Blog Wars

From the American Thinker

For just as Krugman was declaring his love for his blog commenters last January, people started posting serious rebuttals of Krugman’s standard claims about economics. These commenters were not obviously Republican stooges. They were not obviously members of “the political class.” They were not obvious ideologues.

Rather, the posters simply knew some economic science and how jobs are created and economies grow, perhaps because they were members of “the productive class.” And they came prepared to support their rebuttals of Krugman’s ideology and his singular policy prescription by facts and peer-reviewed economic science.

For six months, they made Krugman’s blog one of the more informative and interesting places to hear economics debated. In part, this was because they gave Krugman a serious run. Their posts were long, near the 5,000-character limit set by the New York Times. They were reasoned. They were knowledgeable. They carried citations to economic science literature that one might expect in a Ph.D. dissertation.

And so their rebuttals were often decisive.

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16 Responses to Blog Wars

  1. JC says:

    Wow. So he couldn’t take it any longer. What a complete wuss.

  2. C.L. says:

    It’s gotta be hard on the bloke, y’know. Obama kaput, Keynes kaput, warmening kaput. His intellectual universe is suddenly a cemetery. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. There was supposed to be Hope, Change and Hopeychange.

  3. Peter Patton says:

    One wonder if Krugman’s antipodean cyber-slipping service blog can be far behind? 😉

  4. Rafe says:

    On a related topic, how is the Stiglitz tour of Australia going? Or has he been and gone already?

  5. JC says:


    He did the usual haunts. Spent time on O’Brien’s show propagandizing for the the Government and stimulus spending., which O’Brien lapped up.

    Joe forgot to mention that even though he’s now sounding the death siren for capitalism he was one of the two advisers in the Clinton Administration that set the path to ruination with Fred and Fannie.

    I suppose he’s back in his nursing home in NYC by now, taken in the fees by sprouting worthless crap and infecting the public’s mind here with shitty economics and insane assertions.

  6. JC says:

    Man . I read some of those comments. Krugman got the shit kicked out him.

    And like a typical Nancy he can’t take it and walks his bat home.

    As an aside:

    I also see that homer is lifting Krugman’s arguments and pasting them here. Most of that shit he posts here were directly lifted from Krugman it seems.

    The reason Homer can’t cite Posen directly when asked is because he’s lifting those citations from the Krug

    Funny old world.

  7. Ev630 says:

    Good pick up, JC.

  8. ken n says:

    That is very funny. Most people just don’t like being disagreed with. Despite the fact that space on a blog is unlimited and the marginal post of a post or comment is zero, even someone as self confident as Krugman chases off dissenters.
    I’m a bit surprised that this should be his call. The NYT hosts it and most papers profess a belief in dialogue so I would expect that they make the rules.

  9. JC says:


    The NYT is unhinged enough to think they get value with the Krug, so he’d be calling the shots in terms of closing down good comments that would embarrass him and make him or his wife appear foolish.

    I say this we really no longer know who is writing the stuff because his wife admitted to slicing and dicing entire passages of his columns when they were interviewed in the Vanity Fair piece.

    In fact any repsonses to his pieces should always be directed to “the Krugmans” instead of just Paul.

  10. TerjeP says:

    Don’t mention “nuclear power” on the John Quiggin blog. Shhh.

  11. ken n says:

    TerjeP – I’m not game to mention anything on that blog. Even a mild comment on malaria will get you jumped on by the acolytes.

  12. Niall says:

    of course, anti-thetic comments on this blog won’t attract likewise? I have this bridge to sell, if you cop that hypothesis, you’ll just adore the bridge.

  13. Dandy Warhol says:

    Yes, it has been noted Niall. Although so far only Homer and Bird have been banned, to my knowledge.

    Other dissenters are given the more mild treatment of low-level strafing.

  14. rog says:

    Who said anything about conspiracy?

  15. daddy dave says:

    only Homer and Bird have been banned, to my knowledge.

    and Phil the Greek. But it’s still a small list, and you can get away with pushing prety much any viewpoint. The worst that usually happens is that you end up on a Thread Of Doom (TM).

  16. FDB says:

    “Thread Of Doom (TM)

    Thank you DD for defending my IP rights.

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