CO2 mask

This video tells it all. It shows the IQ of  many of those attending the Qatar climate change conference. Not only did seemingly senior representatives express a willingness to wear the ugly and uncomfortable masks, but it is physically impossible for these masks to capture CO2. The Qatar conference for the gullible*.

* Tim Wilson and some others excepted.


If the Government offers you a little green pill, don’t take it:

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33 Responses to CO2 mask

  1. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.

    A mandatory accessory for all warmenistas.

    They know it is the right thing to do.

  2. Splatacrobat

    It would not have been too difficult to rig up a small soda syphon cartridge secreted in the mask and a micro switch that activated a shot of Co2 every time they exhaled.

    It would have been hilarious to watch them inserting a tube from the mask into a glass of water and carbonating it before their very eyes.

  3. JC


    What a bunch of complete fucking morons. Can’t they just stop breathing and help us all out?

  4. Rabz

    What was that saying again?

    Oh, that’s right:

    You’re not smart enough to tell me how to live, you bovine hippy deadshits!

  5. manalive

    According to the Macquarie Dictionary ‘misogyny’ has morphed to encompass any alleged prejudice against a woman (by men presumably) in order to conform to Gillard’s “new paradigm”.
    According to the Oxford Dictionary ‘climate change’ no longer refers to any old change in the climate but “… the change in global climate patterns apparent from the mid to late 20th century onwards, attributed largely to the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by the use of fossil fuels …” and ‘global warming’ means “… a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth’s atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, and other pollutants [sic] …”.
    So stating climate change and global warming are largely due to human CO2 emissions is tautological and claiming they probably are not is oxymoronic.
    “…if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought …” etc.

  6. Tom

    Simpletonism and suspectibility to Hollywood disaster movies/docos are prime qualifications for the childish suspension of disbelief that accompanies the hijacking of education and empirical science by delinquent political activists. It’s difficult to underestimate how much these gullible idiots have set back Western civilisation.

  7. cohenite

    Humans breathe in CO2 at levels of about 390 parts per million [ppm]; they exhale levels 10 times that much, about 4000 ppm.

    The AGW scam has always been about stupidity which is odd since some of the technical stuff such as running computer models is quite complex.

    But the fact that even intelligent people subscribe to this stupidity must mean that intelligence can be dominated by ideology, egotism and quasi-religious beliefs.

  8. Gab

    Yes but we already know they’re gullible.

  9. Harold

    But what about the methane?!? It’s 25 times more greenhousy.

  10. Samuel J

    They might be gullible, but they are rat cunning when it comes to taking our money

  11. jupes

    But what about the methane?!? It’s 25 times more greenhousy.

    And 250 times more smelly. It comes out your arse.

  12. DrBeauGan

    Calcium oxide, quicklime, reacts with CO2 to form chalk, calcium carbonate. So it is possible to build such a mask in principle. Of course, the best way to get calcium oxide is to heat chalk, releasing the CO2. Just don’t tell them. A good business opportunity here. ‘Stupidity, the inexhaustible resource’.

  13. Harold

    “It comes out your arse.”

    Exactly, so no mask required just a garden variety garden hose results in near 100 % capture.

  14. DrBeauGan

    And a bum mask would have to be more expensive. You can just burn the methane. In fact that used to be a party piece for engineers.

  15. Splatacrobat

    I remember and old chippy saying that he had a spirit level that was more accurate than any other spirit level on the market. He said a salesman had sold it to him telling him the bubble was formed by extracting the gas from a certain tropical fish called a “municipal perk”.

    The gas was said to be more stable in structure thus ensuring greater accuracy in obtaining a level measure.

    So if someone can believe that squeezing a fart out of a fish will make you a better tradesman then anything is possible.

  16. boy on a bike

    Not every one can produce a blue flame. I know this much from a great deal of experimentation at uni.

    Now that was how science was done in the old days!

  17. Cold-Hands

    But what about the methane?!? It’s 25 times more greenhousy.

    They’ve already got backpacks to capture methane from cows so it’s about time that they produce a human model for the warmenistas. There’s another market just waiting to be tapped.

  18. face ache

    Being a fool is independent of IQ, except that high IQ foolishness is dangerous.

  19. face ache

    And the gas coming out your arse is mostly hydrogen.

  20. James X Leftie

    Morons all living it up in 5 star hotel rooms with the AC blasting away.

    How were the hotels built? Unicorn farts in the rhythm of King of the Hippies John Lennon’s “Imagine” schlock?

    Scariest thing is these are the go-to people when the ABC, BBC, MSNBC or CNN need an article on CAGW. Their influence is enormous.

  21. John Mc

    Their influence is enormous.

    Only on ABC, BBC, MSNBC or CNN. The general public are largely getting sick of this shite. They’ll need to come up with another looming apocalyptic scenario if they want to keep the fear alive.

  22. They’ll need to come up with another looming apocalyptic scenario if they want to keep the fear alive.

    The morons can’t understand the difference between an actual crisis and a fake one, and they assume the general public can’t as well.

  23. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.

    They’ll need to come up with another looming apocalyptic scenario if they want to keep the fear alive.

    The usuals are, at the macro-level, supervolcanos, super-tsunamis, or meteorites heading towards us, and at the micro-level, nothing beats a good new bug like AIDS, Ebola or an evolving SARS or flu virus.

    However, they are all real, to some extent anyway. What else could the loony-tunes think of? Alien invasions are always popular. Cloning of weird animals is a good one, and they take-over the earth, or weird vegetation (Trifids?). Things that destroy fertility are a good new panic, happening already with Frenchmen leading the way in the news today.

    Brave new baby farms are always of interest: Boys from Brazil style. Club of Rome stuff can be recycled into further fashionability: with some added eco-edging, population pressure once more becomes a winner. Shortages of anything and everything always turn up trumps for a good panic. Finally, the ice man cometh with a new ice age.

    Plenty to work on, just with that lot.

  24. Up The Workers!

    I’ve been paying Carbon Tax on every purchase I’ve made since 1st July last. Those Carbon Tax payments run till 30th June next.

    Given that Juliar and the A.L.P.’s chief “scientific advisors”, the catastrophist “Brown Movement” advise that the world is going to end on 21st December 2012, I DO hope that the A.L.P. will send me out a pro-rata refund of my overpaid Carbon Tax in sufficient time within the remaining 14 days of civilization, to allow me to spend it.

    Also, the A.L.P.B.C.’s comical scientific comedian, Robin Williams, reckons the seas will rise 100 metres this century. Could he please nominate on which of our remaining 14 days this will happen?

  25. Maws

    surely there was something that suffered in making that mask

    why don’t they just hang a couple of trees around their necks??

  26. Yes Dr Beaugan. “The Dance of a Thousand Flaming Arseholes”.
    My sphincter remembers it with a pucker factor of >10.

  27. Keith

    Looking at the body language, I’d say only one or two were truly gullible. The others were lying when answering affirmative to the “would you be prepared to wear it” question. When they said yes, what they really meant was “no way, how dare you to expect me to put up with this just to save the planet.”

    That said, I’ll be happy to tender for manufacture – let’s see, 7 billion masks at, oh, 200% mark up…..yeah, should be able to make a profit, with appropriate govt subsidies of course.

  28. cohenite

    That green pill video is a corker; it’s a bit like the exploding children one, having a bob each way, pretending to take the piss but showing exactly what the pricks want to do.

  29. harlem

    hedonistic psychotic snot!!!


    corporate psychopathy


  30. jen

    i was being facetious……

    precious arent we chums

  31. pussy riot

    [That is unacceptable commentary. You’re not coming back. Sinc]

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