The gift that keeps on giving

Here’s my premise. Obama wants the Republican Party to nominate anyone but Romney and if he can’t stop Romney from being the nominee, he wants to ensure there is as much damage to him as possible between now and the convention.

You may have noticed the other day that Obama called on a fight over abortion that really came from out of the blue. He put forward a proposal that even religious organisations will have to provide health care with contraception and abortion included which led to a dust up and then partial retreat. The religious wing of the Republican Party rose up en mass whose net effect amongst other things has been to encourage support for Rick Santorum and to diminish support for Romney for whom such issues are peripheral both to his campaign and in his appeal for votes.

For myself, a candidate’s views on abortion and contraception must be as far from a personal concern when I vote as it could possibly be. It’s not that I have no view; it is that when I think of what I want from an American President, no position taken by any likely Republican candidate is ever going to influence my decision. Would that were true for everyone else.

Abortion for the Democrats is the gift that keeps on giving. There is an Alinskyite Marxist in the White House who has undoubtedly pulled punches in his first term to maximise the likelihood of winning a second term. He is possibly the worst economic manager in American history and is overseeing a series of foreign policy disasters that have left the US in an incomparably weakened position in relation to every major issue in the world today.

Yet for all that Obama is still the favourite to win in November. I have been astonished at the ability of the Obama administration to manipulate the electorate almost at will. I have quoted the following passage from Peggy Noonan before and will have reason to do so no doubt from now till November. Put everything Obama does and has done into the context of this kind of analytical ability:

The other day a Republican political veteran forwarded me a hiring notice from the Obama 2012 campaign. It read like politics as done by Martians. The ‘Analytics Department’ is looking for ‘predictive Modeling/Data Mining’ specialists to join the campaign’s ‘multi-disciplinary team of statisticians,’ which will use ‘predictive modeling’ to anticipate the behavior of the electorate. ‘We will analyze millions of interactions a day, learning from terabytes of historical data, running thousands of experiments, to inform campaign strategy and critical decisions.’

It is this kind of data mining that in my view almost certainly guides every action taken by this administration. Add to that a media totally sewn up, and you must wonder how Romney manages even to stay in the race.

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  1. wreckage

    religioustolerance .org refers to the study

    Charol Shakeshaft, “Educator Sexual Misconduct: A Synthesis of Existing Literature,” U.S. Department of Education, 2004-JUN

    As follows:

    Comparison of abuse in the Catholic Church with that in U.S. public schools:

    A U.S. Department of Education report issued in 2004 examined a number of American studies into the prevalence of sexual misconduct by school staff. They found that between 3.5% and 50.3% of students are targets of educator sexual misconduct sometime during their school career. They found that teachers, coaches, substitute teachers were the most common offenders.

    If this report is accurate, then sexual abuse by priests in the Roman Catholic church, and by other clergy, appears to pale in comparison with the abuse being experienced by children and youths in the public schools.”

    While it does not clear the clergy accused of misconduct both as Christians, as clergy, and as authority figures in the lives of the young men involved, the vast majority of all cases of “abuse” were homosexual relations with boys over 16. In many jurisdictions this is considered sex, not abuse.

  2. #ProTip for “MaryT”: Donning a dress and adopting a female screen name for trolling & general comment-abuser purposes in the hopes that no-one will hit back because “I’m just a guuuuuuurl!!!!” is pathetic in the extreme.


  3. wreckage

    adopting a female screen name for trolling & general comment-abuser purposes in the hopes that no-one will hit back

    Such an hope would be sexist, wouldn’t it? I see no evidence that women are in any way inferior in debate, in terms of capacity, agility or aggression.

    However, pomposity is usually a male failing these days, in which case MaryT certainly reads as male, over 40, and white.

  4. .

    Fat and ugly, oozing with olive oil.

  5. Alphonse

    “There is an Alinskyite Marxist in the White House”

    That’s funny. My spoodle is a libertarian.

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