Tony Abbott at the IPA

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  1. dan

    Impressive for someone whose party has done sweet FA to advance the cause of free markets, liberalism or anything else useful for five years. They now have no policies or mandate to do anything except the Green Army and direct action on climate change when they win. We need an alternative.

  2. stackja

    We need an alternative.

    But will they get enough votes? Howard tried to change work choices and the voters said no. Education is needed before changes can be attempted. And the ALP will not allow this.

  3. Andrew

    Bit hard to do something for liberalism when you have not been in Government.

    I will be hearing Tony speak tomorrow so that should be interesting.

  4. JamesK

    Abbott has a characteristic style in speeches.

    This was good but far from his best.

    He has the potential to become one of Australia finest political rhetoricians.

    His speech in Parliament on the visit of Obummer was particularly brilliant

  5. candy

    Great speech,
    I liked the closing where Mr Abbott says in 100 years we “will all be gone, but not please God the ideals and great causes for which we stand”. He also spoke kindly and with warmth, a little humour, about R. Murdoch and his family, a nice touch.

  6. Dan

    You can do plenty for liberalism while not in government. Neither John Roskam not Dan Hannan are PMs but they have done plenty. And don’t have the advantage of being PMs in waiting either.

    “Ideals and great causes”.. Give me a break. No-one has been talking about this stuff for 5 years. Endless time to focus on Slater and Gordon though. What are they actually planning? 30bn burned on the NBN so we can enjoy 25+Mbps speeds- fancy that I’m already faster…billions on environmental crap- as though “direct action” will change the world’s temperature any more than a carbon tax would…tax on businesses for parental leave to subsidize other people’s childbirth choices…I really struggle to think of anything positive. I’m a member and receive emails all the time, none of which contain anything substantial.

    I’m thinking of the contrast between Baillieu and Newman and it doesn’t look good.

    I think the solution is for all of us to nominate our home addresses somewhere in the Victorian western districts and put up a libertarian candidate there. They have good cafes in Horsham now.

  7. steve from brisbane

    His comment about Roxon leaving parliament was unnecessarily personal. Good bit of sucking up to Gina, Rupert and the IPA, though.

  8. Infidel Tiger

    “Capitalism with a conscience”? Sounds like social justice with a bear.

  9. JamesK

    His comment about Roxon leaving parliament was unnecessarily personal

    Given her disgraceful illiberal try-on and her personal role in that it was apposite

  10. His comment about Roxon leaving parliament was unnecessarily personal

    You left out misogynist.

    He’s got a lot to answer for 🙂

  11. candy

    I think n.Roxon was asked to resign – her over the top nuttiness with the proposed media legislation was about to lose the ALP another five or so seats, they realised just in time.

  12. wreckage

    Yes I think this leads us to ask, what is the role Tony Abbot is playing in all this?

  13. Supplice

    I dunno, candy. I prefer to think of it as Roxon being promoted far beyond her levels of competence and finally cracking under the weight of her failings.

    Makes sense to me…

  14. No, no, Roxon told the understanding PM when she was appointed to the position of Attorney-General that she’d take the job for only twelve months or so, and then she’d have to resign so that her children didn’t grow up bereft of a mother hovering around them all day. This must be true because I heard the PM say so in a media conference.

  15. Gab

    You campaigned against the legislative prohibition against giving offence and I’m pleased to say that the author of those draft laws is now leaving the parliament.

    Pleased? I celebrated for three days.

  16. candy, Tony could read from the phone book and you’d find something to praise in it.

    It really was a seriously average speech. In particular, the reference to Adam & Eve as an example of properly constrained freedom was odd in that special anachronistically Abbott kind of way (virginity as a gift, feeling “threatened” by homosexuality). And in any event, what was George Pell (for whom one might have thought the comment was designed to please) even doing in the audience? Did he have to spend $500? What’s the IPA ever done for him? This is a highly political organisation that a Cardinal should not be attending, if you ask me.

  17. tbh

    Yeah I think in Roxon’s case she got the job she always wanted and then realised that she was in over her head. No shame in that, but the legislation she tabled and also her involvement in the Ashby/Slipper case let us all know that she wasn’t cut out to be AG.

    Either that or the party machinery said she’s no good and gave her the quiet tap on the shoulder. Problem is, the guy who replaced her is no good either.

  18. Supplice

    It really was a seriously average speech.

    High praise for Abbott indeed.

    This is a highly political organisation that a Cardinal should not be attending, if you ask me.

    No-one asked you.

  19. dan

    A cardinal can go to whatever he likes. I was going to go myself, I thought it would be interesting, doesn’t mean I was wanting to make some extreme ideological statement.

  20. 2dogs

    Has anyone got a link to Gina Rinehart’s speech?

  21. wreckage

    Could have been some clever politics in here. Abbott managed to cram paleo-cons, the religious right, libertarians, and self-identified moderates into the one speech reasonably well. It wasn’t a fire-starter but it also wasn’t a total chimera. If he can manage to consistently throw everyone a bone like that he might do well.

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