The best shower scene since Psycho

We have just gone to see To Rome with Love, the latest Woody Allen film and if you are one of those types who cannot stand Woody Allen films then don’t go to see it. But if you normally do like his films then you should absolutely should. [Rotten Tomatoes: Critics 44% / Audience 48%.] Of course it’s funny and the non-existent plot is only there as a scaffolding on which to hang out a bunch of jokes, so don’t expect to have the meaning of life brought to your attention (for that you have to see Crimes and Misdemeanors).

But this part was novel. The character played by Allen is in many ways a conservative and the conservatism is not played for laughs. Woody is himself a figure of fun and you do get to laugh at him but none of the laughs are related to his conservatism. Very unexpected and means nothing at all. But it made the experience of seeing the film even better than it would otherwise have been.

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8 Responses to The best shower scene since Psycho

  1. JamesK

    I saw Allen’s previous effort: Midnight in Paris.

    I didn’t enjoy it.

    But I was surprised as the lead played by Owen Wilson was played without judgment one way or the other as a leftist and clearly a rather obliviously unaware selfish jerk.

    It was supposedly semi-autobiographical and there were far worse political correctness gestapo played unsympathetically as well as conservatives played somewhat unsympathetically.

    Critics loved Midnight in Paris but loathe To Rome with Love

  2. Jim Rose

    Owen Wilson can’t act.

  3. Jim Rose

    there was a 1990s film by woody allen on marriage and relationships. it was a one joke film in the sense that the whole audience laughted at the same line.

    the rest of the time different pople laughed while most others did not because the joke resonated with their experiences and not most others. one guy laughted all the way through the movie. must have had many let-downs in his love life.

  4. rafiki

    Sorry Steve. I have been watching Allen films from almost the start, and this is one of his worst.

  5. Abu Chowdah

    I thought Midnight in Paris was fantastic. A charming fantasy for any of us who admired the writers and artists of that era, and Owen Wilson was perfect.

  6. Abu Chowdah

    Wilson’s character was an unaware selfish jerk? We see what we want to see. I identified with him all the way.

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