Liberty Clip: February 9, 2013

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  1. Mk50 of Brisbane says:


    The clip also hints at why ‘getting one over on the man’ is rampant, where ‘the man’ is the top-down external agency.

    It is commonly believed that in Australia, being as creative as possible with one’s tax return is a national sport. To my mind, this reflects on the points of trust and reputation raised above.

    if government is wasteful, untrustworthy, and known for incompetence, then the logical response to the agency of that government which collects the money the government wastes is to deny this low-trust ‘top down’ agency whatever you can.

    it also explains to an extent why some ‘top down’ agencies are indeed trusted. These are (in no order) the military, emergency services, and normal response services like ambulance, police, fire. Why are these high-trust agencies? I’d posit that it’s due to the degree of selflessness they are seen to have, and that this perception is driven by the risk level inherent in these jobs: or in the case of ambulance, the ‘ickyness factor’ – attending fatal car crashes is no fun.

  2. JamesK says:

    If Romney and his superpacks spent even $200 million in the 3 months prior to the election playing that clip only and nationally as their ad, he would have won.

  3. thefrollickingmole says:

    This is a great clip. We use a mob called VEDA for the credit checks we do in our business.

    You lodge people whove done runners and its all available via a search. Even better there is a notification system which pops up when they apply for fresh credit through another VEDA member.

    So you can (sometimes) get their new address to chase them up.

    But the courts in Australia are what make this necessary. It is effectively impossible to get a paying judgement for small claims on shitbags who do runners.

    If the courts were effective VEDA (a private mob) wouldnt have a product to sell, risk minimization.

    As it stands Im better off paying a private mob to reveal risk, than any government “Justice” mob for recovery.

  4. Yobbo says:

    The entire premise of this clip is a load of shit. Macys and JC penney do not share any information about thieves. They can only glean what your credit card result says about you. Accept or Decline.

    If you didn’t attempt to use a credit card, they would have no idea you stole anything from anywhere. Even if you do use one, all they can tell about you is that you didn’t pay your credit card bill.

    It’s Mastercard/Visa that is compiling this information, and they are only using it in order to make sure they themselves are not losing further money. It has nothing to do with “helping” JC Penny or Macy’s.

    In fact, most retailers are terrified of MC/Visa, since they have a long history of preferring their cardholders to retailers in disputes.

  5. C.L. says:

    Hey, Yob – watch that Lateline clip I linked on the Wag the Dog thread. I think you’re one of few people who would understand how this complex racket works.

  6. jumpnmcar says:

    One example of this is the night clubs in my town banding together to reject troublesome patrons. A database of dickheads.
    These dickheads that can’t handle their drink are stealing the enjoyment of those who can and robbing the entire industry of new clientele that ( quite reasonably ) fear harassment and violence.
    No Government intervention necessary.

  7. . says:

    If Romney and his superpacks spent even $200 million in the 3 months prior to the election playing that clip only and nationally as their ad, he would have won.

    Yeah it was all Romney’s fault that black Americans reflexively vote for Obama and a confected cultural interest against their own economic interests.

    Sure James, Santorum would have won.

  8. big dumb fu says:

    Clicked on one of the related videos, Noam Chumpsky Free Market Fantasies. Apparently he goes on for almost an hour blaming free markets for government sponsored crony capitalism. The answer is of course more government.

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