Open Forum: October 27, 2012

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  1. Huckleberry Chunkwot says:

    Particulates thrown out of jets may play a part

    Graeme, are you a frequenter of the various chemtrail conspiracy websites?

  2. brc says:

    This rate is double the response projected by current-generation climate models and suggests that a substantial (16 to 24%) intensification of the global water cycle will occur in a future 2° to 3° warmer world.

    This is all wrong, wrong, wrong. Any weather scientist worth his salt knows that the actual values are 15.4642563% and 26.542342% (though +/- 0.00045% when Venus is transition with the moon, and the dish runs away with the spoon). The actual outcome is a 2.45464° difference.


    Oh, how we laugh at the soothsayers for making predictions by scratching in the dirt. But now we are so much smarter that we scratch into computers instead.

    You just reveal your ignorance and false beliefs.

    The climate models couldn’t predict the winner in a one horse race. To pretend that they do, and to single-digit precision is a laughable idiocy on the part of those that print such rubbish.

  3. Huckleberry Chunkwot says:

    Some of the oddest people that I have encountered in my life are subscribers to the chemtrail conspiracies.
    There are people who literally wear tinfoil hats involved in these groups.
    This is getting way too weird now……..walk slowly out of the room, avoid eye contact, slowly…….slowly.

  4. brc are you having some sort of breakdown? Your apparent proposition (if I can follow you) that a scientist giving an estimate of “16 to 24%” is being ridiculously over-precise is rather stupid.

  5. Huckleberry Chunkwot says:

    Have fun Graeme.

  6. Sinclair Davidson says:

    AngryIrish is no longer here.

  7. Why is SFB pedaling his lies here?

    What lies would that be Gab? I quote (mostly) climate scientists who talk about high sea water temperatures and the relationship with humidity, hurricanes and rain.

    You quote an aging right wing blogger who talks as if all of climate science has collapsed because of one mistake in data handling in one paper on the complicated area of past temperature reconstruction by proxies, even when we don’t know if the revised paper would be substantially different.

    As you usual, you have no perspective.

  8. dragnet says:

    oh who excised GMB’s comments? spoilsports!! His contributions are masterpiesces of whacky, erudite, polymathic auto-didactism – and it’s not as if he is a real troll: I believe his heart is in the right place.

  9. Sinclair Davidson says:

    I have opened a new Open Forum.

  10. dragnet says:

    …….his heart is in the right place, unlike that other fella from further north.

  11. kae says:

    his heart is in the right place

    yeah, shame about a functioning brain

  12. Gab says:

    This is scary stuff:

    Caddell warns Republican operatives and conservative activists to be wary of a late October surprise (even a November surprise) which could shift momentum toward President Obama if the public is not inoculated now. From Breitbart:

    “October Surprises,” real and imagined, have been recurrent in US political history. The term can be thought of two ways: First, it is the simple reality that the unexpected “black swan” can emerge at any time, including on the eve of an election. Second, there’s the more nefarious idea that an incumbent could use the power of his office to affect the election. And such possible abuse by an incumbent has provoked challengers in elections to use the October Surprise phrase preemptively, as a way of warning voters to discount some last-minute bombshell.

    Caddell anticipates a move by the Obama administration which could serve such a “nefarious” purpose:

    [A] possible US military action against terrorists in Libya. We might first note that the entire Obama narrative on Libya has collapsed, leaving any Obama politico–including the totally political national security adviser, Tom Donilon–understandably desperate to do something to change the Libya story.

    The national security expert advising Tea Party Patriots further fleshes out the potential scenario for PJ Tatler in this email:

    Read on as Pat Caddell, who was George McGovern’s pollster in 1972, and Jimmy Carter’s pollster in 1976 and 1980, details what the spineless prez could do.

  13. Huckleberry Chunkwot says:

    Sinc, I am a relative newcomer here, but I don’t understand why Graeme gets banned all of the time, yet objectionable pieces of excrement such as SfB remain.
    Sure, Graeme exhibits signs of being completely unhinged, but to my mind, Steve deserves to be binned due to his incessant trolling.
    Is there more to it?

  14. Fleeced says:

    I like the idea of TrollDelay for people like sfb.

    Unlike Blair’s version of TrollDelay, which simply delays their comments from appearing, mine would also delay the time it took them to see new content. This would prevent them from derailing new threads or discussions as soon as they’re created.

  15. Gab says:

    One good thing about Facebook is the function that allows you to forever block a person from your sight. They’re not deleted it’s just that you can’t see their comments and they can’t see yours.

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