Clive Hamilton on the Holocaust again

Clive Hamilton just can’t help himself with the Holocaust analogy. Here he is ranting about a play that challenges the global warming consensus amongst theatre goers.

Perhaps Richard Bean’s next project will be The Heretic 2, another “funny, provocative and heart-warming family drama” in which the maverick academic David Irving, lone defender of the truth, uncovers definitive evidence that the Holocaust never happened. Sent to Coventry by his fellow historians — a spineless lot who have for years been manipulating the evidence to protect their funding and their reputations — David is in the end vindicated; the Holocaust was a Zionist plot after all.

Would that be fiction? Semi-fiction? Non-fiction? Wishful thinking perhaps; much like the Keating play where he wins the 1996 election? Does Hamilton want unchallenging theatre? Is this the AGW equivalent of Piss-Christ; ‘Piss global warming’ has a ring to it.

Anyway. Citizen Hamilton has form in this area.

Even critics of the sceptics are careful to distance themselves from the implication that they are comparing climate denialism with Holocaust denialism for fear of being seen to trivialise the Holocaust by suggesting some sort of moral equivalence.

Quite so. Trivialising the Holocaust in the same mocking tone Hamilton adopts in his Conversation piece would be highly inappropriate.

That didn’t stop Hamilton then or now.

Instead of dishonouring the deaths of six million in the past, climate deniers risk the lives of hundreds of millions in the future. Holocaust deniers are not responsible for the Holocaust, but climate deniers, if they were to succeed, would share responsibility for the enormous suffering caused by global warming.

Then we read

climate deniers are less immoral than Holocaust deniers, although they are undoubtedly more dangerous.

What is Hamilton’s solution to these dangerous people?

If Australia’s security services are not closely monitoring the activities of denialist activists then they are failing in their responsibilities.

As an aside The Conversation have violated their own disclosure rules. Hamilton claims

I have no conflicts of interest.

No. Hamilton stood as a candidate in the seat of Higgins for the Greens.

(HT: Andrew Bolt)

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63 Responses to Clive Hamilton on the Holocaust again

  1. brc says:

    He really is a class A fruitcake.

    His words will hang around his neck like an albatross for years to come.

    Nothing is sadder than a fool with a cause.

  2. JamesK says:

    He’s quite unintentionally an asset to the cause of commonsense

  3. Jc? says:

    God cue ball is despicable.

    Just the worst.

  4. selen234 says:

    Clive is an enigma

    in his own little world

  5. Jc? says:

    James is right, the gleaming cue ball a great for us.

    He’s a actually unintentionally hilarious because he’s wound tighter than an oil drum and he’s stuck up like a teenage school girl.

  6. jim says:

    I am going to the play and can’t wait. What a clever decision by the MTC, the free publicity will be incredible. My wife is just nervous that I may applaud enthusiastically at the wrong times and embarrass her.

    What I was impressed with was his assumption that MTC types are all lefty AGW enthusiasts. I’m an MSO-goer, an MTC goer, chamber music goer, and as right wing as you can imagine. So are the major donors and corporate sponsors. And he simultaneously accuses them of being so stupid that when they go to the theatre their antennae won’t be up and they will fall for anything.

  7. m0nty says:

    I see, so Godwin’s Law is quite okay to invoke when it benefits your side. Got it.

  8. Richard Stacpoole says:

    Isn’t the loser still with the Australia Institute? They get hundreds of thousands of our money from the feds for climate alarmism. Isn’t that a larger conflict of interest?

  9. Sinclair Davidson says:

    m0nty – Nobody has mentioned Godwin’s law. Why do you have this obsession?

    Richard – No. He is at Charles Stuart University.

  10. jtfsoon says:


    I accept the mainstream climate science myself. You’re not at all worried that the shiny headed goon is an embarrassment to the cause?

  11. Feral Abacus says:

    Hamilton is a member of a party whose NSW division wanted to boycott anything associated with the Jewish state.

    Where the fuck does he get off comparing anyone to Hitlerites?

  12. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B. says:

    He’s just totally reprehensible. A horrible man.

  13. . says:

    How can an ethics professor call for surveillance of the citizenry?

    If I was the chancellor of the uni he was working at, he’d be defrocked of all titles, awards and degrees, and then fired and his benefits subsumed into the general revenues.

  14. Jc? says:


    Cue ball seemed to have left the unaustralian institute very quickly and it appears to me they really don’t like him there

    Richard Dennis is the economist who replaced cue ball.

    He’s an idiot too but cue ball was leagues more useless.

    Dunno but I get the feeling the clivester is less popular than turd on a shoe over there. Just a hunch.

  15. Rabz says:

    No comment.

  16. . says:

    Since the Feds boss around unis, I’d be very heavy handed with this arsewipe if I were Abbot.

    The only threat to our security is this bald fuck who thinks we ought to be treated like East German proles.

  17. south says:

    The trouble with people in the Greens is they don’t see themselves as a partisan political movement like every other. They honestly believe they are the enlightened few who have stumbled upon the Great Truth and must bring it to the masses, if not by persuasion then by coercion.

  18. Jc? says:

    I agree dot

    I’m not sure there ought to be a teaching position available for someone that advocates the suspension of democracy.

    The libs need to have a serious discussion with the management when it’s time.

  19. Myrrdin Seren says:

    Happy can beclown himself to his heart’s content for all I care.

    What I hate is my tax dollars supporting both his tenure at Charles Sturt and The Conversation. Let them pay for this foaming out of their own pockets – readers and contributors alike.

  20. cohenite says:

    The real issue with Hamilton is that he continues to receive generous airspace, tax-payer funded, at the abc and its various mutant offspring like The Conversation.

    And lest anyone think I am advocating Hamilton be censored, that is not what I mean; what I mean is that everytime this fuckwit is given an arena for his misanthropy either equal time should be given for the other view; or, if the arena is tax-payer funded, a commensurate decrease in funding should occur.

  21. Jc? says:

    And lest anyone think I am advocating Hamilton be censored

    Why not? There was complete silence from the left with the finkelsteinians. Baldy has advocated getting the security services on to people and suspending democracy.

    Fuck him. Let him be the first lesson.

  22. Pickles says:

    A quick lunchtime flick through the freds and I find the F word that I got into trouble for using the other day that thick we’ll soon have to spray for it.

    Even the boss is letting it rip. Toilet talk.

    This place is starting to resemble a front bar full of shearers on a cut out Friday night about 10.30 when the whores have had the back knocked out of them and the lads are about to punch on.

  23. Gab says:

    Fuck, that’s just terrible, Pickles.

  24. Pickles says:

    Well Gab you can stay here at the Charleville Hotel if you like and I’ll go down the street to Corones. It’s a better class of riff raff down there.

  25. cohenite says:

    I challenge any reasonable person to write about Hamilton without using the word ‘fuck’.

  26. Infidel Tiger says:

    I’m surprised the thread isn’t cratered with c-bombs.

  27. Tom says:

    Can you clean up your language, please, Gab, or that potty-mouth Doomlord will use it as an excuse for another one of his fucking rants.

  28. jupes says:

    ‘Piss global warming’ has a ring to it.

    Fuck global warming sounds even better.

  29. areff says:

    Slightly off-topic, but Fairfax, where Clive has been a protected species, has just hit an all-time low of 67.75 cents.

    Can’t be long before the receivers arrive.

  30. . says:

    Fucking Clive the c**t, what a c**t, etc, happy, IT?

  31. Gab says:

    Dot, please. You’re offending Pickles with your language. Have a fucking heart.

  32. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B. says:

    The expression of strong disapproval often involves what my mother called ‘language!’.

    I don’t mind bar talk. Some of my best friends are shearers. I don’t engage in it much (‘language!’, that is, not shearing, which I am bad at – the Hairy Ape flinches when I shear him), so when I do cuss, like Gab, it is effective.

  33. . says:

    The shearers I know don’t swear enough.

    They need to attend the Dot and Graeme Bird Academy of Linguistics.

  34. Rabz says:

    Once more for old times’ sake:

    As an author I am targeted too. A couple of months ago I opened my email to read this from someone calling himself “Graeme Bird”:

    “Let’s have that evidence then you Stalinist c**t. Either come up with the evidence or admit publicly that you are a fraud and kill yourself. What a complete c**t you are.”

  35. Gab says:

    The world needs more Graeme Birds.

  36. Big Jim says:

    Poor Clive. It can’t be easy wanting to be the intellectual heir to Philip Adams, and not being smart enough.

  37. Big Jim says:

    Phillip Adams, that is.

  38. m0nty says:

    m0nty – Nobody has mentioned Godwin’s law.

    Trivialising the Holocaust in the same mocking tone Hamilton adopts in his Conversation piece would be highly inappropriate.

    Godwin’s law is all about criticising other people’s arguments for trivialising the Nazis and the Holocaust by employing those concepts in ill-fitting analogies. Hamilton has done exactly what people here do on a regular basis: liken some relatively minor modern day disagreement on policy to (arguably) the greatest evil in the history of the world. It is highly inappropriate when Hamilton does it, and it is also highly inappropriate when Catallaxy OP authors do it.

  39. C.L. says:

    Interestingly and ironically, if Hamilton called for the suspension of democracy in Germany, he could be arrested as a Nazi revivalist.

  40. Poor Old Rafe says:

    Examples mOntster?

  41. brc says:

    Godwin’s law is all about criticising other people’s arguments for trivialising the Nazis and the Holocaust by employing those concepts in ill-fitting analogies.

    No, it isn’t. It’s a stupid internet meme that was started twenty years ago, and is continually used by people who have no clue.

    Godwin’s law says that if you try and use the Nazis to prove your point, you lose the argument.

    This has been taken on by people losing arguments worldwide to pretend that discussion of the Nazis is a taboo topic on the internet.

    Hamilton was the one to start talking about the Holocaust here.

    Personally I would like to start my own law that says anyone who tries to argue for socialism of any type has automatically lost the argument, and has to write an email apologising to the hundreds of millions of people who have lost their lives because some useful idiots thought it might be nice to have a go at socialism.

    Quasi-intellectual enablers allow thugs to use socialism as a way of gaining absolute power. All because they are so useless in the real world they have to try and deny the market value of their skills is zero, so dream up ways of trying to make themselves relevant. Hamilton is exhibit A in this case.

  42. James in Melbourne says:

    Comparing someone’s (anyone’s) unwillingness to accept the IPCC/Team case for anthropogenic global warming – and its alleged catastrophic effect – to the Holocaust is (a) deeply contemptible, (b) idiotic and (c) illogical. It immediately deals anyone out of the debate. One the one hand you are trying to take cold, hard historical fact, from the tattooed arms of the survivors to the still-extant physical evidence to the meticulous records kept by the Germans (try the memos that flew back and forth to IG Farben about its failure to meet the killing-rate specifications); and comparing all of that to projections that are distilled from computer simulations; and projections that we now know to be programmed to produce exactly what they do produce – in other words, conclusions that are not worth the pixels they are ‘printed’ on.

    In short, the comparison is Nuts, and tells you a great deal about the person making it.

    Clive Hamilton is Australia’s Bill McKibbin – a stark raving zealot.

  43. m0nty says:

    Examples mOntster?

    The Dick Smith thread.

  44. . says:

    Godwin’s law says that if you try and use the Nazis to prove your point, you lose the argument.

    Here’s a hint: if you stop supporting similar policies to the Nazis (suspension of the democratic process etc), then we’ll stop fucking calling you a Nazi.

    You are so seriously fucked in the head Steve it isn’t funny.

  45. . says:

    Hah Steve and minty are so fucking dumb it is easy to get them confused.

    You Nazi c**t, minty.

  46. Jc says:


    There are a lot leftwingers that behave like fascists , so it is correct to mark them out for what they are. Most leftwingers have remained silent over finkelstein and some… see Fairfax press columnists… have been effusive over the thought that the right wing media could be muzzled.

    The gleaming cue ball would most likely be a finkelsteinian, he’s advocated the suspension of democracy and suggested the Alliance sic the military and security services against his foes.

    You useless little turd, these aren’t minor policy differences with cue ball. This is a pretty decent display of leftwing fascism if there ever was any. And you the temerity to both ignore all this and imply cue ball somehow deserves respect from libertarians and classic liberals? FFS

    You can really be despicable at times, monster.

    Unfortately we have to share the same planet with this oxygen thief.

    Go away and stop being so despicable.

  47. Jc says:

    Here’s a hint: if you stop supporting similar policies to the Nazis (suspension of the democratic process etc), then we’ll stop fucking calling you a Nazi.


    Once you start demanding the things I mentioned cue ball did and begin to quack like a disgusting fascist, you are one.

  48. m0nty says:

    Yet again you completely miss the point, JC. I am not supporting Hamilton in any way, shape or form. I am agreeing with you that he is wrong to invoke the Holocaust to support his modern policy argument. I am merely pointing out that Catallaxians are also wrong when they do exactly the same thing. You lot are as bad as he is when you do the same thing as he just did, that’s my point.

  49. Sinclair Davidson says:

    m0nty – I don’t understand what point you’re trying to make. I suspect neither do you.

  50. Jc? says:

    Good point.

    What is your point monster ?

    Do you have one ?

  51. m0nty says:

    I can’t explain it any more clearly. Godwinning is dumb no matter whether it’s the left or the right doing it. Don’t do it, please.

  52. dover_beach says:

    Once more with feeling.


  53. Sinclair Davidson says:

    I can’t explain it any more clearly.

    Then please stop carrying on about it.

  54. dover_beach says:

    Nonsense, monty. If the analogy is not exaggerated it’s entirely appropriate.

  55. Lisa says:

    This will be my first MTC play for 12 years. My partner I have boycotted MTC, Readings, ABC TV/Websites/radio, school science curriculm nights and green dinner parties – all so boring. I shall enjoy seeing Naomi, it will put pay to the idea that actors are cattle.

  56. manalive says:

    There’s a review from businessGreen by James Murray (Feb 2011) which is obliquely complimentary or at least ambiguous and from which Hamilton has lifted much of his piece as in: “…Bean recycles every discredited trope of the climate denial machine…” (Murray: “….Bean crowbars in as many climate sceptic tropes as possible…”).
    To my mind details like “temperatures have not climbed since a late 90s peak, there are doubts about the famous hockey stick graph, the IPPC has become a political body” are arguments which alarmists might like to counter if they can, but they are not tropes.
    The expression “climate denier” which is peppered throughout Hamilton’s piece is a trope, a nasty one at that.

  57. . says:

    I am merely pointing out that Catallaxians are also wrong when they do exactly the same thing. You lot are as bad as he is when you do the same thing as he just did, that’s my point.

    Oh fuck off. You are just lying. When has anyone here advocated the suspension of civil and political liberties?

  58. Tom says:

    Quasi-intellectual enablers allow thugs to use socialism as a way of gaining absolute power.

    Exactly, brc. It’s axiomic that any form of collectivism, if used as a political doctrine, requires the collective to cede its power to an elite with a disproproportionate amount of power. In history, this has always resulted in totalitarianism usually expressing itself as fascism, which is the exact opposite of what every human being on the planet naturally strives for: freedom. Socialism is its ugly modern face. In Australia, Clive Hamilton is one of its standard-bearers.

  59. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B. says:

    Yes. What Tom said.

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  61. terry says:

    AND STILL THEY CANNOT SHOW US THE SO CALLED SCIENCE WHICH THEY HAVE NOT GOT , EMAIL THEM AND ASK FOR PROOF MAN CAUSES GLOBAL WARMING , you will get nothing . He is typical of someone who has lost his mind if he ever had one that is .

  62. JC says:

    Calm down terrza.

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