Don’t worry, I won’t let anybody tell me

It’s not even that she is so stupefyingly ignorant that is so remarkable but that it is apparently a winner for her to say it. This is the story of the video above and the title of the post it comes from exactly restates what the next Democrat to run for president intends to argue: ‘DON’T LET ANYBODY TELL YOU’ THAT ‘BUSINESSES CREATE JOBS’.

There may be some way for an interpretation of the most destructive piece of arithmetic in history – Y=C+I+G – to enter more vacuous territory, but it’s hard to see how. For her, her husband apparently and all too many on her side of the fence, it is government spending, not productive businesses, that causes economies to grow and individuals to be employed. (To understand why I mention arithmetic you need to go to the video.)

You think the American economy will recover? With people as out of it as she is at the helm, the US economy will never recover, not ever. And if we give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she actually knows better but her supporters do not, what comfort is there in that? Personally though, I think she is saying what she believes. What then for living standards a decade from now?

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  1. Sounds like a case of ‘In vino veritias’

  2. Fisky

    This sort of statement would have disqualified any Democrat from running for office 10 years ago, but it seems the demographics have changed and now you can win elections there by saying (ludicrously) that private businesses don’t create jobs.

    How do libertarians feel about this? Are they cool with a Presidential candidate claiming that business doesn’t create jobs, and if they try to inflate the electorate with 10 million illegals to reinforce a political party that does not believe in private enterprise, what will libertarians say?

  3. Notafan

    So government spending causes businesses to grow and create jobs?

  4. Yohan

    The demographics in the US have changed. Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton got elected on centrist conservative platforms (and they were both from the south). That was the only way a leftist government could get elected in an earlier time.

    But now the US progressive left has built their unstoppable voting demographic. So with Obama, Hillary and Elizabeth Warren, you see the worst sort of unhinged university Marxist politics has come to the fore because they have no real opponent.

    A similar sort of thing was tried by Gillard and Plibersek here in oz (importing uni Marxist politics into the broader discussion). At least we still have a right wing voting demographic that can be rallied to defeat them, but Abbott is doing his best to destroy this voting block with his wanting to be loved by all pandering that makes everyone hate him.

  5. Blogstrop

    As far out as this is, the demise of the USA was my fear when Obama was elected once. When he was elected again, it confirmed the diagnosis. It’ll take something more drastic than a mid-term election, already under a cloud over vote rigging, to pull them out of a political spiral downwards with media engines still on full Left thrust.

  6. Robert O

    If productive businesses do not create wealth then where does the money come from to pay for all the overhead and social expenses of governments? Here in the Rudd/Gillard years it was borrowed from overseas and has to be paid for by us or our children. Money does not grow on trees, it has to be earned somewhere by someone so it can be spent by others, but many people, particularly of a socialist persuasion, think otherwise. However, the less restriction on business in the form of red and green tape means that they can be more productive and there is a bigger cake for all. Take a simple case of an exporter for example; to export anything you require a export permit, if it is an agricultural commodity there are quarantine permits as well. Are they necessary? The quarantine protocols probably are, but it is not in a producers interest to export sub standard produce, and the rest is paperwork cost and time for the exporter. To import anything it’s the same.

  7. Notafan

    That comment ought to be good for the republicans, up there with ‘you didn’t build that’. It doesn’t make sense on its face.
    There is Hilary looking like she is wearing a version of the housecoat of a 1960s housefrau, lacking only ciggie and curlers to complete the ensemble.
    Between her and Warren the democrats are looking decidedly nutty, perhaps they could organise a debate?

  8. feelthebern

    Hillary will be the next president.
    I think we’ll see republicans take the senate in a week or so & increase their majority in the house.
    Then it will be two years of Obama saying “the republicans won’t let me pass anything” & “I’ll veto” any time some thing controversial is passed.

    Then, like 2008, the celebrity of Hillary will get her elected in 2016 & I’m resigned to democrats taking the house & the senate on her coat tails.

    It’s a sad state of affairs when free stuff wins you elections.

  9. john constantine

    You import a herd of vote people from overseas, you borrow the money from overseas to pay for voteherds to manage/supply/support the vote people and fill out their postal votes for them, this creates jobs for socialist politicians to vote to increase the importation rates of vote people and to increase the debt ceiling for money borrowed from overseas to fund the social justice of it all.

    Jobs for socialist politicians, and borrowed money flowing through into areas of the economy controlled by tammany hall crony socialists are the only things that career socialists have the power to imagine.

    “just get rid of money” is the line used by ingenue social justice human rights lawyers fresh out of university that i have to encounter over meal tables.
    “just get rid of money, and everyone will work for the government, doing the right thing, instead of exploiting other human beings.”

    Seriously,getting rid of all the money is a genuine driving force motivating these people.

  10. Tom

    Woops. My bad. Posted this on the OT.

  11. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.


    Made my day already, John C.

  12. Zippy The Younger

    How about “get the government’s slimy greedy hand out of my fucking wallet economics” does the little communist hillary understand that one?

    She is a 60s flower power anti-establishment child now running the establishment.

    She represents a bunch of cretinistas living in lala land.

  13. Alfonso

    A RINO Pres won’t help a bit, they represent the cheap gardener/maid lobby and common ground with the Dems on bailouts.
    QE is the only acceptable tool in the comrade box, the quicker the US$ is destroyed the faster the teachable moment arrives. Alas, there is now no inter generational memory …. so teachable moments have no point..

  14. So another civil war, against socialist tyranny this time, is slightly more likely?

  15. outsider

    Just as Carrie Mathison is CIA, this dill is EL. I know which one I prefer as POTUS. The real question here is, once off stage, did she share a loud laugh with her helpers about what she said..and got away with, or..does she (and do they) believe it! It’s as near as we can get to the docs who ask the concussed footballers: ‘what is your name, where are you?’

  16. Token

    Hillary blew the unloseable 2008 but stupid statements and reckless posturing. Seems like she’s going to do it again.

    We know Blue states are locked.

    How do all those senate candidates facing reelection in a few days in Purple and Red states feel?

  17. Fred Lenin.

    I totally agree with comrade Clinton,take all productive industry into the capable hands of the leftists these uni educated people have plenty of time to fix the economy ,as the migrant voters cook ,garden ,wash their clothes and clean their houses ,and vote for them too! Follow the example of the Glorious Socialist Countries ,Forward Comrades into the 2020 s . (Now where have I heard tht before?) With the Beloved Comrade Clinton of course.

  18. feelthebern

    Token, given that the growth in republican fund raising has out stripped democrat fund raising, I think the DNC know this ones done.
    As in the upcoming mid terms.
    It’s all about building a narrative for Hillary in 2016.
    Hillary will seem so conservative when it comes to Elizabeth warren.
    That will be enough to get her into the big chair.

  19. Tel

    If productive businesses do not create wealth then where does the money come from to pay for all the overhead and social expenses of governments?

    Money comes from a bank, silly. Haven’t you ever used an ATM?

    Anyway, government has to print more money so we can have net savings. You don’t want to deprive people of their opportunity to save nets do you?

  20. feelthebern

    That said, Geb bush has been speaking across the U.S. to Latino voters & wheeling out his Latino family.
    When Hillary was laughing about getting child molesterers off charges, Jeb was in Mexico teaching at poverty stricken schools.

    Geb really should be parachuted into the U.S. senate.
    The democrats milked teddy Kennedy for years as the elder statesmens, “honest broker” figure…ffs they are a disgrace.
    The republicans really need that kind of figure with Coast to Coast appeal.

  21. Shauno

    Its been obvious for a going on two decades now but we have entered the age of the stupid and its not going to end well.

  22. Token

    Hillary will seem so conservative when it comes to Elizabeth warren.
    That will be enough to get her into the big chair.

    I was listening yesterday to Rick Wilson yesterday describe how the talented & competent administrator in charge of Florida with limited charisma takes on Crist, a man with a dreadful record & has gone over to the D’rats to get power at any cost.

    In this race charisma is trumping competence & one mustn’t think that the same will not happen in ’16.

    The D’rats have opened the Pandora’s box full of hate, envy & race baiting. As Bill learned in ’08 in South Caroline, it can & will be used against the white elites who run the party as well.

  23. Token

    Geb really should be parachuted into the U.S. senate.

    The obvious choice next election that doesn’t include Robio.

  24. feelthebern

    Elizabeth warren has picked too many fights too early.
    Obama in 08 was publicly very critical of Wall Street, but privately was very soothing.
    Wall Street donations to Obama were huge – more than they gave Romney.
    I suppose part of that is Wall Street likes to back winners.

    Warren has been publicly hostile to Wall Street & privately even more so.
    She also has been brutal towards Silicon Valley.
    Without those bookends of funding, she has zero chance.

    She doesn’t realise it yet, but elizabeth warren is only there now to make Hillary look conservative so all the blue dog democrats & republican lite voters will convince themselves “oh I had to vote for Hillary, otherwise that nut job warren would have been elected”.

  25. hobbyhorse

    Hmmm, seems to be much confusion regarding the term “job creation”. Here’s a piece that just might clarify things:

  26. Rabz


    Her or Fauxcahontas Warren – who I actually think is more of a chance than Clinton.

    The US is finished, anyway, it was nice while it lasted.

  27. Rabz

    We shall see, ftb. Remember, that imbecile obama was not only selected on the barest of resumes, but was also elected. Twice.

  28. feelthebern

    If Scott brown wins a senate seat in New Hampshire during these mid terms, I would have money on him being the VP nominee in 2016.
    He’s the vp from central casting.

  29. Token

    News out of the US is voters in non Blue states are tiring over the distraction that is the faux war on women as they see their institutions shattered and infrastructure run down.

    The story of Biden’s son being kicked out of the navy reserve will effect some people…

    The story doesn’t explore all the irregularities implicit in it. The discharge, for example, occurred this past February, eight months ago. How was the news suppressed for so long, until “people familiar with the matter” (in the words of the Journal’s reporters) let the coke out of the bag, so to speak? The suppression of the news represents a story by itself.

    Then we have Biden’s lack of qualification for the treatment he received all along the way. The Naval Reserve must not feel too good about itself, or about the uncomfortable position in which it was put by the son of the Vice President. The authorities up the chain of the Naval Reserve are “familiar with the matter” and know how to reach out and touch someone at the Journal.

  30. Steve

    She may end the same way as Elena Ceau?escu.

  31. Token

    More news in from the front lines if the war on women:

    While giving a get-out-the-vote speech at a Florence, South Carolina political event, Democrat gubernatorial candidate, State Senator Vincent Shaheen, told cheering fans of his opponent, sitting Republican governor Nikki Haley, “We are going to escort whore out the door.” He then seemed to correct himself by exchanging the word “whore” with “her” while sharing knowing smiles and laughs with the Democrat crowd.

    It’s okay as Nikki Hale is conservative so the Palin exemption exists.

  32. Robbo

    Hillary Clinton has always been a mad leftie so the voters in the US have to know exactly what they will get if they vote for her. Just imagine this weirdo in the White House being supported in the Congress by loonies like Nancy Pelosi. Putin and all the other world leaders who dislike the USA will be having a big laugh as they watch the US economy being flushed even further down the dunny, not to mention the foreign policy of the US going down there as well. There are far too many people in the USA who think that their government owes them a handout and who don’t give a rats arse about anything that is going on outside their neighbourhood. Is the USA well and truly stuffed? You can bet your backside it is well on the way to the scrap heap.

  33. Does not surprise me that its another Politician saying this ignorant propaganda! This idea is spreading like a virus the idea that Gov creates jobs when they themselves cannot even balance the country’s debt. What do they know about Economics anyway?

    Its people like her who makes me fear what the future will hold for this country!

    Great post!

  34. wozzup

    We suffer the same problem in South Australia.

    According to Weatherill and his cronies (the leftist Premier who got the job when Labor’s Right ran out of talent – which is not saying much) who are cut from the same cloth as that idiot Clinton, the way to increase employment in this state is to tax jobs (e.g. payroll tax), tax households (e..g. arbitrarily high government owned utility charges, an incredibly high poll tax [although named something else] plus various other similarly high charges), impose high and confusing levels of regulation together with excessively high regulatory charges (e.g. ridiculously high renewable energy targets that penalize both business and households) and then to top all that up with government borrowings we cannot afford (especially now that the states credit rating has again fallen).

    The next step in this wonderfully complete litany of leftist ass about face thinking is to spend the resulting ill gotten gains and plunder on infrastructure that is not an especially high priority and mostly cannot afford (cranes on the skyline are loved by labor governments as they signify the employment of union labor) and in addition spend any balance on wasteful government business attraction and job “creation schemes” which create precious few jobs except for the public servants administering them. Oh and that’s the other thing – an excessively large, slow and wasteful public sector with wonderfully tall hierarchies full of ex unionist hacks and party followers and hangers-on (all writing briefs telling the government what it wants to hear about the wisdom of its policies) about completes the picture.

    Seems socialists everywhere are nothing more than ass-hats who suffer from the same disease. When I was at uni, Leftists loved to joke “You will be the first against the wall when the revolution comes”. God how I would love to repay the compliment.

  35. Peter from SA

    That’s one of the most depressing things I’ve heard from a “mainstream” politician in a long time, especially from the US. Socialism is an expensive failure yet is attracting more believers all the time.

  36. vlad

    Money comes from a bank, silly. Haven’t you ever used an ATM?

    Anyway, government has to print more money so we can have net savings.

    I was going to correct you there, Tel, about where money comes from; but reading on to the next line I saw that you knew already.

    Comes from a bank, indeed.

    Everybody knows that money gets printed by the government.

  37. mundi

    She is basically recognising that most people either work for the government, or work for a large corporation that is so heavily regulated, they are effectively an arm of the government anyway. This easily accounts for over 50% of the population. Romney was wrong about the 47%. Its now past 50%. The only way the conservatives will ever get re-elected is if they basically become liberals. Kinda of like Abbott is.

  38. Peter from SA

    We suffer the same problem in South Australia.

    Nice summary of the SA position, Wozzup. If you really listen to Weatherill speak it is scary. He really believes the only way to create jobs* is through massive spending programs, and he believes mass unemployment will result from any spending cuts. It is very depressing. The power of the political class that believes in this is utterly entrenched, partly via the corrupt state electoral commission.

    * the sad thing is, for the handful of short-term jobs created by these projects it is a narrow class of union-affiliated people that can be employed. The huge class of long-term unemployed are excluded.

  39. Robert O

    Tel, you can print more money, but that produces hyper-inflation, and there are examples in the American civil war and Germany in the 1930’s. Money loses its value rapidly.

  40. Ant

    There you go. Bill Clinton brought arithmetic to Washington.

    All 6″ of it, into the Oval Office, on the desk, under it, and all over the sofas.

    Hilary, being an obsessive student of Saul Alinsky, worries only about the ends.

    But not Bill’s end.

  41. JohnA

    Tel #1492475, posted on October 26, 2014 at 8:27 am

    If productive businesses do not create wealth then where does the money come from to pay for all the overhead and social expenses of governments?

    Money comes from a bank, silly. Haven’t you ever used an ATM?

    Anyway, government has to print more money so we can have net savings. You don’t want to deprive people of their opportunity to save nets do you?

    Of course. It takes a lot of nous to realise that nets have more air than cord.

    Reminds me of this Old Testament prophet:
    Haggai 1:6 You have sown much, but harvest little; you eat, but there is not enough to be satisfied; you drink, but there is not enough to become drunk; you put on clothing, but no one is warm enough; and he who earns, earns wages to put into a purse with holes.

  42. entropy

    Total change of subject, because I find the fact zulu ton said this depressing, but

    * the sad thing is, for the handful of short-term jobs created by these projects it is a narrow class of union-affiliated

    Why does SA have an unemployment problem?
    Why On Earth would you live there if you didn’t have a job? Most SA denizens would be quite at home at Byron Bay or Nimbin, and the climate is infinitely better.

  43. Rabz

    Nice summary of the SA position, Wozzup.

    Yes, but he omitted one very salient factor.

    Thanks to that obscene malapportionment, they can’t even vote the bastards out.

  44. Gummints create jobs. Everyone knows that.

    And haven’t the Democrats been doing an excellent job of that in the last eight years.

  45. slackster

    I will be asking for everyone to vote for Hillary of this famous quote:

    “Women have always been the primary victims of war. Women lose their husbands, their fathers, their sons in combat. Women often have to flee from the only homes they have ever known. Women are often the refugees from conflict and sometimes, more frequently in today’s warfare, victims. Women are often left with the responsibility, alone, of raising the children. ”

    Let it all burn – its done

  46. Aussieute

    Ahhh it appears the Democrats have a thing about things like this

    Anyone remember Barry spewing forth diatribe saying … success is not a result of someone working hard or being smart and that if you started your own business, you didn’t build it yourself.?

    If You’ve Got A Business, You Didn’t Build That

  47. Rococo Liberal

    I think Tories have really got to educate people away from this ‘jobs’ nonsense.

    What are these jobs: a load of wank.

    The jobs that our pathetic aussies want (and Americans too no doubt) are soft, cushy numbers that give them the chance to as little as possible as badly as possible whilst complaining about how bad the boss is and dreaming of the weekend.

    It’s not jobs we need, people, but value adding enterprises.

    Too many of our youth are so unimaginative, ill-educated or dense that they have no stomach for anything but a job and will thus go to pieces if they can’t find one. We need to be teaching people that a job is in fact not really much chop in this world. You have to add value.

  48. .

    As I said elsewhere reflecting on Hilary’s comments, i realised the following:

    I have come to the conclusion that an ungovernable nation is better than one where business is impossible.

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