100 times – pull the other one, Al

Let’s face it, Al Gore’s reputation could really go no lower, but he is still trying evidently.

On what possible basis could he make the assertion that extreme weather events are 100 times more common than 50 years ago? Give us a break.  Even the latest IPCC report is quite equivocal about the supposed impact of climate change on extreme weather events.

I also recall that there have been fewer cyclones in the US in the past decade than in the previous decade – something of an inconvenient truth for big Al.  I also read somewhere that Al’s climate change outfit laid off most of its staff last year – some tipping point.

Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, 22 January 2014 – Al Gore, Vice-President of the United States (1993-2001) and climate change activist, told participants at the 44th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos that he believed political momentum was building towards action on climate change.
“We’re getting closer to a political tipping point,” Gore said. “These extreme weather events, which are now 100 times more common than 50 years ago, are really capturing people’s attention.”

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30 Responses to 100 times – pull the other one, Al

  1. Anne says:

    Gore said. “These extreme weather events, which are now 100 times more commonREPORTED than 50 years ago…”

    Fixed your typo Judith. 🙂

  2. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Well tropical storms, tornadoes and drought in the US have been trending down for as long as we have data.

    The US hasn’t been hit by a cat 3 hurricane for over 8 years, a record which has completely smashed the previous record.

    Accumulated cyclone energy worldwide is down.

    There is no trend upwards in normalised insurance losses due to climatic events.

    If this is what global warming causes I want more of it.

  3. stackja says:

    Former vice president Al Gore had a net worth of about $1.7 million at the turn of the century and 13 years later, his wealth has grown to more than $200 million.
    Driving Gore’s massive increase in wealth is the sale of Current TV network, which earned him about $70 million in January, according to a detailed account of Gore’s wealth as reported by Bloomberg News.
    Two weeks after the sale of Current, Gore added another quick $30 million to his bank account when he decided to exercise a percentage of his stock options in Apple.
    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2320452/Al-Gore-Romney-Rich-grew-net-worth-200m-decade.html#ixzz2rNAWsClA
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  4. Notafan says:

    He has as much credibility as if he had said one million times.

  5. Rabz says:

    “We’re getting closer to a political tipping point”

    Yes, but not as he envisions it. We’ve reached that point in this country already.

    How’s the search for the elusive ManBearPig coming along, by the way, Al?

  6. H B Bear says:

    America’s Flim Flan man.

  7. Baldrick says:

    Al Gore at Davos … well that’s just dumbed-down the whole shebang, not that it had much going for it in the first place!

  8. candy says:

    What does “getting closer to a political tipping point” mean anyway .

  9. nonmus says:

    Ha ha!

    How’s the search for the elusive ManBearPig coming along, by the way, Al?

    It’s impossible to take Al Gore “cereal”, surely? The real question is, for how much longer is he going to be given a platform where anyone with intelligence takes his prognostications seriously? Painful as it’s been, I’m sure we will all look back and laugh, someday.

  10. Mick Gold Coast QLD says:

    Nah, Fat Al has been mis-spoked.

    He actually murmured to himself, in a distracted manner:

    “We’re getting closer to a personal tipping point … 99, 100 change hands.”

  11. Leigh Lowe says:

    Poor Al.
    Sums aren’t his strong suit, are they?
    Was he “educated” in the Queensland public system?

  12. HK_Brother says:

    The more desperate a Leftie becomes, the more outlandish BS they sprout.

    …The good news is that it separates them from public support even more!
    (As the public begins to realise the Leftie is a nut-job that should be ignored…Just have that mental image of a parent standing infront of their children to protect them.)

    We saw this last year with Gillard and her political cult “Women for Gillard”.

    We see it today with Al Gore. Stick a fork in Gore. He is done…Just like the rest of the Global Warming Movement. The game is up. Funding is being cut, Euro nations are switching to coal-fired, renewable targets are being dumped, etc.

    By the way, does anyone know if “Turney’s Turkey Tours of Antarctica” will be pursued for the money they cost us in rescuing their worthless hides?

  13. jupes says:

    ABC response options:

    A: Report Gore’s speech uncritically because he is the guru,

    B: Ignore it completely because he has knitted the kangaroo with this one, or

    C: Get the $10 mil Fact Check Unit onto it.

    I reckon B. Even the fundamentalist warmists at the ABC cannot back this bullshit up.

  14. Mk50 of Brisbane, Henchman to the VRWC says:

    remember how the lefties bowed and scraped before this bloated brainless spiv?

    And now he’s to trying the squeeze the last few bucks from the true believers.


  15. Iain Rae says:

    Interesting theory, we had about four cyclones around Australia in 1914. So according to Al we are going to get 400 this year? Better get in my bunker?

  16. Johno says:

    When you are a good thing, stick to it.

    There are still enough brain dead lefties prepared to pay good money to believe his crap. If I was him, I would keep pumping it out. It’s not like he has any integrity worry about about. Let’s dace it, he accepted his Noble Peace prize.

  17. Dan says:

    Al Gore let his wife run his agenda and tried to close down the music industry by disagreeing with the right to free speech.

    The bloke does not have a functioning brain cell. He thought that if he could hang on long enough while Bill was getting impeached for getting a Hail to the Chief blowjob, he would become president. He never accustomed the the fact he got consigned to mediocrity like Dan Potatoe Quayle.

  18. Leo G says:

    Weather events are everyday occurrences. An extreme weather event of a particular class would be one that is expected to occur less frequently than a certain percentile rate- according to some empirical rule such as the 2- sigma.
    Suggesting that such percentile extremes could occur more frequently in the future is akin to suggesting that in future we will be continually redefining the meaning of ‘percentile’.

  19. Cold-Hands says:

    I referred Gore’s statement to the ABC Fact Check unit but I expect to hear this in response.

  20. gabrianga says:

    Branson, Huffington, Bono and now Gore….poor little Lu Kewen must be seething that he didn’t quite make it.

  21. manalive says:

    Yeah but also thinks that the temperature of the Earth’s core is “several million degrees” i.e. hotter than the surface of the Sun (it’s actually 6000C).

  22. Richard says:

    The guy seems to think that nobody has access to information. Perhaps that was the model of the internet “that he invented”, but the one we use is different. I suppose he could be preaching to the converted and trying to extract more money from them.

    Darryl Kerrigan understood him …

  23. Balatro says:

    Pfft. All your comments are nothing to Big Al. He is unassailable in his cloak of righteous planet saving. The greatest of all the True Deceivers.

  24. CatAttack says:

    Al Gore is the very reason why I and millions of others became climate skeptics. His over the top irrational frothing at the mouth hyperbole raised my hackles and sent my BS meter into melt down. Thanks Al. The tactics of exaggeration and alarmism used by groups like Grim Peace and the Weather Council has worn thin. Every time I hear the ABC imploringly ask yet another expert whether the latest daily weather event is due to Climate Change I just want to scream. Please can we return days where discussion of the weather extended to no more than an exclamation of the bleeding obvious followed by an acknowledgement of same. It’s hot. Yep!

  25. nerblnob says:

    knitted the kangaroo

    Good one!

  26. cohenite says:

    People forget that Gore’s film, An Inconvenient Truth, which listed the main effects of AGW, was subject to a British High Court case in which Justice Burton found that every one of the ostensible consequences of AGW listed by Gore were either exaggerated or non-existent.

    Gore is a liar and a bastard.

    In the specific context of extreme weather I would say the IPCC is UNEQUIVOCAL about there being no connection with AGW; see Watts for a nice analysis, noting the link to the Nature summary. Really the IPCC had no choice since extreme weather indicators are falling across the board.

    Note also that such pro-AGW luminaries as Muller regard a LACK of extreme weather as PROOF of AGW.

    You couldn’t make this shit up; anyone who believes in AGW is a complete and utter fuckwit. The fact that many intelligent people support it tells me that in some people their emotions and ego are simply stronger than their intelligence and whatever intelligence they have is perverted into justifying their beliefs instead of seeking objective truths.

  27. Pete of Perth says:

    This arvo I was enjoying the aircon at the Booragoon shops when I walked by a Thermogeddon Altar whose religious practitioners where asking for donations. Location near the food hall. At one end of the altar was several copies of Climate Code Red which I assume could be purchased with filthy lucre.
    Not many heathens in the crowded shopping center seemed interested in salvation.

    I kept walking – no doubt to the fires of hell.

  28. JohnA says:

    “We’re getting closer to a political tipping point,” Gore said.

    Yes, time to tip him out and dispense with his activist style of politics.

    [Wooster] Jeeves, I need an atlas marking the location of Dragons.
    [Jeeves] Indeed, sir? In the nature of “Here be Dragons”, sir?
    [Wooster] Yes, Jeeves, I wish to leave someone in their vicinity. Someone who’s continued presence on this planet has become rather a bore.
    [Jeeves] Ah, of course, sir. I have taken the liberty of arranging for Mr. Gore to travel there with Messrs Thos. Cook & sons, travel agents extraordinaire, sir.
    [Wooster] At his own expense, I trust?
    [Jeeves] Of course, sir. We endeavour to give satisfaction, sir.
    [Wooster] Well done, Jeeves!
    [Jeeves] Thank you, sir.

  29. Leigh Lowe says:


    Very nice.
    May I use that?

  30. egg_ says:


    Excellent – could equally apply to hot or cold.

    But why single out the temperature metric – perhaps we have a humidity/wind/barometric pressure excess/deficit Climageddon imminent, has a tard modelled that yet?

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