Christmas Countdown 20

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23 Responses to Christmas Countdown 20

  1. Cold-Hands

    The horror… the horror!

    Celine Dion? No!!!

  2. Token

    Separated at Birth:

    Check out that still of Celine under Tim Wilsons picture on the banner. Celine did get a chin where as Tom missed out.

  3. .

    Tim does deserve more resolution.

    I’m seen him on TV and he didn’t look like he represented the libertarians from Minecraft.

  4. Baldrick

    Well you may as well go for broke now.
    If we have to endure Celine Dion, then Mariah Carey is surely next!

  5. JohnA

    A cynical John Lennon, making a leap of faith (see the writings of Francis A Schaeffer), writing pious empty hopes of an end to war, but ignoring the Prince of Peace…

  6. Baldrick

    Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi and …. Morgan Freeman!!!!

  7. Rabz

    If we have to endure Celine Dion, then Mariah Carey is surely next!



  8. Mk50 of Brisbane, Henchman to the VRWC


    It’s a nice if schmaltzy carol and this singer has a substantial and well trained voice. She’s no oil painting, but so what? Does she have a rep for ultra-nastiness or being a commie or something?

    I don’t understand the negadivvidy.

  9. Token

    Does she have a rep for ultra-nastiness or being a commie or something?

    Ultra-nastiness which only Mariah Carey is heard to better.

    Her songs sound lovely, but all are schmolzy & saccharine in the 1970s dinner dance way.

  10. entropy

    I think all I want for Christmas is youIs the Mariah Carey signature tune. Adorable in its cuteness.

  11. Rabz

    mk50 – that woman is excruciating to listen to. Monstrous MOR filth.

    She’s no Lana Del Rey, put it that way – a woman who’s both talented and beautiful.

  12. lotocoti

    If we have to endure Celine Dion, then Mariah Carey is surely next!

    Even Ann-Margaret and Oliver Reed would be better less worse.

  13. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.

    That bodice doesn’t flatter her at all.

  14. Kingsley

    It would be better if the Prof did make flattering bodices the criteria for selecting these singers.

  15. Dan

    The problems are basically Shrieking and screaming Mugging on stage and monstrous self-indulgence
    Very funny article on Uncylopedia though if you have time to check it out

  16. Sinclair Davidson

    Apparently she has done a cover of ACDCs you shook me all night long.

  17. Infidel Tiger

    If you consider the music Canada has given the world it’s amazing they haven’t been nuked.

  18. Gab

    Aww, come now, IT, Barenaked Ladies is a fab band.

  19. Pickles

    A little over 30 years ago I had what would now be called a gap year in Canada. Saskatchewan to be a bit precise. When the snow melted I spent months going back and forth in a John Deere 8630. When the snow returned I spent months sitting in the cab of an idling Western Star with the heater on (being circled by hungry timber wolves) waiting for hours for the heavy crude oil to fill the tanker. Unfortunately, the only radio I could get in them there parts was 630 CHED (630 CRUD we used to call it). They had about 3 more records than Radio Goodies (a walk in the black forest). Curse you IT for reminding me of that shit Canadian music…

    Especially this.

  20. Dan

    Sinc its on youtube and is appropriately hilarious. The best part is the air guitar, as someone commented (the first sane comment I have read on Youtube) “Does she know how a guitar works?”

  21. Token

    I think it was Bryan Adams that IT was looking to provide an exclusion to

  22. Pickles

    There was an FM Radio yarn in about 85 where the members of a share house in Sudney went away for the weekend and left Bryan Adams Waking up The Neighbours on repeat on the just invented CD player. Only just loud enough to be heard by the Neighbours during the day but in the dead of night it could be heard on the outskirts of Dubbo. Three days and nights before someone rang the cops and another day and night till they worked out if they had the power to break in (it turned out no doors were locked) and turn the fucking thing off. That people would allow themselves to be tortured to that extent without rising up amazed me.

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