The sinking ship of climate alarmism

More nations bail out from commitments to reducing the generation of CO2 (plant food). Is this an outbreak of commonsense or just opportunism in the face of economic adversity? Who is still on board apart from Australia, Spain, Portugal…?

Even in the heart of political correctness there is a change of direction.

The wrangle over the EU’s controversial climate package at a separate summit in Brussels wrong-footed the world’s green bureaucracy. The EU climate deal was diluted beyond recognition. Instead of standing by plans to cut CO2 emissions by 20% below 1990 levels by 2020, the actual reductions might be as trivial as 4% if all exemptions are factored in.

The Brussels summit symbolizes a turning point.

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17 Responses to The sinking ship of climate alarmism

  1. I suspect Spain’s new government will pull out in due course, once it has stopped blinking in the light of its birth and discarded its egg-tooth.

    Rudd, Gillard etc. have now been wrong-footed by essentially everyone who matters. Rudd will be remembered as the former PM who so badly wanted to go down this road, and his gloss as once and future king Foreign Minister will quickly come off, while Gillard will be left sitting glumly in the nest that she and her fellow bird-brain Bob Brown have been busy fouling and will soon come to realise (as a domestic aside) that there’s a cuckoo (Peter Slipper) among her chicks.

    Turnbull must be looking down the barrel at comeback oblivion right now. With the AGW/CC gravy-train coming off the rails, the $$$ shell-game collapsing with the international carbon price and ETS scamming becoming a national sport everywhere that has it, he is also discredited. His only hope is to defect to Labor and give it someone who actually knows something about how to make and manage money, something it will need if it is ever to grow up.

    I await the screaming and the futile attempts at refutation by the usual suspects.

  2. cohenite

    The usual suspects will cling like barnacles to this massive public deception; and for the usual reasons: vanity, power, glory, ideology and money.

  3. Rabz

    “…for the usual reasons…”

    The main one being that they are never wrong, no matter how bleeding obvious it is that they are.

  4. dover_beach

    Well, if this ship is sinking, it’s with all alarmist guns blazing. Only this morning did I hear of the terror that awaits us from AGW in Australia:

    The report includes a worst-case scenario where deaths from hotter temperatures in Queensland and the Northern Territory could multiply tenfold by 2100.

  5. Rabz

    The report includes a worst-case scenario where deaths from hotter temperatures in Queensland and the Northern Territory could multiply tenfold by 2100.


  6. johno

    Don’t underestimate Turnbull’s ability to put ego before Party and country.

    Abbott’s two biggest risks were Turnbull and Slipper. The Slipper risk had the higher probability of occurring, but the smaller impact. It has now been fired and Abbott dealt with its consequences OK.

    The Turnbull ego remains and is potentially more lethal.

  7. bruce

    Yes but Rabz, what if the numbers Metastasize via Flannerisation? We could be in for real trouble.
    This facile juggling of technical terms across disciples, smuggling sleight-of-hand, reminds me of when I was in the Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation group in the 1970s – several of the leaders were academics in hard sciences, Brian Josephson Physics Nobel Prize Winner appeared on stage with the Mahahaha to give his stamp of approval, which all convinced me that scientists are susceptible to cults – So the Mahahaha, via Jospehson, convinced his followers that their (expensive) meditations were ‘Quantum mechanical’ deep deep stuff.

    Really, people need to be ever so much more vigilant against quackery.

    PS, a senior professor of mathematics at a prominent Sydney Uni pursued me rather hostilely for ‘disloyalty’ to the Mahahaha when I left the group.

  8. Megan

    From today’s Austalian

    Professor Flannery yesterday told The Australian the commission fast-tracked its research on the potential health effects of human-induced climate change because it was “one of the areas where the poorest understanding is”.

    Heard it propogated further on the 7am news bulletin this morning. They are doing their damndest to maintain their stranglehold on the media panic-fest. Liek rabz, my response was a bored yawn.

  9. Johno – I’m with you there. The critical question is how much damage can he actually do? If he walks over to Labor, he’ll justify the suspicions of those who thought he was Rudd’s sockpuppet. If he challenges for the leadership or starts playing professional shitstirrer, who the hell is going to back him with his credibility on his pet issue shot to hell? Abbott has been patient so far, no doubt because he might need the man’s financial nous once the Coalition gets back in, but if he goes too far he’ll be shown the door.

  10. ar

    The main one being that they are never wrong

    You expect different? Being Left means never having to say you were wrong. In fact it is impossible to be Left and admit an error.

  11. Is this an outbreak of commonsense or just opportunism in the face of economic adversity?

    The test will be whether the Fukushima-driven aversion to nukes is maintained. If they resume building them, we’ll know the commonsense fairy has finally arrived. Otherwise it will be just opportunism.

  12. Winston Smith

    Are we driving the enemy before us?
    Can we hear the lamentations of their wimmin?

    Why yes. Yes we do.
    I do believe the tears of the enemy are sweet, sweet nectar to flavour our triumphal drinks.

    Run, you bastards…

  13. JamesK

    Bret Stephen, WSJ:

    The Great Global Warming Fizzle
    The climate religion fades in spasms of anger and twitches of boredom.

    Meanwhile, the world marches on. On Sunday, 2,232 days will have elapsed since a category 3 hurricane made landfall in the U.S., the longest period in more than a century that the U.S. has been spared a devastating storm. Great religions are wise enough to avoid marking down the exact date when the world comes to an end. Not so for the foolish religions. Expect Mayan cosmology to take a hit to its reputation when the world doesn’t end on Dec. 21, 2012. Expect likewise when global warming turns out to be neither catastrophic nor irreversible come 2017.

    And there is this: Religions are sustained in the long run by the consolations of their teachings and the charisma of their leaders. With global warming, we have a religion whose leaders are prone to spasms of anger and whose followers are beginning to twitch with boredom. Perhaps that’s another way religions die.

  14. duncan

    re: latest ‘tropical diseases’ alarmism.

    What a bunch of shite:

    1/ .. if the same breed of dimwits hadn’t halted the use of DDT, diseases such as malaria wouldn’t be such an issue.

    2/ the numbers aren’t actually alarming at all. Quote from the Australian article.
    “Without international action on climate change to limit temperature rises to 2C, the number of predicted temperature related deaths in Australia is predicted to rise from just over 6000 in 2020 to about 10,000 in 2070”

    Given the expected rise in Australia’s population (especially in the North), I’d be surprised if that wasn’t a per capita reduction in the death rate due to temperature related deaths.

    3/ What’s the matching reduction in cold-related deaths for Victoria, the high country and Tassie?

  15. Token

    Who is still on board apart from Australia, Spain, Portugal…?

    Each day Gillard is looking more and more like the Black Knight in Monty Python’s Holy Grail…

    …t’is but a fleshwound

  16. duncan

    Thanks Bunyip for bothering to crunch the numbers. (#2 in my previous post)

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