The Shoppies strike again

 They got rid of the Ruddster, now they are getting rid of the Rannster.  With 14 per cent of the workforce as members, who can object to the trade union movement dictating to the ALP who should head up the parliamentary wing, federally and at the sate level?  Don Farrell, South Australian, ex-Shoppies official, had a hand in the demise of the Ruddster and now someone called Malinauskas – did anyone elect him? – has decided that the Rannster has to go.  After the little issue of Michelle and falling polls, it was only a matter of time.  And gosh, why let him decide the timing of his exit – there is a  coterie of union officials who knows what is in the best interests of South Australians!

Here is the story:

Once Mr Weatherill was advised of the Right’s decision to support him, he decided that he did not want to wait and that he should be the one to announce the mine expansion because it was so important for the future of the state.

There also was concern within the Left that the Right would renege on the deal.

Mr Weatherill conveyed this to Mr Malinauskas, the state secretary of the Shop Distributive and Allied Employees Association, which holds sway in SA. He agreed that now was the right time to tell Mr Rann to step aside during parliament’s winter break.

Mr Rann reacted angrily, threatening to “make more noise than Kevin Rudd”, who was rolled as prime minister by Labor factions last year.

Mr Snelling late yesterday did not deny the version of events. A short time later Mr Rann released his statement. Earlier, Mr Weatherill had admitted to being behind the factional plot to unseat the Premier. But he claimed he had always treated Mr Rann with respect and urged others to do so.

Mr Weatherill refused to say if he was prepared to break his promise not to challenge for the leadership before the next state election, due in March 2014.

And just on a personal note, if the Shoppies thought they were doing South Australian residents a service by coercing all politicians to commit to ridiculously restrictive shop trading regulations – think again.  Easter time – shopping centres, including Rundle Mall – a ghost town, post-Christmas time – ditto.  I used to lovingly refer to Adelaide as ‘sleepy hollow’ – the trouble is that it is also the truth!

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3 Responses to The Shoppies strike again

  1. Rafe

    It was the same story with John Robinson and his trade union mates who knifed Iemma in NSW. Truly the Trade Union Party.

  2. It might not be democracy in the pure sense, but there’s a certain logic to it. The ALP has always been strongly influenced by the unions and the polls are showing Rann was going to lose the next election. If there’s a change of government it might not be good for the union (being different from the union members), so the union steps in to try to save the ALP government.

    I doubt it will succeed, but you can’t blame them for trying.

  3. daddy dave

    This is becoming habitual. every time there’s a dip in the polls, knifing the leader is on the table as a standard response.
    The only time it worked was Hawke/Keating.
    It’s a pathology and it’s degrading the quality of Australian government.

    I doubt it will succeed, but you can’t blame them for trying

    We can blame them for trying. It’s terrible politics. The long term cure is that the voters will punish this behaviour but in the meantime it’s having real world effectss on the leadership and decision-making n this country.

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