Still waiting Kevin

Kevin « me amo » Rudd could solve climate change. We’re still waiting though …

John Dunne with his painting of Saint Kevin

John Dunne with his painting of Saint Kevin

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13 Responses to Still waiting Kevin

  1. CD

    Absolutely brilliant.

    Alas Kevin wouldn’t even realise its satire and might just decide its a damn good idea folks. Gotta zip to undo.

  2. Cato the Elder

    Rudd’s very easy to mock, which makes the polls even more puzzling.

  3. Norma

    Brings back memories of a Leak cartoon after the 2020 summit. This guy probably remembers it too.
    Twitter users, get it out there. Everywhere. This maniac has to be stopped.

  4. Now that KRudd has started the week by informing us that he himself was at Kakoda and thrust back the Japanese invader, he will follow up later in the week by proclaiming that ‘his Faith’ in his ability to tackle the Greatest Moral Question (GMQ) of our time has convinced God to take the scourge of Global Warming away from us.

  5. Grant B

    OK, but what does the Chinese (or whatever) translate to?

  6. Samuel J

    John Dunne’s new painting of Saint Kevin Rudd is quite good.

  7. Lucie

    Good to see something like that for a bit of light relief. If we had decent, impartial media, there’d be a lot more of it with someone like Rudd as PM (again). And as with the ‘At Home with Julia’ Julia, the satire version is far more appealing. Even with that (perfectly bad) voice, I can actually bear to watch Satire Kevin. Any chance of a swap till the real one gives us an election, I wonder?

  8. Mater

    Not waiting to give him ideas but I’d have thought that by now Kev would have redesigned the ALP logo to incorporate his likeness. Slowing down Kevin? Where’s that famous capacity for hard work?

  9. Robbo

    Hello, my name’s Kevin Rudd. What would you like me to be today?

  10. Lysander Spooner

    I love the way his right-hand fingers are bent like that (just as they teach all pollies to do these days {for some reason which to me will remain unknown and stoopid})

  11. egg_

    The type can only think in short term solutions to short term issues.
    KRudd hasn’t & won’t solve any long term problem – he’s 100% spin and a -lite lightweight.
    As stated, he’s a campaigner, not a Governor.

  12. Up The Workers!

    When competent Government is eventually returned to Australia under Tony Abbott, one of the very first things he should attend to is not to SELL the A.L.P.B.C., but to GIFT it – lock, stock, and lying staff – to Fauxfacts.

    Not only would he have removed the unnecessary expenditure of $1.2 billion annually of ‘dead money’ from meagre taxpayers’ funds, but the sudden imposition of the annual running cost of that monolithic media mill-stone on the ramshackle, near-penniless Fauxfacts organization, would literally “kill two birds with one stone”.

    If it is still felt that a “national broadcaster” is in the national interest, then it could be constructed from the ground up with a minimal staff of COMPETENT, impartial journalists, instead of a vast sheltered workshop of bigoted propagandists and myopic party-hacks, and umpteen thousand pencil-pushing, tea-sipping bureaucrats.

  13. Samuel J

    Lysander you’ll see that hand gesture a lot in early Christian art. It was a way of signalling J and C in one hand.

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