David Duffy & the Bertrand Russell award for service to humanism

Due to the ongoing sales of books by my late wife Kilmeny Niland I am in a position to provide modest encouragement to people who are doing good work. The awards are designed to perpetuate the memory of others who have shown the way in various fields, hence Bertrand Russell in humanism. Others under consideration are a James McAuley award for poetry, criticism and scholarship, and a Brian Penton gong for high journalism.

David Duffy has been almost completely invisible to the world at large and resolutely refuses to have an electronic presence, like an email address. However he can be seen in Youtube clip, introducing a talk by Keith Windschuttle at a forum on The Future of the Left run by the Fellowship of the Round Table.

His main claim for this award is his achievement in running an unbroken series of Wednesday evening Open Forums at Humanist House from 1971 to the present. See the bottom of this page for more on the open forums and a picture of David Duffy.

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3 Responses to David Duffy & the Bertrand Russell award for service to humanism

  1. by my late wife Kilmeny Niland

    I’m very sorry to hear that. When I was a kid I greatly enjoyed a lovely book about a balloon whose illustrations were credited in part to her. When I find it again, I’m snaffling it for my own children.

  2. Rafe

    That was The Gigantic Balloon, not in this list but have a look anyway.


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