Nuts, completely nuts: the ACT government goes mad

Tony brought to my attention three related advertisements in The Australian today for senior positions in The Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate in the ACT Government.  Is the Chief Minister trying to jump the shark or something?


The three positions are:

  • Deputy Director-General, Policy, Corporate and Regulation, salary range: $278,633 to $294,793;
  • Deputy Director-General, Planning Policy, salary range: $278,633 to $294,793;
  • Executive Director, Policy, salary range: $219,150 to $231,587.

I wonder what the Director-General gets?

And here’s the blurb:

The Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate is responsible for developing and implementing sustainability policies and programs, including those related to climate change (note to the person responsible for this ad (laugh here), we have the carbon tax now, so no need), energy, nature conservation, environmental protection, construction services, transport planning, heritage (in Canberra!) and water.  The Directorate is also responsible for spatial planning (que?), planning approvals, sustantainable urban design and administers the Territory Plan (sounds very Stalinist).

Of course, people management skills are required, as well as superior skills in stakeholder engagement, collaborative partnerships and issue management (whatever all that codswollop means – but, oh, so today-speak).

That’s a close to a cool million that the ratepayers of the ACT would surely not want to cough up –  or is the taxpayers of Australia who are paying for this sort of useless lark?

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24 Responses to Nuts, completely nuts: the ACT government goes mad

  1. JC

    That’s a close to a cool million that the ratepayers of the ACT would surely not want to cough up – or is the taxpayers of Australia who are paying for this sort of useless lark?

    That’s interesting. So Public Servant central is spending a cool million on stupid jobs.

    The money seems to be getting re-churned from the primary churn.

  2. Rafe

    Are they saying that those issues are not already coverred by existing officers in the system? Canberra residents are already the most environmentally correct [read wankers] in the nation, how come they need so much more to be done by the gov’mint?

  3. So that’s what they meant by ‘green jobs’. Damn.

    Ehm, does being a climate sceptic activist disqualify one?

  4. duncan

    Their average salary is >$100k including super in the chief ministers directorate.. and they plan to cut employee costs by 32% in 2011/12 with these hirings.

  5. duncan

    My bad.

    this is a new department.


    is for 30 new positions, average salary of $145k incl super.

    Holy fuck a doodle.

  6. duncan

    ok.. I got that wrong again.

    457 positions for an employee expense budget of (38,178+5,366)x 1000 is $95k average salary.

    Still… who’s doing the typing and answering the phones?

  7. Myrddin Seren

    Sinecures for soon-to-be-redundant Qld Labor staffers.

    It will be a veritable Kevin Rudd clone-fest of Beatty-Bligh old boys and girls looking to make the last remaining vestages of independent thought in the ACT eat one of Rudd’s proverbial rancid turd sandwiches.

  8. Jim Rose

    Judith, the canberra voters opposed self-government because it would result in a large cut-back in federal spending on canberra. was that a good thing?

    federalism is a good thing so a self-governing territory is a good thing too. a divided government is a weak government?

  9. blogstrop

    Jim, all Canberra really needs is a local council. If you can’t see the ridiculousness of the superstructure that’s been fabricated then don’t expect too much sympathy for your tortuous observations.
    Yes, the citizens voted the self-government referendum down but Labor implemented it anyway. The territory ran very well under administration by the Feds, but has since become a laughing stock; wasteful, and predominantly a political sandpit for the self-important lilliputians of the left.

  10. Bruce

    Sounds like the ACT is trying to resurrect the Party Party Party, this time for the green left.

    About now the No Self Government Party are saying “I told you so”.

  11. Des Deskperson

    I’ve worked as consultant for the ACT Public Service, which toxically combines the work ethic of a municipality with the pretentions of the Commonwealth. The laziness, the absenteeism, the slap-dash research and advice, even the spelling and arithmetic was, as they say, a sight to behold.

    One fascinating aspect of the ACT PS is that it seems to manage through the release of strategies and policies that aren’t backed up by any serious or considered arrangements and processes for implementation or ongoing administration. While this, er, approach may contain an element of spin and cynicism on the part of Government and senior management, it’s more just simple, sub-cerebral incompetence. For example, a program to attract skilled Indian migrants to the Territory had no actual job-finding or support systems in place, whcih means that most of the arrivals are now driving cabs.

    Which, in the case of these jobs, is probably a good thing, since it seems that nothing will actually happen. On the other hand, the weeds grow higher and the potholes get bigger.

  12. superior skills in stakeholder engagement, collaborative partnerships

    stakeholder engagement is to be able to shut down those who you will tax and collaborative partnerships is to be able to put a good spin on it when you give hand outs.

  13. eb

    I, for one, am proud to live in the paradise-on-earth that is the Democratic Socialist People’s Republic of the ACT!

  14. Mk50 of Brisbane

    Glad I bloody left the joint.

    The ALP-Greens government are as vile a squirt of toe-sucking incompetents and toad-humping perverts as one could ever assemble.

  15. H B Bear

    If only climate change could wipe Canberra off the face of the map – then I might start to believe it.

    Curse you ACT Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate and all your Earth changing powers.

  16. Econocrat

    And today, ironically, the Canberra Times (yes, the legends are true) has a story on how the ACT Government spends on average $127,000 per annum on voluntary redundancies per person, and about $33 million over five years, while growing the ACT Public Service by 16%. FYI – there are around 20,000 ACT Public Servants in Canberra, or one for every five people.

    About the job, sounds like they’re dabbling with that evil “direct action”.

  17. stevo

    The expensive looking mail-out that arrived in Canberra letterboxes a few days ago reckons that the ACT will be

    “Carbon Neutral by 2060”.

    Maybe they will ban bushfires.

  18. Jack

    And inside the beltway, life was good, very good. Taxpayer money trees line the streets, ready to be plucked by bob brown’s handmaidens. And songs of gratitude fill the air as the pipes start to fill with the carbon tax manna, guaranteeing the future of the most important people in the world as they wait for gaia’s coming.

  19. Rabz

    The ACT grubment is the singularly most vile collective of malignant marxist morons in this country.

    Remember, these are the shitheads who came up with the now infamous “ACT plastic bag ban” implemented for no other reason than to inconvenience the residents.

    They are in my sights, people.

  20. I’m pretty sure the ACT ‘No self govt party’ actually won the original election.

    It really should be absorbed into NSW, Queanbeyan City Council could run it as a sideline with a few extra garbage trucks.

    All the NSW and QLD government refugees could be issued boiler suits and push mowers to keep the grass down.

  21. PoliticoNT

    Ah, well, explains the size of my rates notice. Fortunately I no longer live there having moved back to the NT, although kept the house. (It would be nice to be able to offset the obscene amount of stamp duty I paid the ACT Government through capital gains before I sell.)

    Blogstrop is right. All the ACT needs is local government. The rest is fluff. But it won’t happen. I was a member of the community association in Narrabundah (ONCC); a group which is both active and effective. The number of times government tries to overrun community concerns/wishes is extraordinary.

    Although it could be worse. The Greens could have government in their own right. A word of caution – I was always surprised at the hubris Greens’ politicians would openly display – boasting of the time when they would have the majority in the ACT Assembly. But it could happen.

    Although cost of living will be an issue at the next election which should benefit the ACT LIberals, such is their disunity they may not win as the Hare-Clark system is best exploited by the strongest team. The Greens on the other hand are not traveling well nationally as the print media (ok, The Australian) have started reporting on what they’re actually up to. So it makes sense they throw all their resources at securing government somewhere.

    In degrees of ruthlessness the Greens make the ACT Liberals look like a kindergarten class. Be warned.

  22. Michael Lewis

    You and the Commenters obviously don’t understand the extreme complexity of being a Local Government Director – let alone an ACT Government Director. \sarc

    Recently Sydney’s Waverley Council advertised 2 Director positions (out of the 4 Directors under the General Manager). The salaries were just under $210K (with all the usual perks never mentioned or costed). (The Mayor and Councillors get a few thousands for a 24/7 job – virtually free labour).

    So it’s obvious that the much more exalted and important Canberra Nabobs are being gross underpaid.

    And, the sweet gravy train in life is to get into the Local Government or ACT Government system and work your way up.

  23. MaurieJ

    ACT is a similar popualtion size to the Cities of Whitehorse and Monash in Melbourne. What a joke are these positions.

  24. Econocrat

    Forester, in ’89 the “Abolish Self-Government Coalition” got 1 seat and the “No Self Government Party” got 3 seats.

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