Do something positive about IR. Join HR.

The HR Nicholls Society is having a membership promotion.

The first 30 persons who apply to join the society before 5:00pm Friday June 28 will have their joining fee waived, and receive a 50% discount on the Annual Conference & Dinner – a saving of $120!

For over 30 years the HR Nicholls Society has been at the forefront of the fight to reform Australia’s outdated industrial relations system.

As a member of the HR Nicholls Society, you will be entitled to exclusive event invitations, regular newsletters from the Society, and most importantly, you will be playing a key role in ensuring a return to a free and fair labour market in Australia.

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7 Responses to Do something positive about IR. Join HR.

  1. Rafe

    Join the society and be sure to check out their website which is a fantastic record of good work over many years. One of my favorite articles is by Sir John Kerr on the native stockworkers case in 1965 which converted a proud and independent cohort of Aborigines into welfare dependents. A tribute to our centralized wage fixing system and the welfare state mentality.

  2. Token

    … the Annual Conference & Dinner …

    Is this is a blue tie event?

  3. Ken N

    Indeed. And they give you a quite nice tie, for those who wear ties. And a scarf for women, I think.

  4. Rabz

    A lefty mate of mine used to refer to them as the HR Pufnstuf Society.

  5. ken n

    They do have a way with words, those people of the left.

  6. Jim Rose

    it is worth remember how radical the ideas of the society were 30 years ago

  7. JohnA

    Ken, that’s all they have, though. Their policies and practices are vacuous or dangerous, and without an adequate moral/philosophical basis.

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