Open Forum: March 31, 2012

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  1. JC

    JC, you are speculating here. You have no way of knowing Martin attacked Zimmerman.

    Stepford’s link suggests that’s what happened. I also saw the ABC’s This week vid where that factoid wasn’t challenged.

    There was also witness evidence that Martin was on top on Zimmerman bashing into him.

    Look, i really don’t care about the actual events because we’ll never know what happened, although I think they both fucked up.

    My problem is with the huckstering.

  2. Lazlo

    Any numbers that the WWF come up with on The Hour of Power are completely false.

  3. Les Majesty

    None of that proves that it was M who attacked Z.

    The fact that Z left his car with a handgun to pursue M suggests Z might have attacked M.

    But unlike you and the rest, Gab, I don’t presume to know exactly what happened.

  4. Lazlo

    Israeli betrayal of the us alliance would be more accurate.

    How does that work?

  5. JC

    The fact that Z left his car with a handgun to pursue M suggests Z might have attacked M.

    Why would he bother to physically attack him when he had a gun and the cops were showing up? It doesn’t make any sense. All he had to do was point the gun at M, tell him to freeze and wait until the cops arrived.

  6. sdog

    The graphs are in: Earth Hour a total failure.

    And the carbon tax should be of much greater immediate concern to the average Aussie than whinging that they don’t like Florida gun laws that even the Democrats in the Florida State Senate voted in favor of unanimously.

    Go figure.

  7. Gab

    None of that proves that it was M who attacked Z.

    No, of course not. Like I said, Z rolled on the grass and attacked himself. And the witness(es) are lying as is the ambo, and the camera footage.

    I don’t presume to know exactly what happened.

    Yet you speak as if you do.

  8. Lazlo

    Or are you just a brainless leftie automaton? Just asking..

  9. Les Majesty

    Gab, killers occasionally fake injury to make it look like they were attacked. It has happened, you know.

  10. Gab

    Oh, I see, the lefty revisionist history begins. Keep grasping at straws, Les. I prefer to wait and see what other evidence eventuates before condemning either.

    So far though, the evidence supports Z’s account of the incident.

  11. JC

    Gab, killers occasionally fake injury to make it look like they were attacked. It has happened, you know.

    But that’s not the likely path this took. The most likely event is that Z was being an overzealous idiot instead of a calm one and M thought the worst of Z’s intentions and attacked him.

  12. Pedro the Ignorant

    But unlike you and the rest, Gab, I don’t presume to know exactly what happened.

    Of course you don’t. You are just trying to muddy the water and reinforce your preconceptions by calling Zimmerman a “fuckwit”, deriding the Florida CCW laws as “retarded” and believing that citizens going about their lawful business are required to obey some sort of telephone “instructions’.

    You have no more idea of what happened in that shooting than Elmer Fudd, but you are convinced that it is a racist hate crime, a modern lynching, and will bleat until the cows come home that Zimmerman is guilty.

    I hope you never serve on a jury, you blind bigoted fool.

  13. C.L.

    CL, Retardo has told you to stop being a fuckwit and using the tu quoque…

    You wouldn’t know a tu quoque from a coq au vin, Les. It took you a year to back off your claim that the BAIPA was an “illegal statute.” You are to lawyerly discourse what Steve is to airline disaster analysis.

    I notice you still haven’t apologised, by the way, for your hilarious denialism re the gold teeth of jewellery minder and reputed bus vigilante, No_Limit_Nigga.

  14. Gab

    The skyline in Regina was a little dimmer during Earth Hour on Saturday.

    The bright idea resulted in power use decreasing in about five per cent in the city, said Shawn Silver.

    In Saskatoon, power consumption increased about five per cent while across the province, lights continued to glow as electrical consumption climbed 10 per cent, said Silver.

  15. Fisky

    The short of it is, Martin was a gangster and a burglar who had been suspended from school for lengthy periods. He was shot after he king hit Zimmerman. This is within the law of Florida, so it’s alright. That’s all you need to know about the affair.

  16. Fisky

    Oh, and I forgot to say, the President of the United States reflexively sided with the black thug, because he is also black, while having nothing to say about the much more numerous black-on-everyone-else violence that usually occurs.

  17. Les Majesty

    You have no more idea of what happened in that shooting than Elmer Fudd, but you are convinced that it is a racist hate crime, a modern lynching, and will bleat until the cows come home that Zimmerman is guilty.

    Your reading comprehension ability is non-existent. I have never said any such thing.

    Fuck off and stop being such an idiot.

  18. C.L.

    But unlike you and the rest, Gab, I don’t presume to know exactly what happened.

    LOL. Les insisted for months that the Haditha 8 were “war criminals.”

    By June 17, 2008, six defendants had had their cases dropped and a seventh found not guilty. The exception was former Staff Sgt Frank Wuterich. On October 3, 2007, the Article 32 hearing investigating officer recommended that Wuterich be tried for negligent homicide in the deaths of two women and five children, and that charges of murder be dropped. Further charges of assault and manslaughter were ultimately dropped, and Wuterich was convicted of a single count of negligent dereliction of duty on January 24, 2012.

    Good call, Les.

    Zero were guilty of war crimes or even homicide.

    But that was back when Bushitler was in office and lefties like you hated the troops.

  19. Gab

    According to data from Enmax, there was no noticeable change in electricity intake in Calgary between 8:30 and 9:30 p.m., when the World Wildlife Fund asked people around the world to turn off the lights for an hour.

  20. Fisky

    I notice you still haven’t apologised, by the way, for your hilarious denialism re the gold teeth of jewellery minder and reputed bus vigilante, No_Limit_Nigga.

    Oh yes, Les still hasn’t apologised for his Stormfront beclowning.

  21. JC

    Seriously, Anne Romney shoulda been the candidate. She’s really good in the short vid to the link.

  22. Gab

    The left does hypocrisy well.

    Richardson was born William Blaine Richardson III. He attended prep school at Middlesex, known for educating the WASP elite in New England. His paternal grandfather was a WASP, and his paternal grandmother is Mexican. His maternal grandfather is from Northern Spain, and his maternal grandmother is Mexican. If anyone is a “white Hispanic,” it is William Blaine Richardson III.
    While occasional media profiles of Richardson mention his background, he is always described as Hispanic or Latino. They never question whether he is really Hispanic or explain how “complicated” classifying Latinos is, much less describe him as a “white Hispanic.”

    It is worth contrasting the media’s treatment of Richardson’s ethnicity with their treatment Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman, whose father is white and mother is Peruvian.

    The media almost initially called Zimmerman white, and it fit into their narrative of white racism holding down Hispanics. However, after Zimmerman’s father sent a letter to the Orlando Sentinel (and major conservative news sites like and Drudge Report linked to the letter), they stopped referring to Zimmerman as white. The New York Times and Reuters began referring to him as a “white Hispanic.”

  23. Pedro the Ignorant

    …..…this frenzied defense of the black-killer???

    No, you lying hound, you never mentioned anything like hate crime, did you.

  24. C.L.

    Gillard government forced to compensate Sky after wilfully corrupting tender process to favour the ABC:

    Taxpayers foot $2m bill to Sky News for Australia Network TV tender bungle.

    No, News Ltd, it wasn’t a “bungle.”

  25. Fisky

    A “white hispanic” is simply a person with some Iberian heritage who allegedly does something wrong. If Zimmerman had won an Olympic medal, he’d be plain old hispanic all the way.

    This is yet another reason why Leftism should be banned for a certain period of time. Any tendency that is systematically dishonest in this fashion needs some time out.

  26. Les Majesty

    No, you lying hound, you never mentioned anything like hate crime, did you.

    you stupid twat. You are using someone else’s words against me.

  27. Les Majesty

    Pedro and the Currency Lad are just flagrantly lying about what I said.

  28. Les Majesty

    Re hate crimes, I agree with what bill Keller said in today’s new York times.

  29. JC

    Kotok’s right. so, so right.

    “The latest note from Cumberland Advisors’ David Kotok is pretty heavy. In it he demonstrates that current market conditions couldn’t be further from any sort of normalcy, new or old.

    Rather, a complete “idea shift” has occurred:

    “The old idea was that the official sector would intervene, rebalance the system, and then exit. The old idea was to get the private sector back in the game quickly. The old idea was to recover the official money and then let the market resume its functions of pricing and clearing and providing capital.

    “The old idea is dead.”

    The new idea involves an intrusive market role for the “official sector” — governments, intergovernmental organizations, supranational organizations. Think ECB, IMF — even GSEs, which Kotok notes are single-handedly supporting housing finance (although as we pointed out last week, it’s technically Treasury that’s fulfilling this role).

    “The new idea is to crush the private sector and to keep the official sector in the game for a prolonged period,” he writes.

    Under the “old idea” regime, such intervention would likely have resulted in inflation and weak currency. Kotok says these may yet come to pass — “but it will take a while.“ because ”officialdom” will remain in the market for an indefinite period of time….”

  30. Fisky

    If Obama had six sons, they would look just like the gang of criminals who called a white man a “honkey” and kicked him in the head repeatedly.

    “Upon exiting the restaurant he was jumped by a mob of individuals, and severely beaten about the head and torso,” said John Covington, the Seneca police chief. “The report was that racial slurs were being used toward the victim.”

    The man told police that he didn’t know what happened, didn’t remember coming to the restaurant and didn’t know why he was attacked, according to the report.

    We spoke with the man, who, almost a week later, has two black eyes and a swollen face. He told us he was leaving the restaurant when a group of black men near the door called him a “tree honkey.” He said he had never heard that, but it “tickled” him, so he turned to ask them what it meant. He said that is when one man hit him, and another hit him in the head with a stun gun; he fell, and others began kicking him in the head.

    The Left have objectively incited this appalling act of racist violence.

  31. C.L.

    Republicans already bailing, says Gallup:

    Voter Enthusiasm Waning, Especially Among Romney Supporters.

    Forty-two percent of registered voters nationwide say they are “extremely” or “very enthusiastic” about voting for president in this year’s election. That is down significantly from 52% in January and 47% and 48% in December and October, respectively.

    The decline is especially apparent among Romney voters, whose enthusiasm has fallen 13 percentage points from January, and now is on par with Obama voters’ enthusiasm. Prior to the latest poll, at least half of Romney voters were extremely or very enthusiastic about voting, and their enthusiasm exceeded that of Obama voters.

    The decline in Romney voters’ enthusiasm mirrors the trend in enthusiasm among Republican registered voters more generally, which is down 12 points since January, 61% to 49%. Democratic registered voters’ enthusiasm has dropped a smaller seven points, 58% to 51%.

    Looks they’ll be a no-show on election day.

  32. Gab

    Pedro and the Currency Lad are just flagrantly lying about what I said.

    Yet your statement would suggest otherwise, no?

    Where Martin’s behaviour consisted of being a black youth walking home from the store at halftime in a ball game.

  33. Fisky

    If Obama had a son, he’d look just like Shawn Tyson.

  34. Fisky

    Latino Teen Suffers Head Wounds, Loses Teeth During Hate Crime Attack

    The vicious encounter happened March 14 around 4pm near Cactus Middle School in Palmdale. The teen was approached by a group of up to 10 male black juveniles who challenged him to a fight, according to Deputy Robbie Royster of the L.A. County sheriff’s Palmdale station. L.A. Times obtained Royster’s written report of the attack.

    The White House still hasn’t issued any statement about this appalling attack, presumably because they are fine with it.

  35. C.L.

    Pedro and the Currency Lad are just flagrantly lying about what I said.

    Everyone’s a liar to Little Red Riding Hoodie.

  36. Oh come on

    Actually, Les owes me at least two proven erroneous accusations he’s made against me. He’s made slurs against me that would easily land him in court if I knew his name. His transgressions are that serious; that libelous.

    But I’m not holding my breath. He’s not a brave one, that much is clear. He makes mistakes, but then doesn’t own up to them.

    What’s more amusing about this libel factory is that there’s no one who’s more likely to demand apologies for perceived transgressions than him. Poor little perpetually outraged guy. He is what he so despises.

    Basically, Les – like Crap Stream – is a troll. And should be treated thusly.

  37. C.L.

    Obama also officially endorses Occupy – whose members have killed and raped dozens of people so far.

    That’s before we even start to discuss Fast & Furious – the deliberate arming of narco-terrorists who have used their Obama guns to kill hundreds of people.

    Obama is not merely the worst president ever. He is an appalling, amoral human being.

  38. Gab

    96% of blacks victims were killed by blacks.
    14% of white victims were killed by blacks.

    Thems the facts. But no, one Hispanic shoots a black and the racists go into overdrive and make it a black/white issue.

  39. Oh come on

    CL: too soon to call. That looks to me to be a symptom of primary fatigue. Republicans will get fired up again once the general election swings into action and Obama’s record starts facing even heavier scrutiny.

  40. Les Majesty

    Actually, Les owes me at least two proven erroneous accusations he’s made against me.

    you suggested Steve was a kiddie fiddler. That was out of line. Sinc had to wipe your posts. You should be apologising.

    He’s made slurs against me that would easily land him in court if I knew his name.

    Let’s add “the law of defamation” to the list of things you know very little about.

    here’s a hint dummy: an anonymous person cannot defame another anonymous person. Fuck you are stupid. Yet you call me a whinger – and here you are complaining about non-existent torts. Fuck off.

  41. Max Scream

    Right wing racists have gone into overdrive around here about this issue, which is (im unhappy to say) an extremely trivial one and completely tabloid in nature.

    It will be forgotten soon enough, but if it will probably mobilise black voters to vote for Obama so not a good issue for the right.

  42. Oh come on

    BBC World was reporting that black Trayvon Martin was killed by white Zimmerman.

  43. Oh come on

    you suggested Steve was a kiddie fiddler

    No, you are lying. You even conceded otherwise. Shall I dig up your concession?

  44. Les Majesty

    His transgressions are that serious; that libelous.

    boo hoo hoo, you ignorant little cry baby.

  45. Gab

    Jacobs said, “It is extraordinarily unscholarly, insensitive and hurtful for university professors to invite speakers who tell Jewish students in front of their classmates that Jews today act like Nazis. It is outrageous that somebody who denies Jews the right to self-determination and compares the Jewish state to Nazis is responsible for commemorating the Jewish genocide.”

    “It is also very troubling,” he said, “that some Jewish faculty members are too intimidated to speak publicly about these issues, and that some Universities use ‘academic freedom’ to shield bigoted professors who defame the Jewish community.”

  46. Les Majesty

    No I conceded nothing OCO. I graciously offered you a face saving backdown, which I now regret as you have shown yourself to be a two-faced lying cry-baby.

    But please provide us with a detailed semantic analysis of the incident where you suggested Steve could not be trusted around children, you hysterical ninny.

  47. C.L.

    Bob Carr BA Hons, CWB declares the war on drugs a failure. Well, OK. But…

    ”An issue that worried me while I was in NSW politics was the police hitting railway stations with sniffer dogs. It was marijuana that was the focus.”

    This was a victimless crime and he would have preferred police ”to do things like make public transport safe and clean up Cabramatta”, he said.

    It “worried” him so much that he did nothing about it.

    Also, the down-side of liberalisation:

    Mr Cowdery, a long-time advocate of drug law reform, said the prohibition of drug use created social and health problems, as well as a ”proliferation of crime … and an increase in the corruption of law enforcement”.

    He strongly favoured legalising, regulating, controlling and taxing all drugs.

    So drug users would be mad to campaign for a change. Cheaper to maintain the status quo.

  48. Fisky

    No, Les, you were beclowned when you tried to claim that anyone who thought Martin had gold teeth was a Stormfront reader. The mundane truth, it turns out, is that Martin had gold teeth. You still haven’t apologised for that.

  49. Oh come on

    Two apologies Les owes me:

    1) accusing me of calling someone a KF erroneously (an error which he admits but refuses to apologise for)

    2) for claiming that I am a Stormfront reader and a racist and that I responded to a doctored picture (all claims are untrue)

    Seriously, Les. You really are a loose cannon, you know that? And that recent Stormfront stuff. Seriously. You felt it all hit a bit close to home, did it? That’s why you blew your stack?

    Take a deep breath before posting next time, you hysterical hyperventilating bedwetter.

  50. Oh come on

    I graciously offered you a face saving backdown, which I now regret as you have shown yourself to be a two-faced lying cry-baby.

    bwahahahahaha pathetic lies, Les. You and I both know you’re lying, as well as others who also remember the exchange. So why the pretense? It’s not going to fly.

    Just apologise and move on.

  51. AJ

    For instance, a witness report suggests that in fact Zimmerman was not chasing Martin when confronted

    This is not what witnesses claimed happened; this is what Zimmerman claimed happened. As far as I am aware there were no witnesses in the alley until after the scuffle broke out and people came to their windows to look. There is no way to know what happened, but Zimmerman told the story in the only possible way that would not be a confession to some form of homicide. The story really does seem unlikely though.

  52. Fisky

    The only thing that matters is that Martin bashed the crap out of Zimmerman and was wasted in the process. That was a very silly thing to do. Don’t we usually hand out Darwin Awards to people who get killed doing silly things like trying to beat the crap out of someone who has a gun?

  53. Max Scream

    There’s no medical report that suggests Zimmer had the crap beaten out of him.

  54. Oh come on

    Les claims above

    I graciously offered you a face saving backdown

    Here’s his “gracious” offer of a “face saving backdown” where he admits he was wrong:

    Look, I guess I’ll take you at your word that you didn’t intend to make such allegations about Steve…So if you say I misjudged your intent, fair enough – I’m happy to accept that and move on.

    You accepted you were wrong, but no apology. Now you’re lying about your previous admission of error. And, naturally, still no apology. Google’s a bitch, Les.


  55. Oh come on

    Here’s the URL of the thread in question if anyone feels the need to verify Les’s duplicity:


    Delete the space between “catallaxy” and “files” to make the URL work…trying to defeat the spambot…

  56. Fisky

    No, obviously there isn’t because he wasn’t taken to hospital. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t beaten. He almost certainly was.

  57. Les Majesty

    OCO, I was being gracious and polite. You had embarrassed yourself with your intemperate outburst – so much so that Sinclair had to wipe our comments and give ou a warning – and I was trying to let you save face.

    I now realise that was a mistake, because you are continuing to be a lying douche.

  58. Max Scream

    No doctor, no report then little evidence for his claims.

  59. Fisky

    Except of course for the witness, going by the name “John”, who DID see Martin bashing the crap out of Zimmerman.

  60. Oh come on

    Keep grasping at straws, Les. It serves my purposes just fine.

  61. Oh come on

    OCO, I was being gracious and polite

    No, you condeded you were wrong.

  62. Fisky

    And yes, I am aware of the twitter picture – which does not prove that Martin had gold teeth or that he was an apprentice gang banger, as has been repeatedly asserted here on the basis of no evidence but in repetition of allegations first raised on Stormfront.

    Yes, he does have gold teeth in those pictures, and no, the allegation of yours was that OCO could ONLY have got the meme from Stormfront. This is obviously wrong, when it was available on Martin’s twitter account.

  63. sdog

    Les, mate… so far as I can tell, you’re the only one here who hangs out on Stormfront.

  64. Les Majesty

    No you are lying. I conceded nothing.

    Now apologise to Steve, you dirtbag.

  65. Fisky

    Another witness (to the effects of the beating), by the name of Officer Timothy Smith, had the following to say:

    While I was in close contact with Zimmerman, I could observe that his back appeared to be wet and was covered in grass, as if he had been laying on his back on the ground. Zimmerman was also bleeding from his nose and the back of his head.

    That’s directly from the police report. Now I could always ignore the actual evidence provided by the officers on the ground in Florida, and instead trust the word of a bunch of Australian Jew-haters and supporters of genocide, but that would be a bit silly and naive of me, wouldn’t it? No, I think I will trust Officers Smith and Ayala before I listen to anonymous losers on the interwebs.

  66. Max Scream

    There is no medical report as he was never seen by a doctor or sent to a hospital and what evidence he has for self-defence should be tested in court.

  67. Gab

    so much so that Sinclair had to wipe our comments and give ou a warning

    Not true. The comments are still there.

  68. Fisky

    There is no medical report as he was never seen by a doctor or sent to a hospital and what evidence he has for self-defence should be tested in court.

    No, we do have evidence, from a police officer, that he was bleeding and had likely been lying on his back when he was being hit. That was enough to let Zimmerman go free. As Zimmerman has no case to answer, setting him free was obviously the just and Christian thing to do.

  69. Oh come on

    Ah, poor Les. It’s always difficult when your own words come back to make a liar out of you, isn’t it?

    But keep denying it, Les; it suits my purposes swimmingly. I can easily keep linking back to what you wrote earlier to contradict you. Effortless debunking.

  70. Fisky

    In fact, given that the Black Panthers have been inciting violence against Zimmerman, and that there are lots of Leftist Congressmen who obviously want to have him killed, there is a compelling case for offering him political asylum in Australia.

  71. JC

    Jesus Christ… Look Bob, you gotta stop asking the same fucking question.

  72. Oh come on

    hahahahhaha Les you’re such an apology slut

  73. Max Scream

    A police officer has no medical expertise and is there not a special prosecutor still at work so evidence will be made public?

  74. Gab

    OMG I cannot believe just how thick you are, Max. Two ambos attended to him on the scene. You know, medical professionals.

  75. Fisky

    A police officer has no medical expertise and is there not a special prosecutor still at work so evidence will be made public?

    No, a police officer does not need medical expertise to prove that a man is bleeding. Try again.

  76. JC


    Yes Bob, the evidence in the case will be made public. Now go to fucking bed.

  77. Max Scream

    A news retraction is not evidence.

  78. Les Majesty

    No, gab, OCO’s comments saying Steve couldn’t be trusted sexually around children were wiped.

  79. Gab

    Well I must have super dooper eyes as I can still see them.

  80. Oh come on

    I’ll make an apology to Steve:

    Steve, I’m sorry that Les – a regular Catallaxy troll unremarkable but for the fact that the huge number of apologies he demands from others is only outstripped by the number of apologies incumbent upon him to issue due to his repeated unforced errors, which he spinelessly shirks – decided to champion your cause.

  81. Gab

    Steve couldn’t be trusted sexually around children

    Actually, he never stated that. That’s what you wrote.

  82. Oh come on

    OCO’s comments saying Steve couldn’t be trusted sexually around children

    Stop lying, Les.

  83. Max Scream

    Amusing description of some people around here:

    To a very large degree, it is the Commentariat who drive American TV and radio news coverage to the far reaches of the left and the right. Geraldo Rivera (Fox News), Rush Limbaugh (WABC), Bill O’Reilly (Fox News): these dudes are the middle-aged and male equivalent of Kim Kardashian, in that they became famous for being self-parodies and must continually up the ante of their own ridiculousness in order to maintain their fame.

    Last month, a 16-year-old African American by the name of Trayvon Martin was shot in Florida by a man called George Zimmerman, who explained to police later that he acted in self-defence, even though the only artillery found on Martin was that notoriously lethal weapon, a packet of Skittles.

    This case has caused a massive outcry in America and, for a while, it looked as if the rightwing Commentariat was going to struggle to find much to say against a dead child. In the past week, that has changed.

  84. C.L.

    Obama army – the Black Panthers – advertising a national day of action for deceased burglar, drug-dealer and bus vigilante, Trayvon Martin.


    Note how Zimmerman is pictured and recollect the wacko left’s take on the Gabby Giffords shooting.

  85. Fisky

    A news retraction is not evidence.

    No, but the opinions of the police on the scene are very important. They found him bleeding and with wet grass on his back. Not surprisingly, it has been decided that Zimmerman has no case to answer.

    On the other hand, the list of laughable Leftist lies and walk-backs is getting quite long. To start with, that he is “white” (later “white hispanic), that he said Martin looked suspicious on account of his being “black”, and that he was completely unprovoked.

    All of these, and other, claims have now been debunked, and the Left thoroughly beclowned once again. There is no point paying attention to any Leftist on these matters, because you know they will be lying right up to the apology and retraction, and even after.

  86. Gab

    Are the Black Panters still offering $10, 000 reward for Zimmerman’s capture dead or alive?

  87. Fisky

    Let’s go over this again. A gold-toothed hoodie on 10-day suspension from school beat the crap out of a frumpy little hispanic dude and got shot. That’s sad, but the hispanic dude has rightly been let off.

  88. Oh come on

    All right, I’m satisfied that with recent proceedings it’s been thoroughly proven that Les Majesty is an incorrigible liar. Mission accomplished.

    Nighty night, all.

  89. Fisky

    And why aren’t these Black Panthers being arrested for vigilantism? They should be rounded up and thrown in prison at once.

  90. Oh come on

    Fisky: as of two days ago, BBC World was claiming that Zimmerman was white.

  91. Gab

    Because they’re not White Panthers maybe?

  92. Max Scream

    There are only Pink Panthers left.

  93. Ivan Denisovich

    Apologies if this has already been posted as I know this has been discussed at the Cat:

    Unnoticed by the powerhouses of the British media, the economy of the United States is rebounding on the back of a manufacturing-led boom fuelled by cheap gas.

  94. JC

    Buy US stocks with your ears pinned back if the GOP looks like winning the prez as the US economy could be in the beginnings of a bullmarket that could last decades.

  95. C.L.

    Ivan, the New York Times has attributed this development to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

    So we have them to thank for it.

  96. C.L.

    There are only Pink Panthers left.

    Racist homophobe Max is now attacking black homosexuals.

    This is outrageous.

  97. Mark P

    So-called ‘expansionary austerity’ is looking on very shaky ground indeed in Europe.

  98. C.L.

    Oh no. Another Zimmerman lie exposed…

    He’s routinely described as 220 or 240 pounds, as against poor Trayvon at just 140 pounds.

    Here’s Charles Blow in the the New York Times, Mar 25:

    To believe Zimmerman’s [self-defense] scenario, you have to believe that Trayvon, an unarmed boy, a boy so thin that people called him Slimm, a boy whose mother said that he had not had a fight since he was a preschooler, chose that night and that man to attack. You have to believe that Trayvon chose to attack a man who outweighed him by 100 pounds…

    Now the same New York Times comes out with the truth:

    However it started, witnesses described to the 911 dispatcher what resulted: the neighborhood watch coordinator, 5-foot-9 and 170 pounds, and the visitor, 6-foot-1 and 150, wrestling on the ground.

    Tom Maguire at that link has numerous examples of the media describing “slim” “boy” Trayvon versus “220 pound” and “240 pound” monster Zimmerman.

    But it was all a lie.

  99. Max Scream

    So-called ‘expansionary austerity’ is looking on very shaky ground indeed in Europe.

    Alesina wrong again.

  100. Fisky

    Was Martin a fight club referee? It does seem plausible based on his youtube channel:

  101. sdog

    This whole Zimmerman/Martin thing is really starting to fall apart quickly now, with all the major news organizations frantically trying to walk back their earlier claims.

    Hoo boy.

    If there are riots in Florida this summer though, we still know who to blame. There’s no good way to put the toothpaste back into the tube once you’ve incited race riots as the MSM & the race-hucksters have.

  102. Back to things economic:

    Paul Krugman says Paul Ryan’s budget passed in the House of Reps last week is a fraud. He writes:

    What’s going on here? The answer, presumably, is that this is what happens when extremists gain complete control of a party’s discourse: all the rules get thrown out the window. Indeed, the hard right’s grip on the G.O.P. is now so strong that the party is sticking with Mr. Ryan even though it’s paying a significant political price for his assault on Medicare.

    Now, the House Republican budget isn’t about to become law as long as President Obama is sitting in the White House. But it has been endorsed by Mr. Romney. And even if Mr. Obama is reelected, the fraudulence of this budget has important implications for future political negotiations.

    And Tim Colebatch thinks Labor’s budget cuts will make things worse, not better, and points to Canada as a conservative led country that is refusing to follow the same path.

    We shall see, I guess.

  103. Max’s “sodomisation” troll comment above must rely on its definition as including “mental sodomy.”

  104. .

    Please explain why it is “fraudulent”. What you have reproduced is a press release with some weasel words.

  105. Token

    Great truth telling by Gerard Henderson again today:

    According to the Greens leader, “to accommodate 10 billion people at American, European or Australasian rates of consumption we will need two more planets to exploit within a few decades”.

    Earlier this year, in the US, Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich was ridiculed by the left when he proposed the creation of a permanent base on the moon by 2020. However, in Australia there was almost a mute reaction to Brown’s speech.

    If the Prime Minister called for the establishment of a world government in which a nation of Australia’s population willingly subjected itself to the views of the citizens of communist China, she would be dismissed as having lost it. Likewise the Opposition Leader if he called for the settlement of, say, the moon or Mars.

    But Brown tends to avoid criticism.

  106. Hey, that’s neat.

    Real Science has a look back at a graph in a 1981 Hansen (& others) paper in Science and plot actual land/ocean temperature rises on it covering the last 30 years.

    The conclusion:

    To conclude, a projection from 1981 for rising temperatures in a major science journal, at a time that the temperature rise was not yet obvious in the observations, has been found to agree well with the observations since then, underestimating the observed trend by about 30%, and easily beating naive predictions of no-change or a linear continuation of trends. It is also a nice example of a statement based on theory that could be falsified and up to now has withstood the test. The “global warming hypothesis” has been developed according to the principles of sound science.

    Skeptics won’t care, because they have already decided and are beyond caring about an honest appraisal of what climate science said about AGW and the evidence for it.

  107. I also thought this piece by a Republican meteorologist with the self explanatory title:

    Acknowledging Climate Science Doesn’t Make You A Liberal

    was very good.

  108. .


    Can you explain why Rep Ryan’s budget is “fraudulent”?

  109. twostix

    Yes, he does have gold teeth in those pictures, and no, the allegation of yours was that OCO could ONLY have got the meme from Stormfront. This is obviously wrong, when it was available on Martin’s twitter account.

    Immediately after Les “Grand Dragon” Majesty posted his bizarre hysterical rant and linked to his jew hating white power site claiming it was the only source of the twitter photo on the entire internet I posted a link, for him, to the same photo on The Daily Caller.

    Les saw this and immediately “moved on” from his utterly insane, slanderous ranting and started arguing in the absurd “maybe it was just halloween, etc”.

    He’s in a corner now and of course can’t admit he was embarrasingly wrong and knows that he’s got some explaining to do about just what the hell he was doing hanging around Storm Front to see that picture there in the first place.

    He’s just in history revising damage control now.

  110. dot: are you too scared of catching liberal cooties if you click on the link and read Krugman’s column?

  111. .

    I don’t want to read a polemical, I just want some reasons. Krugman is also a terrible writer who offends the intelligence of his readers and sends to sleep at the same time.

    Just tell me why Rep Ryan’s budget is “fraudulent”.

  112. C.L.

    Queensland wins again:

    Here’s the region by region breakdown showing the difference between Earth Hour and the same time the weekend before:

    QLD – a 43 MW increase in demand (although AEMO put this down as ‘no discernable effect on demand’, I like to think the Queenslanders were sending a message!)

    NSW – a 123 MW decrease in demand

    VIC – a 27 MW decrease in demand

    SA – no decrease in demand

    TAS – a 2 MW decrease in demand

  113. C.L.

    Dr Tim Stanley debunks and demolishes USA/Gallup poll whopper about Republicans suffering from their stance on Obama’s wacko contraception attack on Christianity.

  114. Oh come on

    Where’s WA’s figure?

    Personally, I think turning on your lights in reaction to Earth Hour is playing their game. Better to ignore.

  115. C.L.

    Cardinal Timothy Nolan: ‘Yes, Obama is a wacko, totalitarian liar.’

  116. I said Krugman called it fraudulent. You are free to disagree with his assessment, but that might involve reading him first.

  117. Gab

    The ABC is running a Carbon Quizlet.

    Entitled “I can change your mind about climate”.

    So far 54% of respondents are “dissmissive” about glowbull warming..

    Take the quiz.

    From Tim:

    UPDATE. With 1630 votes counted, “dismissive” is now the clear leader over “alarmed”. Current scores: dismissive 45 per cent, alarmed 27 per cent, concerned 12 per cent, doubtful 10 per cent, cautious six per cent, disengaged one per cent. “Depressed” at the ABC: 100 per cent.

  118. C.L.

    Auditor-General makes it official: Gillard government is completely incompetent.

    THE Gillard government’s ability to oversee sensitive tender processes has been brought into question by its handling of the $223 million Australia Network tender, the Auditor-General has declared.

    In a report released this morning, Auditor-General Ian McPhee confirmed the government had ignored the “unanimous professional judgement” of the tender evaluation board to award the contract to a consortium led by Sky News, ahead of the ABC.

  119. Gab

    Update on Carbon Quizlet:

    2246 votes

    54% dismissive

    21% Alarmed

  120. Token

    Acknowledging Climate Science Doesn’t Make You A Liberal

    As usual Liar-Steve, you are verballing people.

    Everyone who is skeptical acknowledges that Climates Change, climate has always changed, it always will.

    Everyone who is skeptical acknowledges scientists can work to understand the science behind the chaning climate.

    The different between “US Liberals”/Warmistas and Skeptics is Warmanistas believe in the infallibility of climate models in a pseudo religious way.

    Skeptics ensure they view all data with a prudent skepticism and trust imperical data based upon hundreds of millions of years over computer models.

  121. Token

    Cardinal Timothy Nolan: ‘Yes, Obama is a wacko, totalitarian liar.’

    The way that Obama has acted with the Cardinal is striking. It is very revealing of the character of Obama.

    With more grace and respect Obama could’ve handled those events in a subtlely different way which would’ve shown concern for the view of the Catholic church.

    Instead of doing that, Obama just shafted the church and proved to the Cardinal how incompetent and amoral he is. Indeed, Obama made sure he sounded like he is folliwng the agenda of the bureaucracy, rather than setting it.

    The result is the Cardinal is just telling it like it is.

  122. Peter Patton


    Do you see no good coming from catholic volunteers like Mother Teresa spending a lifetime helping the poor and giving dignity to the dying in slums like Calcuta?

    On the subject of the “good” of Mother Teresa sometimes I think it is best to defer to my grandmother: don’t speak ill of the dead.

    But I do want to point out two things in such works, which highlight the Roman part of Roman Catholic.

    1. Mother Teresa’s attitude reveals the influence of how the Greek philosophical/religious movement Stoicism had evolved by the time of early Xianity, especially in its Roman guise. The idea that man, the universe, and god are one in a world soul; we are all equal, and that whatever role the universe/god has alloted while we are on earth is for the best, and to get all hot, sweaty, antsy, and passionate by trying to uproot this natural order will only lead to tears.

    Shorter Stoics: Slave revolts are a really bad look, so is commercial aspiration. Just sit with what you’be got.

    In the 1st century AD, Epictetus, a former Greek slave, became a great Stoic teacher puts in nicely. Despite having being treated poorly as a slave, including his master breaking his limbs:

    I must die, but must I die groaning? I must be imprisoned, but must I whine as well? I must suffer exile, but can any prevent me from going with a good grace and at peace? This is in my power. “But I will chain you.” What say you fellow? Chain me? My leg you can chain, yes, but my will, no, not even Zeus can conquer that. “I will imprison you.” My bit of a body, you mean.

    So, your point about dignity even in the slums of Calcutta has an ancient provenance. The influence of Stoicism on early Xianity – and even later, even current – is not straightforward, with some – such as Augustine – embracing some bits, rejecting others. But earlier, in the 1st and 2nd centuries AD, we find a striking similarity with Mother Teresa’s mindset; indeed, the mindset of the early Xian martyrs. From Epictetus again

    Never in any case say that I have lost such and such a thing, but rather that I have returned it. Is thy child dead? It is returned to the universe; it is returned to nature from which it was given you for a time.

    With regard to CL’s citing a Pope as an authority of eastern religion (boo), Roman Catholicism (yay), it is clear that Stoicism’s origin were less Greek than eastern and oriental. So, ironically, Mother Teresa was basically shipping coal to Newcastle.

    2. That Roman Catholic-based imperialism (particularly in the forms of Spanish/Portugese imperialism) was also an export of very weak wealth-generating capabilities is not so much a fault of Roman Catholic theology. Roman Catholicism was born and grew during the time when the Roman empire – especially in the west – had already begun its transformation/decline into feudalism. Feudalism had already gripped the Latin west by the time the Church had developed to any significance. It was in the context of a feudal economic system that the Roman Catholic church developed its ideas, its administrative structure, as feudal western Europe grew around it.

    So when the Spanish/Portugese spread their empires, they spread their feudal economy and laws, and the feudal ideological/religious might of the Roman Catholic Church. So South/central America got feudalism, while the Anglosphere got capitalism.

  123. Token

    Thanks PP, you’ve given a lot to ponder. I’ll come back to you later today

  124. JamesK

    Shorter Stoics: Slave revolts are a really bad look, so is commercial aspiration. Just sit with what you’be got.


    Stoicism means radical acceptance of what is.

    It does not mean loss of desire or goal.

    This is a feature of Eastern mysticism also as perfectly encapsulated in the Bhagavad Gita.

    Prince Arjuna is taught by his charioteer and spititual Master Lord Krishna that we do as we must do, soldiers battle when called upon, desires and their attainment are good but whether we attain our goals is not in the final analysis truly up to us.

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