Real community development in western Sydney

Check out Panthers on the Prowl and especially their big project this year the Kokoda Leadership Project.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, one where you get to experience being a part of a small team selected to complete a nine day trek over the legendary “Kokoda Trail” in Papua New Guinea with Phil Gould, Ivan Cleary and Charlie Lynn (MLC), from 12th to 20th October, 2013

The Kokoda Leadership Project is aimed at raising public awareness of the Prowl programs through media coverage of the event and to raise much needed funds to support the Panthers on the Prowl Community Development Foundation, which has been enhancing life skills and opportunities for disengaged youth in the local area for the last ten years.

One student from seven different high schools is being chosen to accompany the trekking group, each individual forming an alliance with their corporate sponsors, with an understanding that they will be available to speak in company board rooms etc. of their unique experiences and the difference it has made to them as a token of their appreciation.

To sit around camp fires at night listening to how Ivan Cleary extracts the qualities required from his playing group to play and compete at the highest level or transfer knowledge with one of the most revered sports administrators in the country, Warren Wilson, who may also be in the group. Have access to Phil Gould’s insights, almost 24/7 for a week.

Our trek leader, Charlie Lynn (MLC), has over 20 years experience leading groups over the trail and is somewhat of a legend in the PNG highlands. Charlie has a boundless knowledge of the historical, military significance of “Kokoda” and the importance of the various battles fought along the trail during WW2. His narratives will bring the whole campaign to life again.

Check out all the other local activities on their agenda. For a long time I thought that major football clubs were ideally situated for community development, especially in the 1990s or whenever it was that many of the players became fulltime employees with time on their hands. It took the clubs a long time to work out what to do about that situation, a lot of hyperactive young men with more money than sense and too much spare time. Go Panthers (in this venture anyway)!

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3 Responses to Real community development in western Sydney

  1. Robbo says:

    Is Kokoda Kev, the hero from Afghanistan, going to be involved?

  2. stackja says:

    Thanks to Phil Gould.

  3. Rafe says:

    That was the guy who looked like a Beatle when he played with the mighty Bluebags in 1981.

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