RIP Nancy Wake 1912-2011

Taking the cue from a comment by manalive.  Obituary and pics.  Obit link fixed. Thanks for the pic Sinc.

Like Ruth Park and quite likely a number of others, she was born in New Zealand but we came to think of her us one of us, (as if it matters).

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  1. Boy on a bike

    They don’t make them like that anymore. RIP.

  2. Gabrielle

    Rafe, would mind checking the obituary link, please, as I am experiencing technical difficulties with it.


  3. manalive

    I was born during WWII ( in Australia) and until reading a biography of Nancy about 20 or so years ago, I had never heard of her.

  4. south

    Damn, are there any famous Australians who weren’t born in NZ?

    They certainly don’t make them like that anymore. Till I read her Wikipedia page today I’d never even known she started it all as a journalist interviewing Hitler himself. RIP.

  5. onthebus

    RIP to a truely brave and courageous hero.

    The word hero needs to be reserved for such people as Nancy Wake. Too often it is attributed to people for popularity without sacrifice.

    What is disgusting is the comments by some people over at LP.

    When the White Mouse in an interview remembered that she ” thought the only good German was a dead one”, people such as Fran Barlow can only spew out such vitriol as

    “Not the kind of clarion call one would hope for from a courageous fighter for the dignity of all humans”.

    A woman who saved the lives of so many does not seem to be remembered with any repsect by some of those alive today.


  6. Gabrielle

    Yes it is disgusting and yet expected, OTB. Goes to show that for all their education means nought when it comes down to it.

    Back then many people thought the same about the Germans, and for many years after the war too. I imagine Wake was referring to Nazis and their supporters and remembering the atrocities she witnessed and lived through.

  7. hzhousewife

    The Russell Braddon bio of Nancy Wake is also worthwhile
    – kiwi hubby has taken it for bedtime reading tonight, delighted to learn that she was from NZ (my book, he didn’t know anything about her!).My Dad (93) still thinks the only good Jap is a dead one, and I think he’s entitled to feel that way given his life experience. Each to his own.

    Vale Nancy Wake – Heroine

  8. johno

    Only those completely de-sensitised to the horror of war would begrude the veterns’ disturbing views about their former enemy.

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