National Security Committee of Cabinet

Whoever decided to leak information that Kevin Rudd sent his chief of staff, Alistair Jordan, to NSC meetings obviously didn’t do his or her homework and check that then deputy prime minister Julia Gillard attended even fewer NSC meetings, allowing her bodyguard to deputise for her at the meetings.

The article states

A spokesman for Ms Gillard said cabinet confidentiality meant she could not defend herself from the damaging allegations.

But this is dissembling. Cabinet confidentiality and security at the NSC meetings concerns the topics discussed and so forth. It doesn’t extend to whether a person attended the meeting or not.

In other words, Gillard would not be breaching Cabinet confidentiality if she denied sending along her bodyguard to the NSC meetings. She would not be disclosing the contents of the meetings.

Since Gillard does not deny the substance of the story, the voter has a reasonable presumption of the story’s veracity.

Finally, if true that Gillard as deputy prime minister

regularly failed to attend cabinet’s national security committee meetings. Instead, she reportedly sent her former bodyguard and junior staff member Andrew Stark

then she is unfit for the office of prime minister.

UPDATE 19:08:

This report from the ABC quotes Gillard as saying:

I think it is offensive to him, it’s offensive to me and I believe it would be offensive to hard-working police right around this country, to somehow conclude that a man who spent 21 years in the Australian Federal Police as a police officer doesn’t know anything about security.

I understand for members in the chattering classes of the Liberal Party that they might think what qualifies you to know about national security is you sit in a minister’s office typing press releases all of your lives, with the greatest risk to your personal safety being a paper cut.

But I do not.

She has condemned herself with her own words. First, the National Security Committee of Cabinet is a committee consisting of specified ministers – our elected representatives. Other officials attend as advisers – including the Chief of the Defence Force – but the NSC itself comprises purely Ministers. So she has abrogated her responsibility to a junior staffer.

Secondly, just because a person worked at the Australian Federal Police for 21 years and understands ‘security’ doesn’t mean that he or she understand ‘national security’. They are worlds apart.

That Prime Minister Gillard thinks that understanding how to be a bodyguard / policeman qualifies someone as an expert in national security is bewildering and shows how ignorant she is of Australia’s national interest.

She stands condemned by her own words.

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21 Responses to National Security Committee of Cabinet

  1. C.L.

    She really is a stupendous liar.

  2. Jc..


    So attending the meeting is a confidential matter now.

    These freaking clowns are shameless.

    So the real story is that she was sending her bouncer to these things.

  3. Jc..

    They can’t even leak properly without the thing boomeranging back.

  4. DavidJ

    I hope Oakes shortly tells the world where she was instead of being at these meetings. Saying she was attending the Summmernats would save her duck-arse from this.

  5. Samuel J

    I think she was opening school halls with the BER money

  6. “if true […] then she is unfit for the office of prime minister.”

    We didn’t need to know about the unattended NSC meetings to come to that conclusion…

  7. C.L.

    Christine Nixon ducks out for a burger during Black Saturday and Julia splits from the national security council. Not exactly poster girls for the sisterhood.

  8. Skuter

    What next? Rotating random draws from the electoral roll to put bums on seats in the NSC? If you can’t attend each and every meeting, then you should not put yourself forward as a member of NSC. That’s the job we elect these pillocks to do. I can’t understand how anyone, except the most mentally challenged troglodytes, could vote for these people.
    Would be interesting to see a) whether the proxies had security clearances and b) what exactly Kruddy and gillard were doing that was more important than NSC.

  9. Infidel Tiger

    How often does the NSC meet?

  10. JC

    I know. National security is perhaps the most important part of government. The implicit promise from government is to try and keep the population safe.

    These idiots had their bouncers and tea ladies attending these meetings.

    In a way though their deputies could have been a better choice.

  11. Sid Vicious

    Let’s hope that Julia wasn’t with David Campbell at Ken’s of Kensington instead of attending the NSC meetings.

  12. Samuel J

    NSC meets whenever summoned by the Prime Minister.

  13. DavidJ

    So Rudd calls a meeting, everybody confirms their availablity and then they no show? FFS

  14. Myrddin Seren

    Actually, in terms of seeing where the priorities really lie, it would be darned interesting to see a diary check.

    ie Who missed NSC meetings convened by the Office of PM&C for what ?

    Would be willing to bet not too many tasty photo ops were foregone for the mere toil of running the government.

  15. Andrew Reynolds

    I’m with JC on this one. I think a former copper would be better in the NSC than Julia or Kevin. They may actually worry about national security rather than trying to replace each other.

  16. Peter Patton

    Quite right. In fact the more The Women’s Weekly can keep Gillard in hair and make up the less harm is done all round.

  17. Ev630

    Maybe Bogenhagen could morph into a people’s NSC. Naturally there would need to be representatives from all communities and religions no matter how much the ideology differs from the mainstream!

  18. C.L.

    Re Samuel’s update: this argument has to be the most mendacious crap I’ve heard from a politician in a long time. She stands condemned and her response is to screech like a girl and hide behind the big policeman’s bona fides – which has nothing whatsoever to do with the issue. She also casually (and weirdly) lies about the origin of the story – which is clearly from the Treasury Benches.

    She has totally lost the plot.

    If you’d told me that we’d shortly have another contender for the title of Worst Prime Minister Ever when Rudd was ice-picked by Julia’s buddies, I wouldn’t have believed you.

    But get this: Gillard really is worse than Rudd.

  19. Peter Patton

    If La Guillardtine loses this election is she still entitled to a life pension at the PM rate, same as Howard and Hawkey?

  20. Samuel J

    PP – yes a former PM (not matter how long he or she has served) has full entitlements just like a GG – office and staff, life gold pass for travel etc.

  21. pete m

    Samuel – not quite – you need to be PM for 6 months for the full suite of benefits.

    She really is shameless, and shows very clearly how little weight she placed on the burden of office with respect to safeguarding our country.

    So Kevin O’Lemon sends his 31 yr old chief of wet behind the ears know it alls and Queen Jooolia sends in a junior staffer to take notes.

    No wonder defence wasn’t impressed, let alone the asio types.

    Seriously, this is dereliction of duties – grounds for sacking.

    The media seem a little slow on the uptake.

    Just a little reminder – we are at war. Terrorists have been convicted of trying to kill us here. We have soldiers dying for us in Afghan. And they send nobodies to meetings deciding on our security and their deployment.

    Appalling people.

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