Great job: minister for trade union picnics

He refused to go.  He liked the A-G position.  He is Labor through and through.  He has mates, important mates.

And so Robert McClelland stays in Cabinet with a pot pourri of ‘responsibilities’- housing, homeslessness and emergency management.

I particularly like the juxtaposition of housing and homelessness – almost poetic.

And this mish-mash deserves a Cabinet post?  Gosh, aren’t there a lot of tea breaks between emergencies?

But I guess this is what factional politics throws up and if someone does not want to go, they don’t have to – as long as they have the right support.

And as for 22 in Cabinet, what a joke.  12 should be tops.


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  1. jupes

    He refused to go.

    Gillard shows exactly how much “authority” she has.


    How could she possibly not sack Kruddentrop? Not only is he the most self serving foreign minister Australia’s ever had, but he is a Labor rat who undermined Gillard to the point that she nearly lost the last election.

  2. As her power falls, her Cabinet will expand – to increase the number of MPs with ministerial perks.

    Why doesn’t she just eliminate the backbench and be done with it? It will make reform down to a more decent number an easier and more essential thing to do when she and her mates are butchered at the polls.

  3. JC

    And as for 23 in Cabinet, what a joke. 12 should be tops.

    Lol… Stick the entire party in along with the Greens and the Indeps as it wouldn’t make a blade of difference.

    Christine Milne should get the Science portfolio as she’s the smartest senator we’ve ever had.

  4. Bring Back Tillman

    Anyone with a seat with less then 10% margin doesn’t have to do anything they don’t want to. They won’t be in parliament after the next election, and if they choose to resign, everyone else in the same boat will also be looking for work quick-smart.

  5. John Comnenus

    He found himself in an emergency where he was, ministerially speaking, homeless so he found himself a Ministerial home. Perfect guy to be the minister for housing, homeless and emergency services. In one day he demonstrated that he was able to deal with all the elements of his new portfolio.

  6. Louis Hissink


    much like being sent to the doghouse after a domestic 🙂

  7. entropy

    I am not sure which is more worrying: that Jules thought that parking Plibersek in Health was a remotely good idea; or the complete lack of awareness as to how increasing the size of Cabinet would appear to the punters.

    It really is only about internal politics and survival tactics against the threat of her own side.

  8. No Worries

    12 should be tops

    You’re thinking 12 competent ministers Judith.

    They haven’t got 12.
    They haven’t even got 4.

  9. And God promised Jonah, “I will not destroy Nineveh if I find five innocent people.”

    Or should that be “I will not destroy the Labor Party if I find five competent ministers”?

  10. Samuel J

    In 2007, Labor promised to cut the number of ministerial staff by 30% to “return to 1996 levels”. According to the Department of Finance this reduced the number of MOPS staff from 468 to 334. I wonder how many there are now?

  11. Abu Chowdah

    Maybe he stayed to make a point. If you won’t ditch that traitor Ruddentrop, you’re weak and you can’t push me, etc.

    I like McLelland. He’s not dynamic (or rather, a grandstander) but he is one of the competent ministers.

  12. entropy

    Damning with faint praise there, Abu. I wonder if McLelland plays “spot the adult” at the Cabinet table?

  13. Tiny Dancer

    McClelland refused and Garrett threatened to resign. Rudd stays but the plotters lose and she rewards those loyal to herself. The cabinet leaks like a sieve. It is all about protecting herself.

    Is there anything this women won’t stoop to? She cannot even manage her own party and do business without being stood over.

    Truly pathetic.

  14. STD

    Abu, I respect your comments but “I like McClelland … he is one of the competent ministers” is way off the mark in my humble opinion.

    This man’s offensive belief that separated and divorced men are violent by nature, is offensive to anyone who believes in equality amongst the sexes.

    In fact the amount of angst against McClelland by many in the Labor party cannot be over-stated. He was told back in May 2011 that he would not receive pre-selection backing for another term.

    This AG, a competent minister(?), has eviscerated the fundamentals of Western jurisprudence, namely, the presumption of innocence for men and protections against perjury. His Family Violence Bill – the “Hate Men” laws – takes “he said” out of “he said, she said” and removes all penalties for false allegations under guise of protecting women afraid to make allegations.

    In effect, it is an invitation for persecution that puts us all at risk of plunder by family lawyers.

    “McCarthyism was rejected over 50 years ago

    This AG has ushered in a new era of McCarthyism, called McClellanism.

    From Wikipedia: McClellanism is the practice of making accusations of subversion, abuse or violence, exclusively by males against females or children, without proper regard to evidence.

    The term has its origins in the period in Australia known as the McClelland Assault, lasting roughly from the late 2007s to 2011, and characterized by a hysteria of irrational fears and disconnected allegations culminating in the belief that fathers groups were conspiring to get shared care of their children in the event of divorce, for the explicit purposes of child abuse and sexual gratification.

    During this era, thousands of Australian fathers were blacklisted from seeing their children, on the chief advise of the Director of the FBV (Federal Bureau of Vilification), J. Edgar Chisholm, who himself had a curious and not properly understood aversion to all things male.”

    STD – Sexually Transmitted Debt

  15. Housing and homelessness may be poetic, but good to see the latter gets a guernsey. I would be interested in what 10 or so ministerial designations would be? We seem stuck with the Menzies invention of the Cabinet and Outer Ministry.

  16. Abu Chowdah

    He was a good AG on security matters. I’m not focussed on men’s rights.

  17. Pickles

    The tea breaks between emergencies used to be ably handled by the Salvation Army with yummy corned beef sammidges.

    The Sallies are now a govt department. Onward Chistian Soldiers has morphed into Knees up Mother Brown.

  18. Rod Clarke

    Both Homelessness and housing stress could be fixed by the free market in 2 weeks.

    Just allow people to rent out caravans in suburban back yards –

    mortgage stress fixed.

    homelessness fixed

  19. ar

    And as for 23 in Cabinet, what a joke.

    Yuk it up chuckleheads. After the next election 23 is how many seats they will have left.

  20. Des Deskperson

    Samuel J, According to the Members of Parliament (Staff) Act Annual Report for 2011, the number of ‘Government Personal Employees’ ie, Ministerial Staff, rose from 366 at 30 June 2010 to 407 at 30 June 2011. That’s an increase of around 11%!!

  21. Samuel J

    Thanks Des, which will increase yet again with additional Cabinet ministers.

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