Reminder of the H R Nicholls dinner in Sydney Wed 31 August

The H R Nicholls Society will host a dinner in Sydney at the Union  Hotel on the corner of Pacific Highway and West Street,  North Sydney on Wednesday 31 August at 7 for 7.30.

You do not have to be a member of the Society to attend.

More details here and also here. The speaker will be The Hon Dr Peter Phelps MLC and people will meet Ian Hanke, the new Director of Communications and Strategy for the Society.

Dr Phelps on the OHS legislation in NSW.

… until 1768 (in relation to the British Crown’s North American sugar monopoly) vice-admiralty judges were awarded 5 per cent of all confiscated cargo and ships—a clear incentive to come to a guilty verdict. Not only that, but the vice-admiralty courts also reversed traditional judicial ideology by burdening the defendant with the task of disproving the charge of smuggling, rather than assuming innocence until guilt was proven. There we had a pecuniary benefit and a reversion of interests. What does that remind us of? Well, it reminds us of the current situation in New South Wales.

Macquarie Health Corporation Chief Executive and Chairman Dr Thomas R Wenkart will speak in response to The Hon. Dr. Peter Phelps MLC.

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6 Responses to Reminder of the H R Nicholls dinner in Sydney Wed 31 August

  1. Frank Roberts

    Is that not also the ATO policy? You have to prove their claim wrong which in effect means you are guilty until you prove your self innocent. Meanwhile it is a very strong rumour that senior staffers at the ATO get a bonus on collections.

  2. Rafe

    Good question. Perhaps we should lodge an FOI request for more information! If we lodge enough we might get a complaint from the ATO and then there could be another Australian editorial about it.

  3. Rex

    wheel out the troglodytes hey.

    Good to see Hanke the christmas poo make an appearance again

  4. Token

    Rex, decided to drop by the do some more lefty trolling from the desert again?

  5. Rex

    I’m grumpy from missing my morning coffee due to Ramadan

  6. Token

    I thought ex-pats could wriggle out of the coffee thing. So are you doing Ramadan ’cause you have to or its your faith?

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