Sucker! There’ll be no pokie reform under a government Gillard leads

Key independent Andrew Wilkie – who was promised the mandatory pre-commitment system by Labor in September last year to secure his support in Parliament – has also backed the idea of trialling the controversial new technology.
Mr Wilkie told The Sunday Age in November that the reform was not negotiable and that he would withdraw his support instantly if the Gillard government failed to honour its promise.

Well, that was then. Now we read

INDEPENDENT MP Andrew Wilkie says he is willing to delay the start of his mandatory pre-commitment scheme in a move that would put off the controversial reform off until after the next election.

As his bargaining position crumbles, Mr Wilkie today revealed he was prepared to put off his 2014 start date – which was once non-negotiable – until 2016.

The move effectively allows the Gillard government to put off action on the controversial reform, averting a damaging campaign by the clubs sector ahead of the upcoming election.

This is the man who got Tasmania diddled on hospital funding. Thank god he doesn’t work in national security any more.

Update: Wilkie claims to have grown a pair.

A day after the Tasmanian independent gave the Prime Minister an extra two years to deliver his mandatory commitment scheme, Mr Wilkie declared he would hold the government to its original legislative timetable.

Mr Wilkie admitted his bargaining position had crumbled with the elevation of Peter Slipper as speaker, but insisted “the government has an agreement with me and it intends to honour it and I intend to makes sure it honours it”.

“I am still prepared to walk away,” he told ABC Hobart

Time will tell – I reckon he won’t.

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33 Responses to Sucker! There’ll be no pokie reform under a government Gillard leads

  1. ar says:

    until after the next election

    As Reagan said, “There’s no limit to what a man can achieve if he doesn’t mind who gets the credit”.

    Or maybe Wilkie thinks he’s a two-termer?

  2. No Worries says:

    “Thank god he doesn’t work in national security any more.”
    Did he really ? Work I mean.

    I hope he can get his rug shop going again. After this he should have developed a genuine fellow feeling with his merchandise.

  3. Pickles says:

    Oh dear, poor Andy.

    He’s finally realised that the magic carpet he bought off Jules (the great negotiator) had about as much magic in it as the one he sold his electorate and the one she sold the nation.

  4. Rabz says:

    What a plonker.

  5. Gab says:

    Delay the start? Who’s Wilkie trying to kid? Reality is Gillard could just pull the rug completely out from under him, tell him the deals off, and he would still support her. These two deserve each other.

  6. John Comnenus says:

    Wilkie is a fool, was at Duntroon, was in the infantry, was at ONA and is proving once again he is now. His military career rested on bastardising and intimidating people, his post military ‘career’ as it is seems to rest on making public confidential information that will embarrass someone he doesn’t like. I await anxiously to see what he will dredge up about Julia.

  7. No Worries says:

    “pull the rug” 🙂

  8. MaurieJ says:

    What a surprise! A negotiated “delay” until after the next election.
    T’was never going to be otherwise.

    Won’t bother Andrew or Julia then.

  9. nic says:

    If I was Abbott I’d be having a good old laugh. Old Andy and intoning about principles has been dealt with a lesson. Serves him right.

  10. Pedro the Ignorant says:

    Hohohoho. Operation Pokie Reform.

    That was a strategic planning masterpiece that will be spoken of in hushed tones for generations.

    Beautifully done, Herr Obergruppenfuehrer.

  11. C.L. says:


    By the master Rat.

  12. hzhousewife says:

    But but but …surely he gets a big fat pension, courtesy of all his “supporters” ie the taxpayers
    (oh dear, I HATE how cynical I have had to become to lately, just to keep my head above water emotionally)

  13. Jim Rose says:

    has he not nocticed that abboot is likely to win the netx election, and another hung parlaiment is not on.

  14. Token says:

    But but but …surely he gets a big fat pension, courtesy of all his “supporters” ie the taxpayers

    Good point, I’m sure he’ll be getting a Steve Fielding type reward in return for bending over and thinking of England when the Tasmanian’s throw him out at the next election.

  15. Gab says:

    This entire farce has cost the taxpayer how much so far, I wonder? It’s really rather comedic how the ‘Lying Slapper’ (TM, JC Inc) strikes again.

  16. JC says:

    Ir’s almost pathetic seeing these rusted on labor goons pretending they’re indeps. Who the fuck do they think they are kidding.

    Wilkie comes off the badly now. It just took us longer to realize he’s a spineless, lying nimrod.

  17. Occam's Blunt Razor says:

    Delaying it beyond an election that both he and the ALP will more than likely lose shows he is not really committed to the idea.

    He really does epitomise the nickname of his old Intelligence Corps – Green Slime.

  18. Des Deskperson says:

    No Worries, one of the main functions, albeit unstated, of the Australian ‘Intelligence Commumity’ is to provide income support and pension supplementation for mediochre ex-Defence Force officers who have had to retire because they reached a certain age before they attained a certain level of rank. Wilkie may, of course, have been an exception – a hard working genius – but he certainly fits the profile.

  19. Mk50 of Brisbane says:

    Juliar to Wilkers; “Squeal like a pig, boy!

    I think ‘Brave Sir Robin’ Wilkie deserves a new nickname – kipper.

    Is he not yellow? Gutless? Two-faced? Unaware who his father is?

    Certainly, we know when he’s advertising something for sale to the highest bidder: you know that when he says ‘I stand for this, it is my highest principle!’

  20. Gab says:

    lol Speaking of advertising:

    THE advertising man behind the successful “Kevin 07” Labor election campaign will join the battle against the mighty clubs industry for poker machine reforms.


  21. H B Bear says:

    The “Kevin 07” election campaign was undoubtedly successful. Shame the product was so defective it had to be returned before it was out of warranty.

  22. greg says:

    Now that Willie has been screwed over by Julia he knows now how the rest of the country feels.

    One positive..we don’t ever need to listen to this dupe again and no one else will be stupid enough to do deal with GIllard again.

  23. Skuter says:

    Thanks for playing arsehole. Relevance was nice while it lasted, eh?

  24. perturbed says:

    He’s just woken up to the fact that there will be no more close calls, not now and possibly not ever again. He and the people he’s backing are all due for electoral annihilation this time around, and the best he can hope for is to keep his parliamentary salary going until the last possible minute.

  25. John Comnenus says:

    I wonder how the electorate will take another Gillard ALP broken promise.

  26. C.L. says:

    Steven Ciobo puts it nicely (and amusingly):

    ANDREW Wilkie sounds like a pokie addict chasing his losses.

    The Tasmanian independent is so focused on scoring the elusive jackpot – mandatory pre-commitment laws for poker machines – he can’t see his world collapsing.

    Wilkie believes the Gillard government will impose his policy to help problem gamblers by giving them gaming cards.

    This is despite evidence Gillard’s word is worthless.

    Julia’s porkies on pokies should end Wilkie’s gamble.

  27. C.L. says:

    Wilkie the addict:

    Everyone can see this, except Wilkie. “It’s not dead in the water,” Wilkie told media yesterday. “The government wants reform,” he claimed…

    While Labor is yet to release legislation, Wilkie prematurely claimed victory two weeks ago. “I’m confident I am winning so far and that I will win at the end of the day,” he said.

    Somebody drag this degenerate punter away from the machine.

  28. Oh come on says:

    There is also speculation that Labor has offered to withdraw their candidacy in the seat of Denison in order to placate Wilkie, and virtually assure he retains his seat.


    If true, I’m sure the good denizens of Denison will appreciate this attempt to squelch any displeasure they may hold for their incumbent and dutifully vote for Wilkie.

  29. Sun Tsu says:

    A revision of an olde Scottish Rhyme!

    Wee Wilkie Wanka shaking hands with the PM,
    Wondering if he’ll get his fingers back again.
    For her hair was red the colour of chillblains,
    Wondering how she functioned without any brains!

    Wee Wilkie Wanka, shaking hands with a turd,
    Thinking he’d lock her in to his proposal so absurd,
    But cunning as a shithouse rat and not to be outdone,
    Leaving Wilkie without pants in the lying web she spun!

    Wee Wilke Wanka, When will you ever really learn,
    bad policy design leads to most good outcomes spurned.
    And we get the opposite outcome of what you believed,
    That Red Head PM knew that; it’s you that is deceived!

    Wee Wilkie Wanka, selling your country for a penny,
    It’s so dirty to put your passions above the will of many.
    Your talents minor, and not a solution but a problem,
    But my people will sort you out at the next Election!

    Wee Wilkie Wanka, Master of Political Masturbation,
    How dare you, little shit, betray our Great Australian Nation!
    Morally corrupt, ethically rotten, with no decency inside,
    You’ll account for this fool, for there’s nowhere you can hide!

    Wee Wilkie Wanka, or should I say ‘Rank scandalous Coward’?
    Sold the Nation short telling stories in the time of PM Howard!
    Trusted by our great nation to keep our secrets under wraps,
    Could even manage that, you sanctimonous piece of crap!

    The circle turns full circle against those who harm the State,
    And your punishment will be worse than anything I can dictate.
    You puff your feathers strutting around like a bantam cock,
    But at the end of the day, you’ll realise: you’re just a laughing stock!

  30. MDMConnell says:

    Why does Gillard think delaying a decision until after the election is a good idea?

    Now she’ll cop it from both sides in 2013: clubs will mount a monumental scare campaign, and anti-pokie activists will claim she’ll just break her word again.

    It would have made more sense to force through some kind of watered-down version of the reforms now, surely?

  31. Viva says:

    Thanks for posting that Vizard sketch. Fast Forward was one of the funniest show to air in Oz. Vizard was a comic genius and its too bad he swapped this career for other more boring pursuits.

    Bring back the Dodgy Brothers!

    Oh wait …..

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