Wayne Swan’s deficit

Here is a Downfall parody video about Wayne Swan where Catallaxy gets a mention.

New video about Swan’s deficit problems.

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5 Responses to Wayne Swan’s deficit

  1. entropy

    It must be flash based. I had to boot up a computer to watch it, which seemed old fashioned.

    I suspect that whoever made it is familiar with senior treasury officers, at least well enough to know their names.

    Maybe Finko & Ricketty can work on the appropriate fine, eh SJ?

  2. Gab

    That’s very funny. Well done. Pity though that Abbott only gets one mention and nothing about his “relentless negativity”. Otherwise it’s quite believable.

  3. Biota


    Can’t we fine Catallaxy files?

    Maybe Sinc can put up a PayPal link for donations to the surplus.

  4. Myrddin Seren

    Ah the Hitler parody – another unique innovation of the internet that allows people within an industry or group to test their humour skills.

    For anyone who has ever been near an underground coal mine – this one is priceless, a triumph of acerbic Australian wit.

    Caution – highly politically incorrect and probably unsafe for larger workplaces


  5. Gab

    lol MS.

    Did you not do at least a semester of geology at the university of stupidity?

    That was hilarious vid especially the latter part.

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