Guest Post – Mk50: European Fascism Redux

[Update: sdog suggests this post is very similar to an article at the American Thinker. Mk50’s response is here. Several others have provided additional speculation and commentary. In the meantime I have emailed Mk50. Sinc.

Update II: Mk 50 provides a detailed explanation here. Sinc.]

Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it. We are seeing this now in Europe. Oh, the media has not twigged yet (they never do until it’s far too late), but the markets have. Capital flight from Italy was already running strongly. This week it became an avalanche.

The Swiss and Singaporeans are doing well.

1922 was a very bad year in Italy. The economy was in free-fall, unemployment was soaring, even the Navy was being shut down to save money. In the south, the mafia was essentially running the place. Benito Mussolini got 25% of the vote in the elections of that year. In 1924 he exceeded 50% of the vote.

We all know the rest.

2012 was a very bad year in Italy. The economy was in free-fall, unemployment was soaring, even the Navy was being shut down to save money. In the south, the mafia was essentially running the place. In the elections of 2013, Beppe Grillo received 24% of the vote. Instead of settling for coalition, and relying on his control of the Senate, he has blocked formation of a coalition government and demanded another election in June. Why won’t he exceed 50% of the vote? 

Here’s how he did it. Beppe Grillo ran as a jokey-blokey comedian in Italy. He used all manner of tricks including conspiracy theories (‘chemtrails” poisoning people for the profit of Jews and the Templars, Jewish fiscal control through the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, with central control via the Illuminati, ‘truther’ conspiracies that 9/11 was a Jewish plot and so-on). These he made more credible by linking them to things every Italian knows is true: massive corruption, the Mafia, corrupt  politicians, EU plots to use the Euro to kill Italian exports and so forth. Anyone seeing a pattern here?

Where is Grillo’s money and some of his ideology from? Look to Tehran. They know and love a fellow anti-Semite and his father-in-law Parvin Tajik runs a major construction business in Iran with its HQ in Tehran. You simply cannot do that unless you have an intimate array of relationships with the Mullahs, who are themselves massively corrupt. It is not possible.

What this all means is just starting to dawn on the self-selected, unelected and unaccountable EU soft-left bureaucratic aristocracy. The pretence of those capering fools is that Grillo is merely a populist. They are making a colossal and lethal strategic blunder if they actually believe that.

 Italians are caught in a situation where they have no capability to vote for good. There is no democracy in Italy. Italians have no say in how their country is run, because fabulist unelected unaccountable left-wing bureaucrats in Brussels run it, not them. No matter what they do, they can now only vote for outcomes which make the situation worse.

  • Government at all levels in Italy is massively corrupt, you cannot survive any other way now.
  • The black economy (run mostly by the mafia) is the size of the official economy and you cannot survive without it.
  • Without control of their own currency, the Germans set its value and Italian manufacturing cannot compete, so exports have collapsed.

Here’s the power-elites ‘solution’ to Italy’s problems, problems created by those self-same bureaucrats in Brussels as they chase the chimera of their own fantasies.

  • they unilaterally appointed a caretaker president  who was seen as their puppet
  • this puppet imposed radical budget cuts Brussels mandated to the welfare state their own policies had created
  • pensions and social security was halved to 700Euro a month
  • health care budgets were halved, hospitals had 6 months pay for their staff
  • the income-sales tax mix were raised to average 50% of everyone’s income (except the power elite, of course)
  • small business taxes soared but unions prevented tax increases for large employers – then demanded double pay for less work (vale Italian manufacturing)
  • the power-elite gave themselves vast pay increases

 In Europe, fifty years of expanding centralised control have entirely disenfranchised the voter. The bureaucrats of the EU power-elite do not have to run for office. And once in office, they cannot be held accountable for their actions. If this sounds like the old USSR, there is a reason for that. Europe has no democracy. People vote for the European Parliament yet it has no legislative power whatsoever, it is a Potemkin Village with no power to pass binding laws and no power to hold the hereditary bureaucracy to account – it is a bright shiny gewgaw to amuse the mob.

The power-elite has gathered all power into the great Commissions. The French call these ‘Grand Corps of the State’ (or Enarques) and they run the state. Germany and the smaller powers have similar systems and it is this Commission structure which has become the self-sustaining mechanism for a new, unelected hereditary power-elite, the Apparat, which controls everything. Obviously, the Apparat has co-opted the major capitalist structures by offering them a place in the power-elite as crony-Allies. If this sounds familiar (and it should to anyone who has read Gotz Aly), it’s because Hitler used exactly the same system and structure.

Meanwhile, the day after Grillo’s ‘Five-Star party’ (with it’s entirely national socialist agenda – and that does not mean ‘Nazi’, it means nationalist and socialist) the Italian Apparat politicians flew to Berlin for meetings with the Commissions and Merkel with the intent of using the old ‘common front’ trick – but he had a new game in mind. It’s called complete power, and the mechanism is another election in June.

The currency market panicked immediately and the capital flight started.

 What happened last week is that someone seized his chance (just as Benito Mussolini did) after Italy hit the brick wall: they ran out of other people’s money and met the reality that wall means. This spells opportunity for fascists.

The people vote fascist because they have nowhere else to go. This is why Five Star is ascendant in Italy, the Pirate Party is rising in Germany, Golden Dawn is expanding in Greece, and the same is happening elsewhere.

 So see Europe now, before the trainwreck gets much worse.

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