Once upon a time the government used to tell its critics to shut up. We covered the infamous Ken Henry ‘shut up’ incident here and here.

The government has doubled down – not only should its critics shut up, but its backbenchers and supporters too!

“Shut up, just shut up,” [Chris Evans] said. “No party can succeed if it’s got people … offering negative views. I don’t think it’s in the interests of the Labor Party.”

Not smart – but then we always knew that.

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22 Responses to Just SHUT UP!

  1. stackja says:

    Silence is golden! People think ALP is good! Julia is away. Keep quiet. Drugs in sport story will keep the media busy. Don’t make a fuss about the mining tax. Quiet please. No talking. Must keep quiet until the election is over.

  2. ar says:

    Politicians should be seen and not heard…

  3. Gab says:

    LOL They’re losing it.

  4. . says:

    Damn it wrong thread.

  5. C.L. says:

    The classic…

    Andrew Klavan: Shut Up.


  6. Mick Gold Coast QLD says:

    Oh yes – Comrade Evans, who clumsied and blundered his way through Grand Poobah for Illegals, while Comrade Huge Bummed Slapper dashed around doing his job for him just as poorly; and who then blubbered his way through his resignation press conference while his two steely strong wimminses colleagues sobbed in chorus.

    What a feeble ponce.

    I think he resigned because it was just so hard for him, doing a routine public service job. Little wonder that President Yudhoyono and Foreign Affairs Minister Marty Natalegawa found it so easy to tell him “Pith off, we’re busy” when he came begging them to rescue Labor from its illegals policy.

    I’ll look back in three years and not remember his forgettable grey mediocrity.

    He has nonetheless done us a valuable service by reminding of the only government in my lifetime for which its leader made a point several times of publicly demanding her loyal colleagues be loyal, rather than relying on her obvious – ummm – qualities* and competence as a leader.

    * “qualities” sits so awkwardly when placed next to Comrade Lying Bogan Waddler

  7. Mk50 of Brisbane says:

    Mick, if you spell it the way the Lying Slapper pronounces it in her native language of Bogantongue, it sounds better.


  8. Pyrmonter says:

    @ MK50

    “native”? No graduate of Mitcham Primary, Unley High and Adelaide sounds like that in a “native” sense. Her native voice might not be Lady Downer’s, but her current is an entirely confected and alien register.

  9. Mick Gold Coast QLD says:

    ” ‘Kwoladdeeez’ “

    It sounds heavy, clumping, and reminds me of those bovver boy shoes Comrade Senator Tash on Torrens, the Utterly Useless, used wear to make herself hip with the easily influenced.

  10. Pyrmonter says:

    Ah, but Miss “campaign in a wet white tee-shirt” NS-D was rather better spoken. As befits the daughter of one of Adelaide’s leading chattering class columnists (Pembroke School, Adelaide BA, LLB)

  11. . says:

    Ah, but Miss “campaign in a wet white tee-shirt”

    When? I have a tight schedule, I’ll try to book it in.

  12. Pyrmonter says:

    SAUA elections 1989 …

  13. . says:

    Maybe there is a positive to compulsory student unionism after all.

  14. Mk50 of Brisbane says:

    Ah, Pyrmonter, that was not her native environment. Her native environment is the hard left socialist side of the more thuggish elements of the union movement.

    Look at her actions during the Patrick’s dispute. if only Paddy Crummlin and his ilk would talk, I think she’d be doing hard time.

  15. rebel with cause says:

    Must be tough – speak and remind everyone of how terrible this government is or stay silent and give the public time to contemplate how terrible this government is.

  16. perturbed says:

    Telling everybody who’s being negative to shut up makes me wonder whether Gillard hankers after being Cate Blanchett Galadriel the Elf Queen from Lord of the Rings. You know, the scene where Frodo offers her the ring and she screams “I WILL BE BOTH BEAUTIFUL AND TERRIBLE! ALL SHALL LOVE ME AND DESPAIR!”

    We’re despairing for sure; but if the polls are anything to go by, we certainly don’t love her. And it doesn’t need an AbbottAbbottAbbott to make that point – she’s got to the point now where she’s condemned by the staggeringly huge magnitude of her own incompetence.

  17. Tapdog says:

    [Chris Evans] said. “No party can succeed if it’s got people … offering negative views.

    As much as this sounds offensive he actually makes a valid point.

  18. Rob says:

    Valid point? Seems to me their organization has a now permanent obsession with concentrating all power in a little cabal at the top, presumably instructed by the faceless men elsewhere. Imagine telling your lieutenants that you have set an election date and the independents have already been briefed before your party.

    So Evans’ solution is just to fall in line and follow orders even more unquestioningly.

  19. Mk50 of Brisbane says:

    So Evans’ solution is just to fall in line and follow orders even more unquestioningly.

    hey, it’s what Brownshirts do.

  20. Borisgodunov says:

    Forbid lawyers,academics teachers and b.a.s from politics,and anyone who has not had a Real Job in private enterprise ,maybe wewill get aRealGovernmet of Practical Experienced in Real LifePeople.ABOLISH POlITICIANS! For a FREE AUSTRALIA!

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