To grube – to tell people you lied to how stupid they were to believe what you said

obama duped the public

It’s one thing to fool the voters since our political elites already think we’re stupid but it is another to fool the media which, whatever the rest of us think of them, they think of themselves as always the smartest people in the room, even when Obama is in the room at the same time. They share the same delusions.

But now with Gruber having let the cat out of the bag, the wounds are festering and even the media is starting to report an issue that has gone viral. They may no longer be acting in unity to hide this issue from the public. This may be the issue that finally breaks the logjam of the hold on the media by the left and not just in the US. It still hasn’t reached the three major networks but perhaps it is only a matter of time. Do people really want to remain in ignorance of so much that affects their lives?

This is from The Chicago Tribune, you know, Barack’s adopted home town: Smug Obama administration duped the public.

Until Gruber’s videos appeared, it was hard to prove the administration actually intended to deceive voters when it rammed through the legislation on straight party-line votes. Perhaps the president was simply making statements he believed to be true but later turned out to be false. That’s not lying. That’s an honest mistake.

The Gruber videos are devastating because they say flatly that the deception was premeditated and was used self-consciously to pass the law. The professor goes further and says the law would have been defeated if its central provisions had been known to voters.

And then there’s Charles Krauthammer, in the Washington Post as always so nothing new there, but this time with a story that really may penetrate the fog of resistance, The Gruber Confession. The article points out that Gruber may by himself sink Obamacare because he has stated on tape the interpretation of the Act that if upheld by the Supreme Court, will mean that Obamacare cannot function. It will sink immediately if it upholds that using the word “states” in the act really does refer to the states. And as for Democrats and the politics of the left:

It’s refreshing that “the most transparent administration in history,” as this administration fancies itself, should finally display candor about its signature act of social change. Inadvertently, of course. But now we know what lay behind Obama’s smooth reassurances — the arrogance of an academic liberalism, so perfectly embodied in the Gruber Confession, that rules in the name of a citizenry it mocks, disdains and deliberately, contemptuously deceives.

There are layers of tar to go with the feathers to come. But this is one administration whose ability to convince anyone of anything has disappeared, absolutely disappeared. No one will ever trust it again. The Senate majority leader (or at least he is until January) wants Obama to delay introducing his immigration changes until after the money is appropriated by Congress. He may no longer think a shutdown of Congress would irritate the community but might even be welcomed. Who would have thought you would see this, Harry Reid Urges White House to Delay Immigration Executive Action?

House Speaker John Boehner . . . said a government shutdown could not be ruled out. Several rank-and-file Republicans are already threatening to try and hold up the spending bill over immigration.

He said all options were on the table, declaring: “We’re going to fight the president tooth and nail if he continues down this path.”

A government shutdown was not the preferred route, Boehner said, but he said it could not be ruled out.

“Our goal here is to stop the president from violating his own oath of office and violating the Constitution,” Boehner said. “It’s not to shut down the government.”

Reid first expressed his concern about immigration during an off-camera conversation with a CNN producer, saying: “I’d like to get the finances of this country out of the way before he does it, but that’s up to him.”

Sometimes you just have to let them shut the Washington Monument and a few national parks for a few weeks if you are going to save your country. With a zero-credibility president who still has an agenda of his own, there are certainly interesting times ahead.

As for the man who let the cat out of the bag, his name should now become a noun and a verb. A gruber (n.) is someone who grubes (v.i.) – they tell people who they lied to how stupid they were to believe what they were told.

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39 Responses to To grube – to tell people you lied to how stupid they were to believe what you said

  1. Turtle of WA says:

    I can’t wait till there’s a Climate Gruber.

    Obama said last summer was the hottest on record globally. BS.

  2. jupes says:

    This may be the issue that finally breaks the logjam of the hold on the media by the left and not just in the US.

    Ever the optimist Steve. As you say, it still hasn’t been picked up by the three major networks.

    If they can get away with Benghazi, then this shouldn’t be too hard to hose down.

  3. slackster says:

    Best part is the comic book he put together for the Democrats:

  4. mareeS says:

    The USA had a colonial war for sovereignty, and a civil war about the shape of the developing nation. The next one, that will be played out in in Congress hopefully, and not on battlefields, will be about the future of the USA. Sane heads might be getting the picture, but you never know with the seppos.

  5. gabrianga says:

    Obviously Gruber advised Obama that Australians are every bit as stupid as his fellow Americans and to play the “Global Warming” card big time whilst in Australia as it was only a handful of “oldies” opposing Obama and the U.N.

    Just how bright is this guy Obama? “You ,Australia, are in the Asia Pacific Region”

    He flew all this way to tell us this? He makes Gillard and Rudd sound near exciting.

  6. entropy says:

    This may be the issue that finally breaks the logjam of the hold on the media by the left and not just in the US.

    Yeah, sure Kates………oh, look! Climate Change!!

  7. entropy says:

    All Obama is going to do for the next two years is Gore-ify himself.
    This little Gruber incident will be in the forgetory long before then.

  8. Crossie says:

    He flew all this way to tell us this? He makes Gillard and Rudd sound near exciting.

    Americans are true to the old maxim: they will do the right thing after they’ve tried everything else. They picked the wrong guy twice so my guess is they will do the right thing in 2016.

    The midterm election results are encouraging though who knows? They may still need to get the “historic first woman president” out of their system. If Hillary wins in 2016, or that flip Elizabeth Warren, then all bets are off.

  9. Token says:

    Americans are true to the old maxim: they will do the right thing after they’ve tried everything else.

    It took many years for civilization to build institutions which the public can trust.

    It only takes a short time for the left to destroy them.

  10. H B Bear says:

    Lots of optimism here. US politics inspires lots of things – optimism isn’t one of them.

  11. Up The Workers! says:

    Abraham Lincoln, the Republican President once said: “You can fool all of the people some of the time, or some of the people all of the time…”

    Barack Obola, the Democrap President says: “I can fool ALL of the people All of the time, with New, Improved, Gerbil Worming! Help make Fat Al Bore, Ravendra Pachauri and firms like Goldman Sachs, even richer multi-billionaires than they already are.

  12. Fred Lenin. says:

    Do you really think Obamas self seeking speech to the converted will influence the other world leaders? They are all aware he is a spent power,serving out the next two years with two hostile houses. The major problem is the untidy nayshuns which like all left groups is desperate to get its hands on the 10 per cent of all Gerbil Worming Taxes. Just think of the fun this bunch of socialists would have with that money? It would be the HSU multiplied by thousands . Of course like all left taxes it e would increase “seasonally adjusted” and all that other Mafia Bull . Next the Bikies will be wearing UN blue helmets helping the comrades with their world domination they already have the corrupt unions and academics.

  13. Linden says:

    Last evening at around 6pm it quietly started to rain, (Wonga Park Melbourne), and it has continued to do so all night, and even up to now 9.30am beautiful spring rain. Everything is so delightfully wet. So if the climate change alarmists are not happy, what should the weather be doing this morning? Growing up in north east Victoria (long time ago now) one always had an eye on the weather, would it rain when shearing started, would the hay be cut and baled in time before rain, or what ever. The weather over the last couple of years, particularly after the prolonged drought broke, just reminds of what it was like back in the 1960’s. Some years hardly any snow fell during winter, other years it dumped, like in 1964 and snowed all the way into late November. It appears to that because it is a certain date on the annual calendar, according to the climate alarmists the weather should be behaving in a prescribed manner based on there ‘beloved averages’ (sound familiar, socialist doctrine, must have total control and conformity over everything). The weather has been around for quite a few moons no less, so if little variances occur where it gets hot a 6 weeks earlier than the average, or it rains to much for the average because it is either too early or too late, and so on. Anyway what did make all those massive jungles and rain forests grow once upon a time that turned into oil and coal.

  14. Roger says:

    And all our grovelling MSM can report is how funny Obama was at Queensland Uni.

    As if he were a stand up comedian and not a president caught out dissembling on his signature policy.

    They really are pathetic.

  15. Fred Lenin. says:

    Linden ,nice article however do you seriously doubt the ability of the communist left to control the weather. Surely everyone knows that taxing workers stps Gerbil Worming. Think of all the Massive Brains who developed the Great New Religion,the prophets Brown ,Gore ,,Gliard,Krudd,and now Obummer.the Science is Settled,the one True Religion(apart from islamofascism )

  16. Token says:

    As if he were a stand up comedian and not a president caught out dissembling on his signature policy.

    They really are pathetic.

    When he leaves office they will all be competing to tell us how they saw through him, just like they did when the reigns of terror implemented by Comrades Rudd & Gillard ended.

  17. Ant says:

    Linden, I share your sense of contentment with the glorious rain received over night. 41mm here in the inner east of Melbourne. I emptied my water tanks yesterday in anticipation of a good rain and the all ducks lined up for me. Speaking with dad last night, who lives in western Vic, he didn’t share the sentiment as they’ve started stripping grain and heavy rain is the last thing they need – although the yields this year were going to be bad regardless.

    As for the Global Warming Racket, talk to any old farmer about what they think about it and the scoffery would leave any doe-eyed undergraduate enviro-loon speechless.

  18. Snoopy says:

    Who said in a movie something like, “I didn’t fcuk up. You fcuked up. You believed me”.

  19. Rudiau says:

    Think of all the Massive Brains who developed the Great New Religion,the prophets Brown ,Gore ,,Gliard,Krudd,and now Obummer.the Science is Settled,the one True Religion(apart from islamofascism )

    Fred, never forget the prono producing train engineer.

  20. Is this the political equivalent of the leaked emails from the climate scientists?
    The fact that the major news services haven’t picked it up yet, says more about the medias irrelevance and ongoing rush to destruction, than anything else.

  21. Token says:

    Who said in a movie something like, “I didn’t fcuk up. You fcuked up. You believed me”.

    I thought for years people understood the warning:

    Fool me once shame on you,
    Fool me twice shame on me.

  22. Token says:

    The piece linked to by Powerline really does indicate that even “old style moderate” D’rats see their job to be to destroy their internal political rivals which leads them to be negligent toward their actual brief:

    By 2010, Leon Panetta had become director of the CIA. He ordered a lawsuit against me for publishing a book without proper approvals. The CIA won the lawsuit. There were no witnesses or testimony, no day in court; the judge merely ruled in summary judgment. Civil lawsuits don’t necessarily feature constitutional protections. But the CIA figured that taking the money from the book would be bad for appearances, so there was no penalty.

    In 2014, Leon Panetta published a book of his own. The original manuscript contained what CIA people agreed were extensive amounts of secret intelligence. Mr. Panetta had sent the manuscript to his ghostwriters, literary agents and publishers before allowing the CIA to see it. This secret intelligence is today in dozens of computers owned by creative literary people who have no experience or clearances for handling classified intelligence. (Greg Miller first broke the story of Mr. Panetta’s book approval process in the Washington Post on October 21, 2014.)

    I’ve read Mr. Panetta’s book and even in its edited version it contains a rich trove of intelligence which can be put together to identify Americans and our foreign agents. From conversations with colleagues at the CIA, I learned that Mr. Panetta huffed and puffed and browbeat people using “Do you know who I am?” methods in order to obtain approval to publish the final version of his book.

    Mr. Panetta appears to believe the book is his payoff for a career as a powerful bureaucrat, his droit de seigneur. The book is ghostwritten, but Mr. Panetta supplied the secrets that make it profitable. The “Worthy Fights” are Mr. Panetta’s fights against Republicans and other advocates of small government. Those are his real enemies. Terrorists and nuclear proliferators come across at times in the book as abstractions

    With the Mannings, Snowdens & Panettas lurking in the US bureaucracy, who would be willing to put their lives on the line for their country?

  23. Ant says:

    I wish I could share your optimism, Steve, re the Gruber backlash.

    The fact that so much of the American MSM has studiously avoided reporting it to date is a very bad sign. Sure, they might be forced into some coverage of it but they’ll go into dissembling overdrive to protect their lovechild Obama from too much damage. Imagine what they would have done had GWB been responsible for something like this, then consider the opposite reaction and that’s pretty much what to expect.

    Fox has been doing a reasonable job of it but in reality even they’re playing into the hands of the left’s agenda because they avoid hammering the one thing that can fix it: The deeply entrenched Republican leadership in DC which has little intention of doing anything meaningful if it means upsetting corporate forces tied in so many ways to government policy and funding.

    This is why Republicans keep talking about the Medical Device Tax in Obamacare and introducing legislation to remove it from the ACA. Their big corporate donors want it removed and the Democrats have made noises about agreeing to its removal, despite the fact that in the grand scheme of things it’s irrelevant to average Americans who’ve seen their premiums and deductibles (excesses) skyrocket.

    This says a great deal about the Republicans and how impotent they are. They’ll force this one change because it avoids a genuine fight with the Democrats and their media hacks and they get to keep the American Chamber of Commerce happy. SCREW EVERYBODY ELSE!

    Don’t listen to what Boehner says. They guy’s a complete loser and a fool who loves sucking up to Obama on camera while kneecapping his support base which remains largely conservative.

    Listen instead to Mitch McConnell, the incoming Senate majority leader, who has been going out of the way to say that there will be no government shutdown by way of cutting any funding to the Obama agenda. Google the video and just listen to the way he says it and tell me if this is a man serious about using Congress’s constitutionally legitimate power to cut funding to any executive action which contravenes existing law or, for that mater, disastrous law like the ACA.

    Instead the GOP led House and Dem led Senate are going at breakneck speed to pass a colossal spending bill that will fund the government until the end of next year before new Congress members are sworn in come January and before the Dems lose Senate control when the GOP knows that they’ll have a much harder time of it from their conservative senate members once McConnell takes control.

    In other words, they’re defanging themselves and surrendering their one significant weapon against the Obama agenda, because they can’t stomach a fight against the most criminally corrupt and incompetent administration’s in US history.

  24. john constantine says:

    Dreamy, the worlds dreamiest kenyan is just so dreamy, with a perfect dreamy smile, and the dreamiest eyes.

    Don’t be so creepy and weird and embarrassing and truthist and spoil the nice warm dreamy feelings.

    If the media can’t knit a kangaroo for obama, they will nurse and protect him through everyday life, as if he was a wounded little kitten they were carrying to safety through a snowstorm.

  25. Fred Lenin. says:

    I can remember when the late Sleazbag Keating ,snuck into power with that Fool Hewsons help.tge Truth became unfashionable ,and the left eagerly adopted Lies as policy. They of course still love Lies ,must be a hangover from the law trade ,which a lot of them are non esteemed members of. Don’t know about Sleazbag Keating ,do the do law degrees at night school?

  26. Mr Rusty says:

    Grubers’ actions remind me of the character played by Dustin Hoffman in’Wag the Dog’, in the end his ego gets the better of him, he doesn’t care about exposing the lie he just wants to blow the story wide open just to get the kudos.
    The Pride of the Progressives, it should be their undoing but the people who are supposed to report this are too embarrassed because they will effectively be admitting – “yep, we’re the idiots he is talking about because we believed it all too.”

  27. john constantine says:

    Obama is the abc’s prefered leader for australia.

    The taxpayer funded abc is actually campaigning to ignore australian election results, and just follow the dream of obama.

    Has the abc mentioned the lie yet?

    the obamacare lie only serves to reinforce the heartfelt feeling withing the abc hivemind that the collective and obama are actually :
    “we are us”

    whatever it takes, if the proles and the lesser herd forces the abc to lie and hide the truth in order to progress crony socialism and the fair and equitable redistribution of wealth from scum to progressives, then the true feelings of how progressive the outcome is means more than the factuality of the words used to win the outcome, and it is weird,creepy and embarrassing for tory, aspergersy truthists to nag the abc about the words, when they should just go in the forgettery.

  28. stackja says:

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has been told by his constituents to voice his opposition. Many USA voters take their government serious. Harry does not want to face a recall.

  29. Viva says:

    When he leaves office they will all be competing to tell us how they saw through him

    Really? Just like Fairfax/ABC swear they saw through Gillard/Rudd all along?

  30. Viva says:

    How disrepectful was it of Obama to try to embarrass Abbott on climate change at the G20. Contrast with Cameron who respected Abbott’s stated priorities in his speech to Parliament.

    These days I cannot abide to watch that preening narcissist for more time than it takes to grab the remote.

  31. NannyG says:

    Can the G20 be called a Grube

  32. Linden says:

    Funny thing Ant, last week there was a snail which had scaled up the wall of the house to seek a comfortable spot I imagine, under the roof eave. When you snails scaling for the heights it means only thing, the higher they go the more rain is coming. Yet last week there was no talk of the rain we have had.

  33. Ant says:

    Linden, I saw snails also and thought it strange to see snails when it’s dry. I obviously didn’t make the correct connection you did.

  34. jupes says:

    Who said in a movie something like, “I didn’t fcuk up. You fcuked up. You believed me”.

    Otter to Flounder in Animal House. ” You fucked up. You trusted us.”

  35. Linden says:

    I can relate to the harvesting situation in the western district, around 2006 I was living and working on a property at Charam about 20 k/ms east of Edenhope. During that time the drought hit really hard that year, as spring rains failed and there was virtually no cropping that season. During the drought years which started in 1996, the last time Eildon Weir was 100% full for that period, the low weather patterns disappeared off the east coast of Australia for a long time. People said (ABC John Faine for instance) and questioned whether Eidlon would ever fill again. Someone asked me that, I said you will see a flood in the Riverina first and that will stop the irrigators for a while and then Eildon will fill, which is what happed, (at the risk of sounding like a smart alec) but that’s what happened and the low weather patterns off the east coast re appeared. Evidently Henry Lawson wrote about really droughts back in the 1850’s. All this climate change only started up during this last and it was a prolong drought, but it has all happened before.

  36. Linden says:

    There are all sorts of weather forecasters in nature, snails are one of them.

  37. AP says:

    Why bother? just shorten his name and you have the word already defined for this mob. M


  38. Snoopy says:

    Thanks, Jupes. Gruber is the new Otter.

  39. Old School Conservative says:

    it was hard to prove the administration actually intended to deceive voters when it rammed through the legislation on straight party-line votes
    I hope I’m wrong, but I am unconvinced that this scandal will cause the Left in the US to question Obamacare. They were told by Nancy Pelosi that they were too stupid to be told the truth when she said “We Have to Pass the Bill So That You Can Find Out What Is In It” – but the people stayed silent about that affront to their intelligence. Why would this situation be any different?

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