Catallaxy survey 2 (Thomson): closed

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16 Responses to Catallaxy survey 2 (Thomson): closed

  1. C.L. says:

    Weekly survey would be good.
    Please get graph guru Sinclair to present the data, though, hey?

  2. dd says:

    weekly is too much and you’ll get response fatigue. People will be more likely to continue responding if you have them less frequently.

  3. Andrew says:

    No and weekly for me.

  4. Rabz says:

    Gone out on a limb and selected shagger to run as an ALP candidate.
    labor are so morally bankrupt and totally corrupt it wouldn’t surprise me.

  5. Fleeced says:

    Surveys are fine – just get rid of the sticky-on-top feature – it clutters the main feed on the front page.

  6. Clancy of The Underpass says:

    Yes Nanna!

  7. JJP says:

    Can we put links to the survey on the sidebar instead of as a sticky at the top?
    It’s kind of distracting is all.

  8. Clancy of The Underpass says:

    It’s not distracting “all” of us.

  9. JJP says:

    I never suggested it was distracting ‘all’.
    ‘Is all’ isn’t a typo.

  10. Clancy of The Underpass says:

    Still whingeing.

  11. Fleeced says:

    Nancy of the Underpants seems to get offended when people disagree with her, JJP. Probably harmless, though.

  12. Tom says:

    Fleeced, Nancy isn’t harmless – it’s a troll that’s been banned from this site half a dozen times before. Just waiting for its moment to go ballistic and attempt to wreck the site again. Bad case of relevance deprivation syndrome.

  13. Fleeced says:

    Thanks, Tom. I have trouble keeping track of the recurring trolls – just assumed Nancy was a new vagrant.

  14. dd says:

    Wisdom of the crowds update.
    According to the results of the previous survey, the median date chosen for the election by catallaxy respondents was 13 July (this includes estimates of 14 September).
    if we assume that 14 September is out, (ie we only use those respondents who chose an alternative date to 14 September) then the median date is May 25.

  15. Ubique says:

    Will Moonshott run as an independent or the endorsed Labor candidate? Or will he just run and hide?

  16. kelly liddle says:

    64 Votes for no survey please. How does that work are these addicts who can’t help themselves if they see a survey?

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