Grand Final Special: Classical Liberals to win

The classical liberals have got the team to go all the way this century.

Popper and the Austrians control the stoppages! And the midfield.

The lineup.

Forwards: Bohm-Bawerk, Menger, Schumpater
Half forwards: J S Mill, Hayek, Blainey
Centre: Bastiat, von Mises, Burke
Halfbacks: Bauer, Thatcher, Hutt
Backs: Hume, Smith, Locke
Followers: Popper, Friedman, Hazlitt

Reserves: Kates, Davidson, Ergas, Sloan. Sub: Gary Ablett (senior)
Colour: Red and Blue, Coach: Norm Smith, Assistant Coach: Ron Barrassi, Whiteboard Carrier for coaches: Rafe Champion

Blainey he gets a gig as a historian and a specialist half forward flanker.
Thatcher selected in case the opposition try to bring back the biff.

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18 Responses to Grand Final Special: Classical Liberals to win

  1. JJP says:

    Three talls in the forward line? Are you mad?

    Friedman would be incredible on ball though.

  2. Bruce says:

    On the other side all positions are filled by J.M. Keynes, who has been a very popular pick for every position ever since he was first cloned by Paul Volcker.

    Also favouring selection of Keynes is his low transfer fee due to continuous over-stimulus of the cloning machine, plus poor demand from that side who are perennially short of money.

  3. C.L. says:

    Where’s the Popp, Rafe?!

  4. Tel says:

    Interesting that a lot of Austrian economists don’t much like Popper because they don’t see empricism as fruitful in economics. It’s a fair cop really, you can’t run a macroeconomic control experiment to compare with your policy intervention so the empirical answer to all macroeconomic questions is “no idea”.

  5. Jack Lacton says:

    You forgot Les Murray to write the words to the team song.

  6. Bruce says:

    Jack – Thanks for a great excuse to fire this up once more. If Austrians ever had a theme song it’d be one by TISM.

    Since its grand final day enjoy this one too.

  7. Token says:

    Schumpeter in the forward pocket is the correct place. A creative but flakey type with the ability to cut through and score. Bohm-Bawerk is more of a back pocket player to me.

    I like JS Mill on the HB Line instead of at HF. With the modern game redefining of that position he will be able to break open the game with one of his penetrating runs.

    Hayek should be Centre Half Back where he can control the game and Friedman is the natural Centre Half Forward where he communication skills can mix with his ability to get and score with each possession. Don’t waste him at a full back.

  8. Token says:

    Whoops, I see Friedman is doing the ruck work. True he has a track record of always presenting and getting in a position to shape the movement of the argument.

  9. eb says:

    Thomas Sowell would be a good rebounding half-back flanker.

    Friedman would be like Hadyn Ballantyne I would imagine.

  10. . says:

    Dennis Commetti gold:

    Pretty much why we still teach Keynes, IMO.

  11. Tom says:

    I see Maggie T as more Buddy Franklin than Ryan Crowley — no biff required. Look at the scoreboard, sucker!

    In fact, it is with a heavy heart today that I am barracking for the side with the worst supporters in the ALPFL to roll back the black heart of Ross Lyon’s unwatchable brand of football.

  12. . says:

    Dennis gets self referential in this Carlton-Collingwood clash

  13. stackja says:

    McPharlin on Gunston. Norman?

  14. stackja says:

    Freo kicks 2 behinds!

  15. Tom says:

    Classic liberalism marvellously in the ascendancy at the MCG!

  16. John of Vic says:

    JS Mill? No way. He goes to water under pressure and has frequent meltdowns. Has other allegiances too; too much of a utility player and not polished enough in any particular skill. Shouldn’t be in the squad. Ablett (senior) straight in; he plays inspired football. Locke should be roving, not wasted in a back pocket. Popper in the back pocket would not let up on the opposition resting rovers.

  17. Token says:

    What was Ablett Senior’s view on fiat currency & whether value arises from labour?

  18. Faust says:

    Burke? He wasn’t a classical liberal but a old school Whig. Thatcher used to promote how much extra she spent on the NHS. Maybe you should rethink some of these selections.

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