Q and A thread: August 19, 2013

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  1. Motelier says:

    And away we go

  2. Motelier says:

    Bowen and Hockey

    Oh dear.

    Hockey truth
    Bowen lies

  3. calli says:

    Well, the gang of two are here…

    Not long now and the rest will twig…

  4. Motelier says:

    and as there is only two participants tonight…..there will be no “Last Say Powerball”

  5. roger says:

    Bowen lies

    Don’t know what is more annoying: the lying, or that they repeat their claims over and over again ad nausea.

  6. KitKat says:

    Ready to go. Predict 24 Jonus Interruptus

  7. Motelier says:

    Calli…..be calme

    Others will arrive

  8. Tracey says:

    Is that the time already?

  9. Motelier says:

    I am heading downstairs now. be right back

  10. nilk, Iron Bogan says:

    Come on, guys. I’ve been facebooking. Priorities…

  11. Tracey says:

    Christ I hope Carpe doesn’t want us to don the spandex again.

  12. Lucie says:

    I have my red lipstick on

  13. calli says:

    Still cookin kids…be back soon.

  14. Arnost says:

    Open it and they will come

  15. nilk, Iron Bogan says:

    It’s bin night, and need to change the cat litter. It’s a tough choice.

  16. Mick Gold Coast QLD says:

    “Still cookin kids…be back soon”

    I do hope they are as satisfying as Mk50’s reindeer. Burp!

  17. Last week’ll be a tough one to beat!

  18. Tracey says:

    They’ll be scraping poor Bowen off the carpet after Joe’s done with him (I hope).

  19. Motelier says:

    and now i am back

  20. roger says:

    Tonight will be the ultimate proof of the conservatives’ superiority over the lefties in economic matters: even one of the most inadequate people in the Coalition to deal with financial matters will still kick the butt of one of the brightest in Labor.

  21. Aldrydd says:

    May I just say – you guys make my Monday nights, love reading your posts 🙂

  22. nilk, Iron Bogan says:

    I’d rather watch this again, but I’ve got my Black Douglas and cola, with cheese doritos to snack on.

    She’ll be right. 😀

  23. Motelier says:

    oh that is right

    I am slumming tonight

    PizzaHut here is my order

  24. Mmmm…
    I’ll step out onto the terrace with a neat shot of Oban, + a Romeo & Juliet half corona.

  25. Carpe Jugulum says:

    Christ I hope Carpe doesn’t want us to don the spandex again.

    No spandex tonight blossom.

  26. Gab says:

    Doritos? No, that will never do. It must be CCs. Taste better, more cheesier.

  27. Carpe Jugulum says:

    OK troops interruption lotto is open;

    i’m in for 54.

  28. Tracey says:

    I’m expecting GST666 on continuous loop tonight

  29. Gab says:

    How many lies will Bowen tell? I’m going for 24.

  30. nilk, Iron Bogan says:

    Gab they’re actually the Aldi version (El Toros). I just call corn chips Doritos.

  31. Shossmeister says:

    Extracts from The Krud Diaries: Day 20:

    “I mean, who wouldn’t be affected by prolonged exposure to dreary outposts like Darwin, Perth and Adelaide?
    My enemies Snowden, Perris, Gray, Smith, Champion, Ellis et al lurk out there in their wilderness strongholds planning their treachery. They are nothings. I admit I was momentarily caught off-balance, but an evening of Wagner has restored my sanity.
    It was Wagner inspired my new campaign slogan, diary. Would you like to hear it?
    “Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Kevin!”
    Was meinst du dazu, mein kleiner Engel? Nein, nein, nicht zu beantworten … Ich weiß, es ist brillantI
    I can’t explain where it came from, other than to say that ich bin Kevin!
    I can’t wait to tell Bruce tomorrow. As I said, diary, it is so nice to be back in the civilised world. Well, not Western Sydney, obviously. Nobody could call THAT place civilized.
    I didn’t want to go there, but Bruce insisted that I do – sigh, I suppose the little people must see their leader.
    I should never have doubted him, that most faithful of retainers. You would not believe my joy when I arrived at the park and found it full of sycophants and lickspittles.
    It was so nice to be back amongst genuine friends.
    I called for a round of applause for Therese today. I didn’t have to, of course, but I felt it appropriate. She was most impressed, thank fuck!
    For some unaccountable reason, she was angry with me tonight. I can’t imagine why: one minute I was in the toilet giving myself a … taking a selfie with the Danii-from-Perth pic and the next minute the little-ish woman is throwing complimentary shampoo and conditioner at Kevin.
    Naturally, diary, Kevin used his irresistible charm to soothe her. She has such lovely skin, meine Knödel einer Frau, and there is so much of it … so lovely and supple …

    Kevin says it will eat what it is given.
    Kevin says it will put Precious in the bucket.
    Kevin says it will eat what it is given AND put precious in the bucket NOW!
    Kevin says if it doesn’t put Precious in the bucket NOW then Kevin will put on his night-vision goggles and get ANGRY!
    It wouldn’t like Kevin if Kevin was angry.

    What is that, diary? Why is Kevin talking in the third person?
    Kevin has no idea what you are talking about.
    Still, it is odd, diary, that you should ask that. Why, just today – THE FLIES! THE FLIES! THEY ARE ALL AROUND KEVIN! GET THEM AWAY FROM ME BEFORE THEY EAT KEVIN’S EYES! – I received a query about my health. Most odd.
    … When I was giving my speech to my devoted lickspittles today I overheard a snatch of conversation from amongst my minions. What I overheard was “… fucking Fuhrer complex …”.
    Naturally, I questioned my minions about this. At first they denied all knowledge, but I persisted, knowing that Bruce could not resist the power of the Kevin.
    Oh, diary! When I am crown … am prime minister again they are going to build me the “biggest fucking Fuhrer complex” ever as a present!
    The little minx’s! I knew it, I knew it! I am planning it already. I will have my own bunker, and a swimming pool, and Teddy will have a room of his own and Bruce will have a room right next to mine!”

  32. Gab says:

    Well that’s alright then, Nilk.

    CCs are better, but.

  33. Carpe Jugulum says:

    Gab has the book for the Bowen Bullsh1t tombola

    i’m in at 54

  34. Arnost says:

    I reckon it’ll be costings costings costings…

  35. nilk, Iron Bogan says:

    Are Bowen’s lips moving? He’s lying.

  36. Uh oh says:

    “Media Watch” has just “Jumped the Shark”

  37. calli says:

    Roll up ladies and gents…Armenian snacks on sticks tonight – we have delicious koftas wiv a noice dipping sauce, flat bread to mop up and some nutty honey coated pastry (bit like baklava) for dessert. Mmmmm

    If youse are of the trolly persuasion, I have sheeps oculars on those self same sticks…they will watch youse all the way from the mouth to the porcelain…youse had betta believe it.

  38. Motelier says:

    As there are only two participants tonight there will be “no last say powerball”.

    Jackpots to next week

  39. Motelier says:

    Well i am off to the notebook now

    far quicker than the IPad

  40. Carpe Jugulum says:

    Tonights snack is soba noodles with diced pork and the bevvy of choice is an icy cold Asahi (again) followed by the usual soft cheese & grapes.

  41. Tracey says:

    I’ll take 37 on the Bowen Lie Lotto.
    Bless you for not requiring the spandex tonight, Carpe. Ate a bit too much for dinner tonight and it could have gotten ugly here.

  42. Motelier says:


    Sob for me only Pizza hut

  43. stackja says:

    Now can I stay awake?

  44. Carpe Jugulum says:

    3 minutes to go troops, strap on your spurs, tighten your greaves, adjust your codpiece;

    and leeeeetttttsss get rrrrreeeeaaaaddddyyyy to rrrrrruuuuummmmmbbbbllllleeeeeee

  45. Motelier says:

    Count me in for Bowen Bullshit Tombola……55

  46. Snoopy says:

    Bowen lie lotto 17.

  47. Motelier says:

    Carpe I love you introduction each Monday night

  48. Tracey says:

    Since Carpe’s letting us wear our comfy clothes I’ll have one of those lamb sticks with some flat bread thanks Calli.

  49. calli says:

    Late I know….25 for me.

  50. Motelier says:

    Hockey V Bowen

    A bit one sided?

  51. Carpe Jugulum says:

    Bowen Bullshit Tombola;
    Carpe 54
    Motellier 55
    Gab 24
    Tracey 35

  52. calli says:

    I’ll chuck in a nice bit of baklava just for you, Trace.

  53. Eh? Did Emma Alberscreechy just say the federal opposition is going to “stiffen” gun control?

    There goes my vote, and that of every-last-person I can influence.

  54. Tracey says:

    Herr Flick should ask Snowcone how he keeps his fringe in place.

  55. Arnost says:

    Special rules! But we will allow some leeway ?

  56. Carpe Jugulum says:

    Bowen Bullshit Tombola;
    Carpe 54
    Motellier 55
    Gab 24
    Tracey 35
    Snoopy 17
    Calli 25

  57. Motelier says:

    And now it starts

    What did she ask?

  58. calli says:

    Tip…how about doing without and saving up.

  59. Motelier says:

    Ohhhhh Housing

    Work hard and pay

  60. Arnost says:

    And we start off with housing affordability

  61. Lucie says:

    Oh dear. The KRud diarising becoming more expansive…and complex. I detect at least three different ‘personalities’. Far too challenging for a layperson.

  62. Motelier says:

    Bowen does the dribble
    work across the board and land release

  63. Tracey says:

    Thanks Calli. I’m in my trackies so should be no baklava-related controversy.

  64. Uh oh says:

    Do what the rest of us did. Work hard and go without.

  65. bolter says:

    Ahhhh, Irish whiskey in hand and the refill bottle nearby, ready

    Opening round
    We do not care if you cannot afford a house

  66. Snoopy says:

    Reducing homelessness assists people to buy a home. Lie #1.

  67. Motelier says:


    “you can not pay off a housing mortgage without a job”

    Hmmmmm probably correct

  68. nilk, Iron Bogan says:

    First question: young professional woman wants to buy a house, but is priced out of the market. How can she buy one?

    Bowen: it’s a very important question. 2 big things: make sure you have a job and we’ll keep interest rates low. We are throwing money at things, and working to eliminate homelessness, keep the economy strong.

    Hockey: good point on the the having a job, but also note that there is a problem with supply.

  69. Not sure what she asked, I was trying to work out her accent, her tribe, and most importantly, figuring out just how far off the top of the rootability scale she is.

  70. calli says:

    Oohhh! Da ebil baby boomers!

  71. Carpe Jugulum says:

    Gee tweenies try doing what the Jugulum family grandparents did and buy a house you could afford and upgrade over time.

  72. Leo G says:

    Treasurer Bowen claims low unemployment equals housing affordability?

  73. Snoopy says:

    Did Bowen say he’s still living in his parent’s home.

  74. Tracey says:

    The usual end negative gearing bleating. Look up Keating, dickhead.

  75. Motelier says:


    Two guests and the thread is like mercury again

  76. Infidel Tiger says:

    Eh? Did Emma Alberscreechy just say the federal opposition is going to “stiffen” gun control?

    There goes my vote, and that of every-last-person I can influence.

    They are introducing mandatory jail terms for Lebs illegally importing handguns. Nothing to fear.

  77. Arnost says:

    Interest rates – hmmm isn’t it the taxes on housing / land that drive up prices?

  78. Motelier says:

    and the question is?

    Please ask it again

  79. Motelier says:

    Bowen “We can get to surplus”



  80. Tracey says:

    How can Labor stand themselves?

  81. Arnost says:

    Here we go – keep the economy strong and borrow borrow (sotto vocce – for ever)

  82. Carpe Jugulum says:

    Hockey just put the knife in

    Bowen reckons they’ll get to surplus in 2016, aaaahahahahahahahah

  83. nilk, Iron Bogan says:

    Living in Bogan Central North, I’m in my trakkies, and my Black Douglas is in a can.

    Bowen reckons they’ll have the budget in surplus by 2016 – cheers from the proles.

    Hockey points out that a fair few in the audience weren’t born the last time Labor delivered a surplus.

  84. Motelier says:


    YOu have not been born when Labor delivered a surplus


  85. Septimus says:

    Open it and they will come

    Q & A of Dreams … where’s Kevin Costner?

  86. Tracey says:

    Carpe’s gonna need a shitload of abacuses (or is that abaci?) tonight.

  87. Motelier says:


    will not lie to the aussie public

    Labor can not deliver a surplus

  88. Leigh Lowe says:

    Arnost @ 965438
    That is bullshit!!!

  89. We do not care if you cannot afford a house

    Hammer-meet-nail. Well done

  90. Infidel Tiger says:

    Bowen is a passive aggressive level 3 pube.

  91. Carpe Jugulum says:

    Hockey is kicking bowen in the nuts, and smiling while he does it.

  92. Motelier says:


    Surplus we can get there

    Joe is hiding his figures


  93. Shossmeister says:

    Lucie: That is the whole point. He is falling apart and desperately trying to find a personality that will work! Still, message received.

  94. calli says:

    Bowen’s revenue statement..out there for all to see…yup!

    And then sprouts about honesty…

  95. Motelier says:

    And the crowd roars

    Lefty 80%

  96. Infidel Tiger says:

    Crowd seems to be about 90% ABC style right wingers.

  97. Tracey says:

    Great question from the lady in the purple tee shirt

  98. calli says:

    Good question! Go girl!

  99. Carpe Jugulum says:

    Snowcone looks like a rabbit in the spotlight.

  100. Jarrod says:

    Clappy audience on both sides. Shut up people.

  101. Motelier says:


    “It was the right thing to do”

    People really vote for this mob

    and now AAA credit rating


  102. Motelier says:

    Snowcone is quiet tonight

  103. Tracey says:

    Please God someone ask why apparently English back-packers are still receiving the $900 ‘tax bonus’ as we speak.

  104. Arnost says:


    Arnost @ 965438
    That is bullshit!!!

    I don’t know what to say!

  105. calli says:

    Labor knows nothing about paying down debt because they never have…go Joe!

  106. Tracey says:

    Joe just ‘snapped’ me

  107. Carpe Jugulum says:

    Bowen goes the GFC bogeyman, quotes the AAA rating fails to mention that was the previous governments doing not these wastrels.

    Hockey quotes the debt ceiling passing 300B at xmas.

    ‘it’s always easier to spend other peoples money’


  108. Motelier says:

    Hockey versus the room tonight

    Fair or not?

  109. nilk, Iron Bogan says:

    Did SnowCone just say “Whine Swan” as he asks Bowen about the predicted surpluses of the last 6 years?

    Of course, Bowen also drags up negadividy in the advertising and how awful the Libs are. “If you can’t be honest with the Australian people…”

    Hockey agrees.

    Bowen feels that the increased spending and going into debt was a Good Thing, and of course no mention of the $20b surplus Labor inherited.

    Apparently reminding the public that the current level of debt is incredibly high is a Bad Thing and just scaremongering. Hockey points out that Labor never talks about bringing down the debt because they don’t know how. Also mentions 6000 Centrelink payments for people living overseas who didn’t get their $900 of stimulus money.

  110. I am the Walrus, koo koo k'choo says:

    Zombie Army clapping furiously every time Bowen finishes a sentence.

    That’s it, I’m out. Will follow the rest on the thread. I don’t know how you people do it.

  111. Carpe Jugulum says:

    Bullshit tombola is at 13.

  112. Motelier says:

    Snowcone goes the net or gross debt thingo debate

  113. Lucie says:

    Shoss: no, no. It was a compliment. And just on a quick first read.

  114. Motelier says:

    Joe starts the ripping of a new one on Bowen

  115. Hockey tearing Bowen a new one….. this is rolled gold.

  116. Motelier says:

    Bullshit tombola is at 13

    I am looking good tonight

  117. Jarrod says:

    Hockey unable to concisely explain why gross debt the better measurement in this case. Sigh.

  118. Lucie says:

    Great, so Labor’s given us all a mortgage.

  119. Tracey says:

    Some families (like mine) actually reduce spending rather than going into debt when times are a bit tougher actually Mr. Bowen.

  120. nilk, Iron Bogan says:

    Hockey asks: What have you ever done to reduce debt?

    Bowen: waffles.

    Hockey: you started with no net debt, what have you done to reduce what we’ve got? We’re borrowing from overseas, and by xmas we’ll break the $300b barrier.

    Bowen: but, but, it’s still not as big as it could be, and we did really well when we survived the GFC. And sometimes you need to go into debt – like Australian Famblies and their (unaffordable) mortgages.

  121. Uh oh says:

    I think Joe’s on a hiding to nothing with this audience.

  122. Carpe Jugulum says:

    Hockey is kicking 3 shades of shit out of bowen.

    why does bowen keep useing the housing analogy for debt, if i buy a house it is a tangible asset, government debt is pure smoke.

  123. Arnost says:

    Bowen talking out of his date!

  124. nilk, Iron Bogan says:

    Hockey: reminds us all that Labor have never paid down a debt because they can’t.

  125. Lucie says:

    Joe looks good. I like it when he’s serious instead of Sunrisey with KRudd

  126. Infidel Tiger says:

    They might as well debate quantum physics for this crowd. As long as the money is in their accounts every second Thursday they wouldn’t have a clue about the economy.

  127. Carpe Jugulum says:

    Did that fvkwit bowen just say no debt by 2023/2024? FMD a rolled gold cretin.

  128. Arnost says:

    Costings costings costings

  129. Infidel Tiger says:

    Hi Alan!

  130. calli says:

    2023 2024 for labor to pay down debt…there goes my children’s future. But it’s the right thing to do!

  131. Motelier says:

    Dinner is here

    Be Right BAck

  132. Jarrod says:

    Undecided voter spouts Labor meme.

  133. Carpe Jugulum says:

    Greens voter masquerading as a swing voter asks about costings.

    Joe goes on the attack immediately, i’m liking the cut of his jib

  134. Leigh Lowe says:

    We do not care if you cannot afford a house

    I started a law degree in 1999.
    It got too hard.
    I switched to Arts in 2001.
    I graduated in 2003.
    I had a gap year in 2004 and travelled to Central America.
    I got a job as a teacher in 2005 but it was, like, really suffocating me dude.
    Since 2007 I have been pursuing my passion in music and working as a hipster barista three days a week.
    I have got a new i-phone every time I lost the previous one.
    I have $5,000 worth of tatts and body piercings.
    Now my girlfriend wants to have kids and wants a house ….. but we can’t afford anything anywhere near Fitzroy.
    It’s not fair.

  135. Carpe Jugulum says:

    Is bowen about to cry?

  136. nilk, Iron Bogan says:

    Swinging voter (yeah, right): Joe Hockey, why won’t you release the costings?

    Hockey: Coalition has already announced $17b of savings. Lab haven’t announced anything like that, because they can’t.
    Unlike the PM we don’t have thought bubbles on the run, like in the NT.

    Bowen: sucks up to the questioner and says, good question and he’s right, Joe. You’re keeping things from the public. Joe’s promising all sorts of things that he can’t deliver.

  137. Tracey says:

    Yeah, Chris. Tax increases are savings. Good work.

  138. Motelier says:

    Bowen and savings = an unequal equation

  139. Arnost says:

    Bowen talking out of his date (again)… What have to Romans die for us!

  140. Carpe Jugulum says:

    Hockey – this is like a scene out of life of brian.


  141. stackja says:

    Nearly 10pm goodnight yawn, yawn. Will read summary in morrow.

  142. calli says:

    Life of Brian! This is descending into farce.

    Who is in government again? Could someone remind me?

  143. dover_beach says:

    Hockey just kicked Bowen in the face. Lovely.

  144. Tracey says:

    Leigh Lowe nails it again. Like sands through the hourglass…

  145. Carpe Jugulum says:

    bullshit tombola sits a 20

  146. nilk, Iron Bogan says:

    Hockey: this is like Life of Brian – what have the Romans ever done for us?

    I reckon half the audience would be too young to get the reference.

    Bowen snarks about policies and lack of costings. He is such a big girl’s blouse.

  147. Arnost says:

    Done for us!

  148. Gab says:

    Rewease da costings! Rewease da costings!

  149. Carpe Jugulum says:

    Joe is on fire over costings

  150. Motelier says:

    Hockey now ripping Bowen/Labor

  151. Leigh Lowe says:

    Arnost @ 965438
    That is bullshit!!!

    I don’t know what to say!

    Well, that much is obvious.

  152. Lucie says:

    Something quite infuriating about a profligate Labor government repeatedly demanding of the opposition an explanation of how they’re going to pay or anything – “your budget black hole”!.

  153. calli says:

    Dover, bowen’s face is a fist magnet. Joe couldn’t help himself!

    Ooh and Joe interrupts and correct Snowcone….bewdiful!

  154. Carpe Jugulum says:

    Bowen goes the Newman666

  155. Motelier says:

    Bowen brings in Campbell Newman

    Own goal

  156. Docket62 says:

    Made it… Just to Catch the cut cut cut!

  157. nilk, Iron Bogan says:

    Bowen talking about how Joe has been talking up his economic creds for the last few years.

    Right, Chris, what about your creds? What portfolio have you ever succeeded in?

  158. Carpe Jugulum says:

    Made it… Just to Catch the cut cut cut!

    you left out the ‘n’

  159. Arnost says:

    Otter’s tongues, ocelot earlobes, Campbell Newman…

  160. Leigh Lowe says:

    Rewease da costings! Rewease da costings!

    No worries.
    Let’s start with the NBN dickhead.
    These fuckers didn’t bother costing anything for six years.
    Why the new found interest in accounting?

  161. Carpe Jugulum says:

    Some swampy goes the ‘austerity’ meme

    Swampy doesn’t like the truth

  162. Docket62 says:


    Docket62:Made it… Just to Catch the cut cut cut!

    you left out the ‘n’

    FMD that’s priceless

  163. Uh oh says:

    Debilitating Public Service cuts. WTF?

  164. Arnost says:

    That Get Up effwit had a scripted question on austerity filled with crap and austere lies. Where is the ABC fact checking unit! Dorothy Dix.

  165. calli says:

    Da austerity666! Suffering, PS cuts! The horror!

  166. Motelier says:

    Oh Dear

    Lefty question

    Bowen replies with the fairy story

  167. Leigh Lowe says:

    Dover, bowen’s face is a fist magnet. Joe couldn’t help himself!

    Do not adjust your set.
    This is an actual human head.

  168. Docket62 says:

    Bowens fairy dust, collected carefully from the obituaries of the Obeid family

  169. Arnost says:

    Aaaaaand here’s Eddie. (Obeid)

  170. Lucie says:

    Joe: important to be “respectful of other people’s money” -[blank lefty faces]. Tony quick to move on to Chris Bowen, away from that novel idea

  171. Carpe Jugulum says:

    Dover, bowen’s face is a fist magnet cats bum.

  172. Tracey says:

    Christ Joe, just tell these imbeciles how many hospitals we could build and staff with the interest we pay EACH WEEK thanks to these profligate, socialist arseholes.

  173. nilk, Iron Bogan says:

    Ooooh, scary. Austerity measures like Spain and Greece. What guarantee can you give us that we will not suffer from years of debilitating public service cuts?


    Apparently few public servants is a Bad Thing.

    Hockey reminds of the waste, the deficits, and sending cheques to dead people and people overseas, and we have to be careful with other people’s money. Taxpayer’s money is not our money, it’s your money.

    Bowen: sucks up to questioner, and says that Joe isn’t saying nice things that you want to hear because he can’t. He’s going to cut all these public servants.

    I guess the original questioner feeds at the public trough.

    Bowen bring up Campbell Newman and cuts, and Hockey says, let’s talk about State Gov’ts. Where’s Eddy Obeid?

    Oops. SnowCone interruptus.

    Okay, what about Anna Bligh.


  174. Infidel Tiger says:

    Austerity, I don’t think that word means what that taxi driver thinks it means.

  175. Carpe Jugulum says:

    FMD bowen is reaching for any meme.

    health & education, does that dickhead bowen even realise that they are state issues.

  176. Arnost says:

    Bowen eating a shit sandwich

  177. Leigh Lowe says:

    Debilitating Public Service cuts.

    They say it like it’s a bad thing.
    It’s not like he is sending them to WWII death camps or anything.
    But wait!
    There’s an idea!
    They’ve got nothing to do …… Albo’s got a railway to build ….. It might just work

  178. Carpe Jugulum says:

    Here we go the GST question

  179. nilk, Iron Bogan says:

    Taxes are a necessary evil. Given that the GST is the most effective way of raising taxes, why can’t we raise it and bleed the rich people dry?

  180. dd says:

    Question: how come every QandA audience is almost wall-to-wall with people who look like they’ve only been out of high school a couple of years?
    Most questions – not all, but most – and most audience members (judging from the applause, the whoops, the facial expressions and so on), come from a left wing progressive viewpoint. This audience orientation tends to skew the debate on the show.

  181. Motelier says:

    GST question

    Bowen its unfair

    Did Liebor reduce the rate?


  182. Arnost says:

    Hockey should just say that the GST could be decreased in the tax review – and that’s why it’s in the review…

  183. Tracey says:

    Ask Bowen why the (then) Labor states reneged on getting rid of a whole raft of state taxes in exchange for all that lovely GST lucre.

  184. nilk, Iron Bogan says:

    ALP: no increase in the GST.

    Hockey: GST is a State tax. We’re not going to change it. The biggest challenge to families is the cost of living, and raising the GST would do that. What have we had out of Labor? Mining Tax, FBT and the cars – they said it would be on Maseratis, but it’s not. It’s on Holdens, for people on $65k.

  185. Docket62 says:

    Snowcone drills the fucking GST again.. THe man is like a weasel! Leave the fucking bone alone

  186. Motelier says:


    Lefty heads explode

    Hockey” we are not changing the GST”

  187. Mike of Marion says:

    Snowcone verballing!!!!

  188. Leigh Lowe says:

    Austerity circa 1948 … rationed tea, rationed petrol, no sugar
    Austerity circa 2013 … no payrise, no job for life, making do with an i-phone 4

  189. Carpe Jugulum says:

    “i love you Tony but you just verballed me” about time the libs arced up

  190. Septimus says:

    Arnost @ 965438

    Ronan Keating phoned – left a message : “You say it best … when you say nothing at all”

  191. Arnost says:

    Fuck off Tony you slimy shitbag. If Bowen can’t handle the heat – You saving him.

  192. nilk, Iron Bogan says:

    DD: it’s a stacked audience. An echo chamber, which is like watching SBS in broken English without subtitles.

    Hockey sez: we will not raise the GST.

    Q shouted from the audience: so why are you here?

    Yup. Another one for the FMD file.

  193. calli says:

    Snowcone verballing Hockey and called on it…Hockey now owning the room.

  194. nilk, Iron Bogan says:

    Ah, Bowen admits they are toast.

    If you get in, you’re probably in for more than one term, that’s the way politics works in Australia.

    I can sleep peacefully tonight.

  195. Tracey says:

    I can’t recall feeling more angry watching a QandA than I do tonight.

  196. Docket62 says:

    joe. You have MY vote.

  197. nilk, Iron Bogan says:

    Paid parental leave is discriminatory. If favours women. Who are rich. It is against women who are poor, and men.

    SnowCone cuts him off, and next q asks about paid parental leave also.

  198. Infidel Tiger says:

    Where is this debate being held?

  199. Arnost says:

    Some question on parental leave discriminating anti men…

  200. Carpe Jugulum says:

    Hockey is kicking Bowen in the balls

    Q from ‘Ragwa’ PPL are you trying to cheer up women before the election – Angela Chen PPL whydoes everyone have to pay for it?

    How about the public servive PPL asshats, no complaints from you there.

  201. dover_beach says:

    Reading the tweets is instructive. Someone tweeted that: Rudd didn’t waste our money, Howard did by giving us tax cuts during the mining boom.
    Let the stupidity of that sink.

  202. nilk, Iron Bogan says:

    IT: Parramatta.

  203. Arnost says:

    Bowen talking out of his date again

  204. Motelier says:


    Had to do a check in

    what has happened?

  205. nilk, Iron Bogan says:

    We should have a tax on stupid, Dover. We’d pay off the national debt in months.

  206. Carpe Jugulum says:

    Bowen Bulsh1t Tombola sits at 38

  207. Motelier says:

    Bowen Bullshit Tombola….I am looking so good tonight

  208. Mike of Marion says:

    Hockey goes after Bowen on parental fees

  209. Lucie says:

    Septimus, Julia (other one) tweeted back: U R so romantic

  210. Carpe Jugulum says:


    Had to do a check in

    what has happened?

    Bowen talks shit, gets owned by Hockey (thats the short version.)

  211. duncanm says:

    Parramatta! It’d be further west than most of that audience has ever been.

  212. Docket62 says:

    Bowen is so far out of his depth here. joe has torn him so many new arseholes, he’s going to implode as a new black hole

  213. Motelier says:

    Hockey starts to hit the hammer on the head really hard.

    Less that 2 percent of 100k earners are women

  214. Leigh Lowe says:

    Where is this debate being held?

    Head down this universe past the first two wormholes.
    Turn left at the third wormhole and take the second on-ramp into the parallel universe.

  215. dover_beach says:

    I hope Bowen’s seat is on-the-line. He needs to be politically ‘disappeared’.

  216. Docket62 says:

    Northern Territory .. Don’t they just wrestle pook pooks and drink very large bottles of beer? And that’s just the whities!

  217. Carpe Jugulum says:

    Q from Brendan – Cut the Co Tax rate by 1/3 why is there such a sudden shift and how can we br sure that it is not just a political football.

    Bowen Bullshit Tombola expands.

  218. Motelier says:

    Now the NT question

    Bowen Northern Australia has enormous potential

    Just a copied plan from the Coalition

  219. Uh oh says:

    Is it just me or do all the people asking questions look the same?

  220. Tracey says:

    Hello! “Troppo Tony” anyone? The hypocrisy of these toe-rags makes me apoplectic.

  221. Leigh Lowe says:

    Hockey is kicking Bowen in the balls

    Bowen’s got balls?
    I thought he left them in Immigration.

  222. Arnost says:

    Actually Bowen is doing so much better than Swanstein could have ever done. I would have loved to see Woine in this debate…

  223. nilk, Iron Bogan says:

    TERRITORY TAX CUT – Brendan Ma has asked: Minister Bowen: Recently, Prime Minister Rudd proposed to cut the company tax rate in the NT by a third, even though Labor members in particular David Bradbury previously called such policies from the Coalition as a “proposal to divide Australia in two”. Why has there been a shift in tune from the government and how can we be assured that this new proposal isn’t exploiting the Northern Territory potential as a mere political football?

    LOL Shorter Bowen: there’s too much potential in the Territory, so we’d better intervene quicksmart.

  224. Motelier says:

    Is it just me or do all the people asking questions look the same?


  225. Infidel Tiger says:

    Gotta feel a bit sorry for Bowen. Imagine having to defend Wayne Swan’s record?

  226. calli says:

    Top end tax questioned…and the hypocracy. Bowen talking filler…vision….long term plan…blah blah. Vision again, diversify…blah blah.

    Not a bad thing…thanks for clearing all that up Bowen

  227. Infidel Tiger says:

    Is it just me or do all the people asking questions look the same?

    I suppose all dickheads look the same to you?


  228. Carpe Jugulum says:

    Bowen is shitting his dacks and making sh1t up on the run, Hockey just laughs.

  229. Motelier says:

    Hmmmmm the thread is like mercury again

  230. dover_beach says:

    Bowen has one of those faces that naturally looks sly and devious. Poor thing.

  231. Docket62 says:

    “Is it just me or do all the people asking questions look the same?”

    Labour have been funding cloning programs for years, dolly the sheep was actually pre selected for a federal labour seat, until they realized she had enrolled twice, had a credit card Ina union name, and ran a sheep brothel

  232. Leigh Lowe says:

    We should have a tax on stupid, Dover. We’d pay off the national debt in months.

    Flaw in the plan.
    The only money the stupid have is yours …. redistributed.

  233. Pedro the Ignorant says:

    Question: how come every QandA audience is almost wall-to-wall with people who look like they’ve only been out of high school a couple of years?

    -from dd.

    Because all the adults are at home watching Q&A on their 60 inch flatscreens, dining on gourmet snacks and imbibing fine reds whilst pointing, laughing and mocking these earnest little progs and plotting vengeance on the stenographers masquerading as ABC “reporters”. D-Day is 8 September and there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth at Ultimo and all points West.

  234. Carpe Jugulum says:

    I would have loved to see Woine in this debate…

    Arnost – you want to see a grown man in the foetal position sucking his thumb?

  235. Motelier says:

    bowen talking about the future

    hmmmmmmmmm what about now?

  236. Motelier says:


    Stop that….you owe me a new keyboard

  237. Uh oh says:

    Good question from the wheelchair lad. How the hell are we going to pay for a NDIS?

  238. Motelier says:

    Hockey on trust…..there is nothing to question here

    Bowen….tries to be funny…..

  239. Motelier says:

    and it is the rioigth thing to do

    I hate that saying

  240. Jarrod says:

    Alright… Joe is killing it. Joe for PM…. Sounds familiar.

  241. Motelier says:

    Snowcone asks….where is the money coming from


  242. nilk, Iron Bogan says:

    Bowen: because we’re a compassionate nation, we’ll raise taxes to pay for the NDIS.

    [of course, when most babies thought to be disables are aborted, it won’t cost near as much as anticipated over the next couple of generations, I guess]

  243. calli says:

    Bowen’s big on the right thing to do…why don’t you do the right thing then, young Christopher…slink away in shame.

  244. Tracey says:

    To my shame, I used to feel slightly sorry for Bowen. I thought he was just the poor downtrodden bastard picked to stand up and apologise for TLS’s Centrelink Seekers debacle. Now I really, badly, want to see him get smashed out of his seat at the election.

  245. Leo G says:

    Bowen will fund the NDIS entirely through borrowings?

  246. Docket62 says:

    Snowcone ask a hard question…”how ARE you going to pay for the NDIS?”
    Bowen…. We’ve paid for all we are going to pay for and future gumments will have to pay for it in the future.

  247. Carpe Jugulum (don't call me sven) HenchCritter says:

    Bowen thinks the increase in medicare levy will pay for ndis – i say bollocks to that.

    Bullsh1t tombola sits at 42

  248. dd says:

    What? The NDIS costs 50 billion dollars a year? That’s $750 per Austrralian resident, per year! Holy mackeral. Ballpark that’s gotta be at least a thousand dollars per taxpayer.
    Does disability really cost that much? Seriously?

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