Romney 50 – Obama 43!

Drudge in a banner headline and in scarlet letters:


Well the answer to whether endorsing gay marriage is all that great a political idea seems to have been revealed rather swiftly. The fate of the world, American foreign policy and economic management being determined in this way is quite incredible. Obama’s own polling must have told him how badly he was slipping because it did seem a very large risk to take a punt on this issue, specially after the vote in North Carolina.

This might well have been the dirtiest campaign of all time had there been any serious dirt to find about Mitt Romney. But if all you have is tying a dog in his basket to the roof of your car when going on holiday and being mean to a fellow high school student when you’re 16, you haven’t really got all that much dirt to throw.

Drudge provides no details as yet but will happily forward as they come to hand.

The Details: It’s the Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll so it’s one of the good ones.

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows Mitt Romney earning 50% of the vote and President Obama attracting 43% support. Four percent (4%) would vote for a third party candidate, while another three percent (3%) are undecided.

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  1. JC

    Isn’t life grand at times.

    And Romney is going to romp it in. The thing about the blockhead is that he’s hugely methodical and will keep going like a well programmed robot.

  2. JC

    The moment I heard the Kenyan was going all gay marriage suggested to me that he’s completely lost his way and that he has no fucking idea why he’s in the job in the first place.

    “it’s the economy stupid”.

  3. Abu Chowdah

    Man. Is the gay marriage issue THE most tiresome issue to hit Facebook? Shut up, already!

    Looks like Obama punched himself in the balls.

  4. Fisky

    So far, the Democrats have campaigned on: contraception, vaginas, canines, gay “marriage”, and high school argy-bargy. That’s their campaign. These are the top issues for the Democrats. They obviously have nothing else to talk about.

  5. Fisky

    Oh, polygamy too. Nearly forgot!

  6. Fisky

    Keep in mind that this poll is actually 53%-43%. The 3% undecided will all go to Romney.

  7. JC

    Look Abu, people have opinions on this stuff one way or another. I think there is legitimacy on both sides, although I think the state should get out of the relationship business altogether. Marriage ought to be in a church set up or through some sort of celebrants duties witnessing a union by private treaty. So I believe in the libertarian line.

    However for the Kenyan to bring this up now, in a campaign where the candidates ought to be focused on the economy like a laser beam, is extraordinarily inept.

    The arsehole has tried every trick in the book. Attacking the Catholic Church, creating a class based war, racial tensions and now this.

    The guy is a bum and the punters are coming to that conclusion.

  8. JC

    Keep in mind that this poll is actually 53%-43%. The 3% undecided will all go to Romney.

    It’s going to be 60/40 before this is done.

  9. Ubique

    Obama should give away relying on campaign tips from Gillard, Swan and Orkopoulos.

  10. Oh come on

    I was having a discussion with someone today whose considered opinion was that “Obama’s campaign hasn’t started yet”. I begged to differ. My friend might be forgiven for thinking that O’s campaign hasn’t started because what we’ve seen so far sucks so badly that it’s difficult to believe that that’s actually it.

    But no, Obama’s campaign has started. It’s in full swing. Glorious to watch. If you aren’t an Obama fan, of course.

    Oh but he’s a fantastic campaigner who’s commanding a crack team of ruthless political assassins. No, really.


  11. C.L.

    DRUDGE: revelation…

    Bill Clinton thinks Obama is an incompetent “amateur” and urged Hillary to run against him for 2012.

  12. Oh come on

    Hahahaha it’s about time more people started saying it – Obama and his team are the Keystone Kops of politics.

  13. C.L.

    Another dog blunder…

    Romney bullying story blows up in promoters’ faces:

    Family of alleged Romney victim angry over exploitation of story.

    So the Obama media bullied and humiliated an innocent family.

  14. Fisky

    I love Dick Morris. Everyone else is either saying Obama has it in the bag or it’ll be close. Morris just keeps saying over and over again that Obama is going to be destroyed. Here’s a typical example. The bit at the end is gold!

  15. JC

    Yea the toe sucker is just great although I wish he would tone down the color of his shirts.

    Look if Clinton thought he was valuable and only had to part ways as a result of the indiscretion going public then he’s on my blog role.

    One of the greatest political yarns of all time was Dick explaining how he and Bill got into a fight when Bill was governor and Hilary had to stop them wrestling on the floor.

    Can you imagine…..

    Bill Clinton’s former adviser Dick Morris claims the ex-president physically assaulted him and was prepared to throw a punch before Hillary Clinton intervened during a confrontation in the Arkansas governor’s mansion in May 1990.

    “Bill ran after me, tackled me, threw me to the floor of the kitchen in the mansion and cocked his fist back to punch me,” Morris says in an open letter to Mrs. Clinton published by National Review Online.

    Morris wrote the letter to challenge Mrs. Clinton’s contention in her book “Living History” that he was reluctant to assist the Clintons in the congressional election of 1994 because of difficulties working with their staff.

    The real reason for his reluctance, Morris says, is “that Bill Clinton had tried to beat me up in May of 1990 as he, you, [campaign staffer] Gloria Cabe, and I were together in the Arkansas governor’s mansion.”

    Morris tells Mrs. Clinton, “At the time, Bill was worried that he was falling behind his Democratic primary opponent and verbally assaulted me for not giving his campaign the time he felt it deserved. Offended by his harsh tone, I turned and stalked out of the room.”

    That’s when the governor tackled him from behind and prepared to punch him, Morris says.

    “You grabbed his arm,” he writes to Mrs. Clinton, “and, yelling at him to stop and get control of himself, pulled him off me. Then you walked me around the grounds of the mansion in the minutes after, with your arm around me, saying, ‘He only does that to people he loves.'”

    Morris says he continued to work for the governor until the 1990 election out of a sense of responsibility, but “our relationship was never close and never the same.”

    He claims that when the story threatened to surface again during the 1992 presidential campaign, Mrs. Clinton told him to “say it never happened.”

    Morris accuses Mrs. Clinton of “inventing a conversation” to back her version of events in “Living History.”

    The former Clinton adviser says, “You even misquote me as telling you: ‘I don’t like the way I was treated, Hillary. People were so mean to me.’

    “As you know,” Morris writes, “I never said anything of the sort. I had, in fact, no experience in dealing with either your staff or the president’s at that point, and had not yet met Leon Panetta or George Stephanopoulos. My prior dealing with Harold Ickes had been 25 years earlier.”


  16. Abu Chowdah

    JC, I’m not opposed to it. I’m opposed to bullying of people who dissent. I’m opposed to the hypocrisy of asserting it as a right of identity while doing so means trashing the established cultural identity.

    But most of all I’m offended that it is made a major issue when it really is irrelevant in the grand scale and it’s ascendency is at the expense of serious issues.

  17. WadeJ

    I posted it on the other Poll thread, but might as well feed the trolls here as well

    Rasmussen is a right wing polling organization that has the appearance of a mainstream pollster.

    While I obviously want Obama to win, I don’t think he’s got it in the bag, but I don’t think Romney has either. It will be incredibly tight, coming down to, I think how much credit Obama gets for the Auto bailout, and how the Latino vote comes out in the mountain/southwest states. The trend is poor for Obama at the moment, he’s ahead by 1.3% in the RCP poll average, when he was ahead by 5 about a month ago, but it’s a long way till November and I don’t think anyone can call it just yet.

  18. JamesK

    Good to see that the means by which Obummer used to fire his base hurt him in the polls.

    His disingenuous with the SSM issue is well known across the country and for quite some time.

    This latest manouevre is seen for what it is: cynical.

    His first two capaign events in university campuses were well underattended duds.

    Even Obummer might sense now that he’s in trouble no matter how many lying sycphants surround him.

  19. Fisky, if this keeps up, the only thing Obama’s getting in his bag is America’s collective electoral foot. Keep this trend up and he’ll be BEGGING them to impeach him over Solyndra and just end the pain already.

  20. dover_beach

    I’ll be in NY during the winter. I might make the trip to Washington for Romney’s inauguration. Here’s hoping.

  21. Token

    I will enjoy watching the cultists to the Sun King at the ABC & NoFaxs explain the fall of the Dear Leader.

    As far as they have reported, the Sun King has not made a singles stake and is still adored by the masses for the aspiration of what they believed he will do, and of course due to the colour of his skin. It will be North Zkotean in its scale.

    After making such a big tit of himself over the dear leader,I’m betting leather face will not front on Insiders in the week after the fall.

  22. Sea Wolf

    WadeJ, I’ll bite.

    Your ‘evidence’ that Rasmussen is biased is a NY Times blog? LMAO.

    The ‘auto bailout’ was initiated by Bush using the TARP.

    Romney v Obama will be like Reagan v Carter.

  23. how the Latino vote comes out

    If I has a son he would look like a white latino

  24. thefrollickingmole

    What? Do people here seriously think the Presidents damascine conversion isnt linked to the old bullying allegations against Romney?

    Id wager a small fortune this was meant to be a One-Two knockout blow carefully gamed by Obamas critters.

    It doesnt seem a little convinient the alleged victim of the bullying was gay?

    If it had played out better you would be seeing Obama decrying the “old attitudes that hurt so many ” etc, non stop.

    And for the record i just dont care about gay ,marriage, I care more that couples are discriminated for and against by various government policies.

  25. Peter Patton

    Hitlary won’t give up until she’s six feet under. And she will always look just lovely in a tangerine pant suit. Our own PM would do well to look up Hitlary’s stylist. Or even Dame Edna’s.

  26. JamesK

    Beach Boys Singer, Bruce Johnston:
    ‘Obama’s a Socialist A-Hole’

    Americans will be “f**ked” if Barack Obama gets re-elected … this according to Beach Boys singer Bruce Johnston.

  27. selen234

    His campaign has started and the gay issue was political

    Money poured in as a result

    smart move there on his behalf

  28. JC

    Money poured in as a result

    smart move there on his behalf

    What money? The 15 million he picked up from Clooney’s shindig was already in the bag, so can you please show us the color of the money he picked up?


  29. Viva

    Yea the toe sucker is just great although I wish he would tone down the color of his shirts.

    He must be taking fashion tips from Barrie Cassidy – he of the icky green and orange shirts ….

  30. Oh come on

    His campaign has started and the gay issue was political

    Oh, the gay issue was political? You don’t say!

    Money poured in as a result

    He reportedly got a million dollar spurt in 90 minutes after announcing his ‘evolution’. A million big ones, eh? That should cover about an hour’s worth of prime-time campaigning. Woot!

    smart move there on his behalf

    Oh yeah that one million dollar payday’s well worth a gamble that could cost him the election (but certainly won’t deliver it to him). Real smart move.

  31. Robert of Ottawa

    He always was in favor of gay marriage. He denied it for the 2008 election. Perhaps he realises he must get out all his trad supporters. His own polling must be awful for him to risk alienating 2/3 of America to dig up hard core left support in this way.

  32. Peter Sllate

    I have 10 reasons for opposing gay marriage.Is anyone interested?

  33. eddy

    Can someone please post a link or comment on the best way anyone has explained their opposition to gay marriage. Also, same for support of gay marriage.
    Thanks in advance.

  34. Peter Patton


    Be careful what you wish for, or dover beach will furnish you a homily on the purpose of an acorn is to turn into a oak. Except, he will use all sorts of silly Greek and Latin words. Basically, what he means, is that he is a Roman Catholic. All the others ultimately break down to the same irrelevant rust.

  35. .

    Come off it Mr Patton, C.L and DB and are not representative of all Catholics, let alone libertarians, particularly those who realise there is a difference in wanting permissiveness under the Government (or to get out of the way completely) and forcing churches to solemnise under enforced permissiveness.

  36. Peter Patton


    I did not mention CL as I did not wish to paint the RC in too ghastly a light. db is a much more just compromise.

  37. Peter Patton

    Oh, and CL’s not to the go-to man for the Greek part of RC thought. 😉

  38. Peter Patton

    Ah, to be sure, to be sure, brudda Mick/Paddy.

  39. dover_beach

    eddy, I would begin here for the against, and some of the footnotes for the for. Pax.

  40. Peter Patton


    In the interests of fraternity, I must beg of you to desist from this low-rent authority, you have picked up of late. It is badly worded, ill-informed, unread, and all over the shop. Start with Cicero, for goodness sake’s man.

  41. dover_beach

    I’ve never before heard Princeton described as low-rent.

  42. C.L.

    Come off it Mr Patton, C.L and DB and are not representative of all Catholics, let alone libertarians…

    Insofar as I espouse Catholic orthodoxy, I do indeed represent all Catholics. There is no mutually antagonistic dynamic between Catholicism and libertarianism. As I’ve pointed out before (without rebuttal), the permissiveness that mainstream Australian libertarians weakly espouse is in fact responsible for almost all of the growth in statism in the Western world – from the entitlement/demographic crisis ruining world finances (and born of willed infertility) to the breakdown of the family which drives welfarism. Apart from all this, it was Catholics who saved Europe from communism in the 1980s and Catholics who saved Australia from communism in the 1940s and 50s. Libertarians and protestants were nowhere to be seen. They bailed.

    Oh, and CL’s not to the go-to man for the Greek part of RC thought.

    Leaving aside the invented divergence you amateurishly posit, given that I recently told you what the Chi Rho was, I’m better informed on Greek than you are, Peter. You simply embarrass yourself whenever you discuss either Catholicism or antiquity.

    What you have to understand about Catholicism is that, historically, we won.

  43. Jim Rose

    c.l. murry rothbard wrote essays on catholic economic thought.

    rothbard noted that there was no official and specific “Catholic position” on capitalism. There are enormous differences among Catholics on political and economic questions: and Catholics can be found who are left-wing anarchists, socialists, middle-of-the-roaders, fascists, and ardent free-enterprisers and individualists.

    rothbard also argued that papal pronouncements on social questions were generally highly vague and take on a consciously eclectic hue – understandable in the light of the Church’s aim to speak for every member of the flock of varying political and social tendencies.

    these papal homilies, seemingly innocuous and all-inclusive, permit a wide interpretation of specifics, and allow a great diversity among Catholics

  44. JamesK

    Pelosi: Catholic Faith “Compels” Me To Support Same-Sex Marriage

    Reporter at Pelosi’s weekly mews conference: “You’re a Catholic that supports gay marriage. Do you believe that religion and the idea that you can support gay marriage can be separated? And how do you grapple with the idea that you support gay marriage as a Catholic?”

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi responds: “My religion has, compels me, and I love it for it, to be against discrimination of any kind in our country, and I consider this a form of discrimination. I think it’s unconstitutional on top of that.”

    Methinks there’s rather too much of a diversity of views but many of them are not consistent with catholic theology or with the Holy Father in matters of faith and morals.

    If like Pelosi you are not a catholic then why pretend?

  45. Jim Rose

    pelosi got into a know of her faith and abortion too.

    Catholic teaching is unequivocal — abortion is gravely evil and that Catholics who make excuses for it fool only themselves.

    Catholics who take a public stance in opposition to the most fundamental moral teaching of the Church place themselves outside full communion with the Church

  46. Gab

    I hear Muslims are pretty cool with the idea of same gender “marriage”.

  47. Gab

    And the Chinese government are also in favour.

  48. Dennis

    Dear CL
    Your understanding of the role of the catholic church in the downfall of communism is flawed. Only in Poland could the church be said to have had any influence. It was the economic weakness of eastern Europe as a whole that broke the resolve of the Soviet elites.

    The philosophical outlook of the catholic church is more akin to authoritarian regimes than it is to a pluralist democracy. This can be seen by the push for converts among the uneducated superstitious in Africa and South America as the influence and numbers of practising catholics in developed nations falls. The catholic church has lost Ireland through its arrogant treatment of those raped by clergy and the protection of the rapists.

  49. Note Mr. Romney opined a few years that the GM and Chrysler needed to go thru bankruptcy and be restructured so they could survive. And this a fellow that grew up in Detroit. I think he’s going to be a (welcome) surprise.

  50. bobby b

    1. Why did BO have to announce NOW what he’s been avoiding announcing for months and months?

    a.) Picture two teens – Obama and Biden – walking into BO’s house late one night. BO’s dad’s car is in the police impound lot, thanks to BO’s leadfoot, and he knows Dad is gonna throw a fit once he finds out. So he tells Biden “just don’t mention the car – maybe we can get it out tomorrow morning and he’ll never know the cops took it.”

    So they walk into the family room, and Biden says to Dad Obama “wow, nice new car, Mr. O!” BO smacks his own face with his palm. One of these days, he’s gonna kill Biden . . . .

    b.) BO’s heavy Wall Street backers from the last four years are losing some of the orgasmicitry for BO that they’ve felt ever since he first ran for the presidency. They’re not giving fundraising parties for him, they’re out whenever he stops by, and Romney keeps announcing that he’s received huge contributions from people whom BO thought were firmly his. He’s feeling unloved, and we all know that money is the only cure for that. American gays (would that have to be capitalized now that they’re officially a donor cohort?) have a LOT of money what with interior design and Broadway show tunes being so hip and profitable these days, and they’ve lately been making it known that they really, really need to hear Obama say that he loves them before they’ll go any further. He needs the money, so he now loves them, quod erat demonstrandum.

  51. Peter Patton

    The philosophical outlook of the catholic church is more akin to authoritarian regimes than it is to a pluralist democracy.

    It is just the same oriental despotism it is was in the 4th century.

  52. Peter Patton

    Catholics who take a public stance in opposition to the most fundamental moral teaching of the Church place themselves outside full communion with the Church

    Oh goodness me. Golly gosh! The poor luvs. Never mind, they can the join the more liberal and loving types, like the Exclusive Brethren, and such.

  53. Peter Patton

    The catholic church has lost Ireland through its arrogant treatment of those raped by clergy and the protection of the rapists.

    And gay marriage is legal in Spain. Spain of all places! If Roman Catholicism is to fritter away to become a mere convention for jigaboos to enjoy incense with their superstitious mumbo jumbo, I wish the Catholics well on their migrations.

  54. Gab

    I see Peter still making an ass of himself (excuse the pun).

    Very angry he is about the Catholic Church actually stopping legislation for same sex marriage…oh wait..

  55. Jim Rose

    churches attempt to match organizational structure to their particular theology

    see Order in the church: A property rights approach by Douglas W Allen, 1995, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization

    The Roman Catholic Church is perhaps the oldest on going firm in the world, and most of the mainline Protestant churches have existed for 200-300 years.

    the organizational structure from one denomination to another varies dramatically. constraining opportunistic behaviour is the key driver.

  56. Peter Patton


    You have to remember that by the time the Catholic Church/Xianity achieved power in the 4th century, the Roman empire – especially the west – had long collapsed into feudalism. As more and more people left their property/land to the church, the church itself became a feudal/rentier institution, which it then imposed on the Injuns in Latin America. This partly explains the stark differences in the development trajectories of north and south America.

  57. steve

    hahahaha. “One of the good ones” ! A bit of stats 101 is called for here I think

  58. WadeJ

    Not sure if you’re still following the thread Sea Wolf, but Nate Silver is not just a blog on the NY times. If you actually read the posts you’ll see the level of statistical analysis that goes into what he writes. If you can get past the headline of NYtimes, and look at the content (and his track record of predictions across every election over the last 4 to 8 years) you’ll appreciate the facts he brings about Rasmussen.

    Also, I’m not sure if the folks across the midwest who are working overtime, and third shifts in the car factories care where the money for the bailout happened, just that it did. I’m not getting into the economics of the bailout, but from a political standpoint, it’s a winner across key battleground states for the upcoming election.

  59. JC

    Note Mr. Romney opined a few years that the GM and Chrysler needed to go thru bankruptcy and be restructured so they could survive. And this a fellow that grew up in Detroit.

    Ari, you realize that’s exactly what did happen, right?

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