Monday Forum: April 28, 2014

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  1. Token

    I get what people are talking about the amazing abuse of privacy the Stirling matter is, but to be honest, I am sick of the crony capitalists and the left free riding off those of us who do all the fighting for their freedoms while they act in such crass & offensive ways while cashing in.

    I do hope the centre right leave that nasty piece of work to fight his own fight.

  2. Dave Wane

    My very simple point was to show how the market (human or business) will always triumph and produce far better outcomes than the unnecessary over-regulation by pathetic taxpayer-funded bureaucracies known variously as anti-discrimination or human rights commissions. Prior to Whitlam, all Australians got on fine. Whether full aboriginal, part-aboriginal or from some distant land, it all worked out. I am convinced all these crazy “anti” laws cause far more problems than they will ever solve. I say all states and territories and the federal government should abolish all these expensive, interventionist and totally unnecessary bodies.

  3. Gab

    Just testing. No need to release from spam.

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