The Supreme Leader

Watching the Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un, mourning his father, Kim Jong-il, I get the sense that he killed his father just as Caligula killed his adoptive grandfather Tiberius.

Yes, Kim Jong-un is today’s Caligula. This North Korean leader stands a the latest and maddest of the Kim dynasty. And the 38th parallel is today’s English Channel. Kim Jong-un will ultimately send his legions southward to collect sea-shells and claim victory over South Korea. After a relatively short reign, I expect that his Praetorian guard will assassinate him. We will then have a Claudius figure (perhaps Kim Jong-Un’s uncle Jang Sung-taek?) take over before another mad Emperor like Nero. Then, following a period of internecine war, the Kim dynasty will finally meet its end.

Suetonius’ words ring true:

So much for Caligula as emperor; we must now tell of his career as a monster.

After he had assumed various surnames (for he was called “Pious,” “Child of the Camp,” “Father of the Armies,” and “Greatest and Best of Caesars”), chancing to overhear some kings, who had come to Rome to pay their respects to him, disputing at dinner about the nobility of their descent, he cried “Let there be one Lord, one King.”

And he came near assuming a crown at once and changing the semblance of a principate into the form of a monarchy. But on being reminded that he had risen above the elevation both of princes and kings, he began from that time on to lay claim to divine majesty; for after giving orders that such statues of the gods as were especially famous for their sanctity or their artistic merit, including that of Jupiter of Olympia, should be brought from Greece, in order to remove their heads and put his own in their place, he built out a part of the Palace as far as the Forum, and making the temple of Castor and Pollux its vestibule, he often took his place between the divine brethren, and exhibited himself there to be worshipped by those who presented themselves; and some hailed him as Jupiter Latiaris. He also set up a special temple to his own godhead, with priests and with victims of the choicest kind. In this temple was a life-sized statue of the emperor in gold, which was dressed each day in clothing such as he wore himself. The richest citizens used all their influence to secure the priesthoods of his cult and bid high for the honour. The victims were flamingoes, peacocks, black grouse, guinea-hens and pheasants, offered day by day each after its own kind. At night he used constantly to invite the full and radiant moon to his embraces and his bed, while in the daytime he would talk confidentially with Jupiter Capitolinus, now whispering and then in turn his ear to the mouth of the god, now in louder and even angry language; for he was heard to make the threat: “Lift me up, or I’ll lift thee.” But finally won by entreaties, as he reported, and even invited to live with the god, he built a bridge over the temple to the Deified Augustus, and thus joined his Palace to the Capitol. Presently, to be nearer yet, he laid the foundations of a new house in the court of the Capitol.

Happy 2012 dear readers.


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23 Responses to The Supreme Leader

  1. Gab says:

    Ah yes, North Korea the Communist Monarchy. Kim Jong-Un’s Aunt and Uncle are pulling the strings and will most likely stay that way, in the background.

  2. fill the cup says:

    Bit like the Bush dynasty, no?

  3. perturbed says:

    NO, nothing like the Bush dynasty, you idiot.

  4. fill the cup says:

    Actually, yes.

  5. Gab says:

    The “idiot” forgets the US has elections. The Norks are not afforded that luxury.

  6. Samuel J says:

    Fill the cup is a North Korean agent

  7. daddy dave says:

    Bit like the Bush dynasty, no?

    There is no Bush dynasty. You anti-democracy leftists that bleat about police states and fascism and whatnot ought to move to North Korea.

    In North Korea it’s Earth Hour, every day of the year.

  8. fill the cup says:

    Bush jnr hated daddy too, with a passion. The parallels are obvious. The self-destructiveness. The nation-state destructiveness. And so it goes.

  9. Gab says:

    The MSNBC has a lovely article on the Communist Monarchy:

    Photographs show he has his grandfather’s double chin and dark eyebrows, and his haircut supposedly is a throwback to the older man’s style in the 1940s. Some reports speculate that Kim Jong Un has even undergone plastic surgery to make him look more like his popular grandfather, North Korea founder Kim Il Sung, and less like his father, Kim Jong Il, who was not as well-liked.

    Whether the resemblance to his grandfather has been inherited and/or surgically enhanced, it sure can’t hurt Kim Jong-Un, his late father’s handpicked successor to lead North Korea, psychologist Robert Bornstein says. He’ll likely benefit from the experience many of us have had of feeling warmly toward a person we’ve just met simply because they resemble someone we like.

  10. C.L. says:

    Bit like the Bush dynasty, no?

    Wasn’t it the Democrat Kennedy dynasty that was famous for killing people?

  11. cohenite says:

    The Bush ‘dynasty’ is like North Korea: what a bunch of bullshit.

  12. Louis Hissink says:


    Problem is that they actually believe that; what I have still to find is how they come to do that.

  13. Louis Hissink says:


    I see the North Korean Propoganda video you linked has its latter day George Bernard Shaw caricature as the bearded westerner.

    And they think we accept this as truth ?

    I wonder what our progressive trolls commenting here opine (as opposed to think).

  14. Louis Hissink says:


    Did Jong-Un do it, or the central committee ? And who is the puppet, and who the puppeteer?

  15. Dandy Warhol says:

    Jeesus, look at that blubber he’s carrying.

    The triple chin is sure to make him popular in a country where 20 million people are malnourished.

    “Who ate all the pies??”

  16. John Comnenus says:

    My initial thoughts were murder. However if it was murder then I would presume it was done for one of two reasons:

    1 to change political course to a more moderate regime. Effectively declare peace and try and follow the Chinese one party capitalist model. I think this most likely as the Chinese are probably sick of propping up an embarrassing regime, not long before the death a bunch of Nork soldiers deserted and fled to China. China has no appetite for instability in it’s key buffer state.

    2 for personal gain. This is the Roman scenario. I think this less likely as it would be hard to get the military etc on side and gain Chinese permission.

  17. John Comnenus says:

    Good piece on how Wall st ‘brought’ the Obama Presidency and is now swinging in behind Romney – which has main street Republicans worried.

    Good basic explanations of how the Wall St knives, or bespoke champagne opening swords, are out for Corzine.

  18. Chris M says:

    For Corzine is an honourable man….

  19. Winston Smith says:

    Thanks for that, John. Unbelievable.
    OK, it’s believable.
    But don’t these thugs understand that when you kill the goose, there ain’t no more eggs?
    Who is going to build their Maybachs, Gulfstream jets, and ipods?
    Don’t they realise that when the host dies, and so does the parasite? Or are they so arrogant that they believe they will survive the fury of the starving mobs?

  20. Ellen of Tasmania says:

    Thanks for the link, John.

    Big government and big business will always go hand in hand.

    Another good article is ‘America’s Ruling Class’ – old (2010), but still relevant.

  21. Skuter says:

    John C, great article there. I knew some of this but the pervasive extent of the sleaze is just unbelievable…please keep sharing this stuff…

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