Sweden for example … II

So Will Steffen also said:

Over the same period, the Swedish economy has recorded a higher rate of GDP growth than any of the OECD’s “big seven” economies, the US, Japan, Canada, Britain, Germany, France and Italy. So much for the myth that taking vigorous action on climate change will damage or slow the economy. Quite the opposite seems to be the case.

So I downloaded GDP data (at PPP prices) from the IMF for the G7 and also Sweden and Australia for the period 2000 – 2012. I then converted the data to an index (2000 = 100) and graphed the data.

It is true – looking back from 2012 it does appear that Sweden’s GDP growth has outperformed the G7. But some caveats are in order. Sweden is growing off a smaller base than the G7. Sweden has recovered very quickly from the GFC compared to the G7.

Sweden has not grown as rapidly as has Australia.

So Steffen is recommending we follow Sweden’s example because it has grown faster than the G7 while it has slower growth than we have? Try explaining that to the “enraged sans-culottes of western Sydney“.

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7 Responses to Sweden for example … II

  1. Gab

    Honestly Steffan should stick to admin. It took Sinclair all of what 10 minutes? to debunk Steffan’s inane and imbecilic “article” in the Australian.

  2. Capitalist Piggy

    Where’s Spain? Correct me if I’m wrong but I understand that Spain also took “vigorous action on climate change.” Probably more than most countries. So how is their economy going atm?

  3. Rafe

    Have a look at the things that Sweden has done right to get over the GFC, we can learn from some of their policies.

    Did Steffan mention that Sweden has heaps of hydro power? We should all be so lucky.

  4. Rafe

    Whoops, should have looked further down the page:)

  5. Sweden has been reducing taxes and deregulating its economy, exactly what the rest of the world ought to be doing.

    The benefit of this has outweighed the negative effect of its climate change policies. Duh!

  6. Winston Smith

    So someone who doesn’t like the capitalist system denigrates it by using dodgy stats, selectively designed to reinforce his prejudices.
    And fails.

    Why hasn’t Will Steffen died from respiratory failure due to forgetting to breathe?

  7. wreckage

    Sweden has got it right. If you want low-CO2 power, it’s nukes or hydro.

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