Very clever

Rafe linked to this in the Music Maestro thread, but it deserves wide exposure.

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  1. Johno says:

    Queen meets Big Bang Theory. It just doesn’t get much better.

  2. stackja says:

    Space does matter!

  3. Bons says:

    Tim Flannery could have done a much better job of this.

  4. dd says:

    It was entertaining for the first 90 seconds, but then I decided that 8 minutes of it would just be too much.
    (so I wrote this comment instead).

  5. Samuel J says:

    Very good, but second to the Elements by Tom Lehrer.

  6. Robert Blair says:

    String theory is used as tool to push some really bizarre ideas, which can (conveniently) never be tested.

    Read Lubos Motl’s comments (they are fairly in-depth …)

  7. dd says:

    String theory is used as tool to push some really bizarre ideas, which can (conveniently) never be tested.

    Theoretical physicists have increasingly moved away from science and into mathematical games. The discipline is accorded a great deal of respect not because its current work but because of its achievements in the first half of the twentieth century – by a cohort of brilliant minds that are all long gone.

  8. tbh says:

    Queen meets Big Bang Theory. It just doesn’t get much better.

    Agreed. This is a great acapella Queen cover too

  9. lem says:

    Thank God Swan and Wong didn’t get their hands on this!

    Any way you quantissseeeeeee…….

  10. Samuel J says:

    Watch Boris Johnson recite the Iliad in ancient Greek see here from 55:36.

  11. Rafe says:

    Thanks Sinc!

    dd, I think it was good for about 4 to 5 mins!

  12. Papachango says:

    all this string theory stuff it a bit highbrow for me.. I prefer this version… it’s got Beaker in it so it must be scientific…

  13. Samuel J says:

    Is there a Craig Emerson version?

  14. Token says:

    Wouldn’t that be sweet, offkey and out of time.

  15. dd says:

    It would be a Horror Movie.

  16. Gab says:

    ka-boom tish.

  17. Nic says:

    I should send it to Dr. Brian May, I think he’d like this somehow.

  18. J.H. says:

    String theory…. Just Mathematicians playing numerology with patterns….. They are not interested in physical validation. It is irrelevant to them. Therefor it is not science.

    You don’t need string theory if plasma physics are taken into account when explaining force interactions in a plasma. Your conclusions of course will be electrical in nature.

    An area that is an anode in a plasma will look like a “Gravity well” for those who cannot see the electrical component of the physical reality. The cathode will appear as a “bowshock” or “heliosphere” surrounding the “gravity well” or anode….. But as we have now found out with Voyager 1, the heliopause has no “bow shock” there is not “deflection” of outgoing solar particles…. Instead they drop to Zero and form a double layer as one would expect an electrically charged plasma to behave. It was called “plasma” because of that very cellular behaviour.

    anyway that’s my ten cents worth on mathematical modelling versus observation and physical reality. 😉

  19. . says:

    Gravity as a particle? Hogwash.

  20. J.H. says:

    Agreed dot.

  21. Nato says:

    This post destroyed my weekend, but as I tried to look things up I noticed:
    When a previous Rafe’s RoundUp has linked to Popper’s introductory series, the If You Cannot Criticize, You Have Not Understood angle from the first lecture brings a smirk from the very first sentence of the dude’s thesis, where he thanks Alex Mahoney for patiently explaining “the obvious”.
    It’s possible to make a superfun Wikipedia entry about physics … wit none maffs
    And that particle physics, wherever your taste lies, is a debate along the lines of evolution/intelligent design. Reproduce the experiment!! FFS, the last link from Rafe’s RoundUp about philosophers linking concepts was ringing in my mind the whole time I was trying to process it all.
    Bijection is not having your amorous advances spurned by both genders.
    IN the postscript to the third volume of his autobiography, Bertrand Russell said that “if communities are unhappy, it is often because they have ignorances, habits, beliefs, and passions, which are dearer to them than happiness” V Cool.
    The 1972 Hot Butter cover of popcorn did such good things for the soul of the song as the Unique II cover of Break My Stride, and that pop tracks can always be improved by a Swedish chef muppet.
    All that came to me from a post and comments thread about some Canandian youtubist.
    Thank you, Mr Davidson, for the special post. It baked my noodle, but what a way to spend the weekend! It was well worth the perturbation, now to renormalize. haha. physics puns are manifold.

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