & Bishop says:

    Big Ben doesn’t mention that Bishop was told by the Security agencies of the evidence against Israel in forging the passports.

    Like CL big Ben always believes Israel’s interest overrides the Australian national interest.

    what big Ben doesn’t mention is that the issue would have died a short death except for Bishop’s incompetence.
    so she must be part of the conspiracy as well.

  108. Boris says:

    Homer, maybe you can also comment on the topic of this post?

  109. Butterfield, Bloomfiled & Bishop says:

    I am not sure advertising will help a government who are plainly poor at selling such a good concept.

    I do find it fascinating that Catallaxy thinks a tax on super profits means sovereign risk comes to the fore but royalties which are only on production are superfluous.
    but given this mob do not understand what a commodity currency is and have never heard of a carry trade I shouldn’t be surprised

  110. C.L. says:

    No CL. It’s axiomatic and repeating things makes one a witless bore.

    That doesn’t seem to stop you from warring against putatively false anti-semitism. I simply quoted Greg Sheridan pointing out that Rudd has now twice used anti-Israel stunts to divert attention from his other – now unmanageably numerous – debacles.

    And yes, that is is sinister and disturbing.

    And no, it isn’t “axiomatic” that I “twist” anything you have said. It’s axiomatic that you claim that in order to save face.

    Homer, of course, claimed there was nothing suspicious about Joel Fitzgibbon – thus proving that he believes China’s interest trumps Australia’s national interest.

    But regarding Israel, supporting it is in Australia’s national interest. Ask Bob Hawke.

  111. C.L. says:

    He won’t, Boris. Not really.

    Homer agrees with Il Duce Kev that we’re in the middle of a NATIONAL EMERGENCY!!

    If only GroceryWatch was still up and running he’d be able to stock up on the most affordable bottled water, canned goods, batteries and flashlights available.

  112. pedro says:

    “I am not sure advertising will help a government who are plainly poor at selling such a good concept.”

    Still can’t bring yourself to criticise the ad campaign then homer?

  113. Boris says:

    ““I am not sure advertising will help a government who are plainly poor at selling such a good concept.”

    Actually it almost certainly will help somewhat. Advertising usually does, and policial advertising is no exception. Hopefully, it will not be enough to sell a poor product (not concept!).

    But this is NOT the point of the post. The point is that the government considers this a national emergency, and wants to use government fund for an adverising campaign to promote their party’s policy.

  114. C.L. says:

    Joh Bjelke-Petersen called a state of emergency when the Sprinkboks toured Queensland in 1971. It allowed him to crack down on protest.

    Rudd’s decision (and reasoning) are identical.

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