Congratulations to Toby Evans

First up, who is Toby Evans?

And why congratuulate him?

I can answer the second question but not the first. Strange things happen when you check the links on your site. Proceeding from a nice statement of classical liberal principles to the Mont Pelerin Society we find The Winners of the 2010 Hayek Essay Contest.

So now you know. But still, who is Toby Evans?

And the statement of classical liberal principles?

(1) The state is a necessary evil and its powers should be kept to the minimum that is necessary.

(2) A democracy is a state where the government can be changed without bloodshed.

(3) Democracy cannot confer benefits on people. “Democracy provides no more than a framework within which the citizens may act in a more or less organised and coherent way”.

(4) Democracy does not mean that the majority is right.

(5) Institutions need to be tempered and supported by traditions.

(6) There is no Liberal Utopia. There are always problems, conflicts of interests, choices to be made between the lesser of evils.

(7) Liberalism is evolutionary rather than revolutionary. It is about modifying or changing institutions and traditions rather than wholesale replacement of the existing order. The exception to this is when a tyranny is in place, that is a government that can only be changed by violence and bloodshed.

8) The importance of the moral framework.

“Among the traditions that we must count as the most important is what we may call the ‘moral framework’ (corresponding to the institutional ‘legal framework’) of a society. This incorporates the society’s traditional sense of justice or fairness, or the degree of moral sensitivity that it has reached… Nothing is more dangerous than the destruction of this traditional framework. (Its destruction was consciously aimed at by Nazism).”
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4 Responses to Congratulations to Toby Evans

  1. Peter Patton

    I know a Toby Evans, but he is an antiques dealer, and would have no idea who Hayek was.

  2. Rafe

    Some people turn up on google but it is not immediately apparent which one is our culprit. Greg Lindsay and Andrew Norton would know.

    He gets a ticket to the MPS meeting in Sydney next month.

  3. I believe Michael Oakeshott said something about diffuse power; about no one institution or entity being able to wield too much power. His examples were trades unions and the the ability of corporations to buy shares in one another.

  4. I have no idea who he is either, but will find out at MPS.

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