Essay contest

Peter Boettke over at Coordination Problem is running an essay writing competition.

I will give a free copy of my forthcoming The Handbook of Contemporary Austrian Economics (Edward Elgar, 2010) to the student (graduate or undergraduate) who writes an essay addressing the question “Is the Blogosphere a Common-Pool Resource?” I will ask my fellow bloggers at The Coordination Problem to help me judge the entries. The book is due out this fall, so lets pick an October 15th deadline for submission, and an announcement of the winner on November 1st. Please submit entries via email to pboettke[at]gmu[dot]edu and use as the subject line: Blogosphere Contest Entry.

This is a good topic and a great incentive to give some thought about open access systems and blogging, so eligible readers should give the contest some serious consideration.

Recommended reading should include James Buchanan on club goods and also consider Arnold Plant (two articles in the 1934 Economica).
[I have edited Pete’s email – you know what to do.]

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