Rafe’s Roundup 9 Jan

Ron Paul as an Austrian.

But “Austrians” in Paul’s sense refers to something narrower, specifically the thought of Ludwig Von Mises and his student Murray Rothbard. It is a form of capitalism that is even more libertarian and anarchic than that espoused by many libertarians. Rothbard‘s followers, most prominently longtime Paul associate and founder of the Mises Institute Lew Rockwell, have been waging a decades-long war against the Koch brothers and the more mainstream form of libertarianism the Kochs represent.

Garry Johnson, Presidential candidate, announces that he is a Libertarian. The man of 750 vetos when he was Governor of New Mexico. He wanted to legalise cannabis but the Democrat house would not do it to spite him for his fiscal responsibility. “Lets reduce welfare and warfare, especially corporate welfare”.

A bit of fun from a joyful libertarian. How to keep bossy bureaucrats at bay. Start at 8.30.

Catallaxy’s favorite peripatetic pamphleteer strikes again at the warmies.

The explorers from Portugal. Some libertarian comments on the factors and incentives that drove the Portuguese sailors around the globe.

 Lorenzo Warby on the virtue of civility, contrasting Glen Greenwald on Ron Paul with Seumas Milne on Margaret Thatcher.

Glen Greenwald (who is not remotely a supporter of Ron Paul), puts his Presidential candidacy in a striking context (via). I often disagree with Greenwald, but this is a wholly admirable essay.

Peter Klein on the sorry state of economic journalism.

This is the centennial year of Mises’s Theory of Money and Credit, published in German in 1912, the book that first presented the “Austrian” theory of business cycles. No doubt Yglesias is unaware that in the hundred years since, there have been dozens of books, hundreds of research papers, more than a few Ph.D. dissertations, and even one Nobel prize analyzing, developing, critiquing, and extending this theory.

Time to get back to work, try to be a bit more businesslike this year. And don’t get ripped off.

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  1. I think this is the Leunig version of a roundup. Whimsical.

  2. cohenite says:

    I posted this at OLO:

    “Rafe, well done; most of the MSM is locked into the ideological narrative of AGW, namely that the world is in imminent peril from increases in CO2; some of the MSM have been sceptical from day one and the rest, with open minds, like your good self, are coming to the ‘AGW is a scam’ realisation.

    This resonates:

    “Recall the spread of values in predicted Australian rainfall, with an average increase of about 8 mm per annum. According to Paltridge the CSIRO model used by Garnaut predicted 100 mm per annum less rainfall. In scientific terms that model is the outlier that would probably be rejected by rigorous scientists, but it is the basis of the argument for our CO2 tax.”

    This, and let’s be frank, model fabrication, was also the basis of QLD water storage policy whereby Somerset and primarily Wivenhoe dams were used as water storage dams in anticipation of a drying of the environment, as predicted by AGW ‘science’ instead of being used as flood mitigation devices, as they were intended, particularly Wivenhoe.

    What this means, in practical terms, is that both the dams were full of water and had no capacity to vitiate the flow of water from storms such as the 2010 event, which was no different from the 1974 storm and flood.

    The 2010 catastrophe, along with the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria, is a prime example of how wrong science and policy based on that science can be devastating to the nation. This is in addition, of course, to the huge and ongoing waste of funds being directed to AGW ‘science’ and policies based on this ‘science’.”

  3. Myrrdin Seren says:


    IMHO, Ben Pile at climate-resistance.org is always worth reading.

    Of possible particular relevance at the Cat are two of Ben’s recent posts on George Monbiot and the Moonbat’s latest ‘crusade’ – contra libertarianism:




    I like this conclusion from Ben on the first piece:

    “Libertarians are perhaps environmentalism’s (and Monbiot’s) most coherent and vociferous critics, and hence they appear to him as the harbingers of doom: like a spoilt infant, he can’t tell the difference between the end of the world and a challenge to his will, or criticism of his argument.”

  4. Rafe says:

    Daniel Barnes, our correspondent from the shaky islands has picked up the widening influence of the Astralian school of economics.

    “Rick Santorum has no use for the Ivy League, or the economists produced therein. He also expressed doubts about the Republican reliance on economists from the “Australian school.”

    third para from the end of the story.

    Read more: http://www.esquire.com/blogs/politics/rick-santorum-iowa-6631492#ixzz1ivYRpsgl

  5. Exgratia says:

    Interesting reference to the NSW Teachers Federation in the pamphleteer as the NSW teachers union was presided over by a president who was an unashamed communist for a decade or more and who ensured funding went to environmentalists too.

  6. Rafe says:

    Interesting! Such a small number of people were concerned about communism and communists that they were almost completely marginalized and so the communists persisted and survived to form a new party under the false flag of environmentalism and obtain the balance of power in the upper house. People who were educated well enough to know better were silent and apathy. Others are were virulent fellow travellers, you could find them in the Troppo comments when I put up posts about Peter Coleman or Quadrant.

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