So you don’t think it can get any worse, do you?

Do you want to be afraid, really afraid? Tucked away at the very end of an article today on political reading lists for the beach this summer was this on behalf of Bill Shorten:

. . . and US senator Elizabeth Warren’s A Fighting Chance.

As with the election in 2008, the only way that Hillary Clinton won’t be the next President is if the Democrats come up with someone worse. And they have.

Members of her party’s anti-bank, anti-capitalist wing have found somebody to stir them as she never did. And Warren erases Clinton’s gender advantage.

Most telling, the left’s intensity is growing since the GOP midterm rout. Instead of being chastised, the populist wing absurdly claims that Democrats have been too willing to compromise.

No more of those Obama half measures for Warren, the fake Cherokee oddball far-left nutty professor now Senator from the great state of Massachusetts. She and Bill will make quite a pair. For those who think it can’t get any worse, oh yes it can.

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  1. Relax.
    The next election is what we call in Australia a ‘drover’s dog election’ —- where the Republicans could run the drover’s dog and still win.

  2. Tel

    Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.

    H. L. Mencken

  3. Up The Workers!

    Today’s Anagram:



  4. Token

    Faux-cahontis is follow Obama’s path to the White House – including opposing the spending bill like Obama fid in 06.

    Watch to see her claim to be the first native American and wymmynses President.

  5. H B Bear

    Kind of appropriate really – Fauxcahontas will finish off the Magic Negro’s destruction of the US and Peanut Head will complete the KRudd-Gillard-KRudd destruction of Australia.

  6. Fisky

    Please let Warren beat Hillary! I just want to see the look on Hillary’s face as her nightmare is repeated.

  7. Joe

    They called this “replacing WEAK socialism with STRONG Communism.”

  8. Bruce of Newcastle

    Just in case you don’t know who has been running the US these last 6 years:

    More than 300 former Obama campaign staffers have released a letter calling on Warren to run for president.

    The Democrats do seem to like “fake but accurate”. Unfortunately for them Warren is fake and inaccurate.

    Democrats lack bridge to the future

  9. I’m not so confident that Warren couldn’t win. The leftist base will be frothing at the mouth to elect her, and we can expect an Obama-like turnout for the election.

    It is interesting that the more conservative Republicans also thought that they lost the last election because Romney was not conservative enough, so both parties have components that are arguing for more extreme positions.

    If Warren were to run, and win, we might start seeing the frustration of conservatives and libertarians boil over as the leftists accelerate their work to flush the rest of us down the toilet.

  10. billie

    Could be worse, if Barry gets Michelle up to the line, and why wouldn’t he?

    Then, they can leave it all in the hands of their kids, who by then would have spent 16 years living in the White House. Just try evicting them! Two poor black girls whose parent are so po’ ..!

    She erases Warren’s native American/woman thing by adding Black to it

    What’s not to like, to show the world how unracist they are, a Black Woman, mother of two, food harpy climate change cheerleader couldabeen Oprah lookalike?

  11. john constantine

    The democrat machine/media tools manufactured obama into the product to enrich the american democrats he is today.

    Shorten manufactured australian labor into the tool for enriching shorten that it is today.

    Obama is simply a dreamy form of shorten-lite.

    We see the spent dry ruins that shorten has left behind him in every relationship and position of power that he has used to claw his way into power–this is the shorten practise run for the shorten plan to spend every possible resource he can get his hand on, to take his revenge on the australians that mocked him.

    A self destructive, self loathing carnivorous aardvark, about to embark on the suicide bombing of the australian economy and borders.

    If you see something, say something.

  12. Rabz

    Please let Warren beat Hillary! I just want to see the look on Hillary’s face as her nightmare is repeated.

    Careful what you wish for, Fisky. I’ve long maintained that Fauxcahontas is a shoo-in, as the dumbocrats go doubling down on the stupid, with the assent of the newly amnestied, bought and paid for electorate.

  13. Bill

    Just ridiculous to imagine Hilary is any certainty to win. She is mediocre, aging, has baggage, and very little appeal to black and hispanic voters. Warren is even more unelectable than McGovern ever was.

    Kates is suffering from Barrack Derangement Syndrome.

  14. .

    #1540931, posted on December 16, 2014 at 4:03 am
    Please let Warren beat Hillary! I just want to see the look on Hillary’s face as her nightmare is repeated.

    You are like some kid summoning Azazel to destroy the bully who beat you up for your lunch money.

    Indeed. Be very careful what you wish for.

    Warren is a racial loon and full on communist the likes of which we’ve never seen outside of the politburo of a western Chinese province. She still worships Mao, presumably.

  15. Rococo Liberal

    Bill is right. There is no way Fauxcohontas would survive on the national stage. She might fool Mass with that native american schtick, but it would make her a laughing stock in most of the country.

  16. Myrddin Seren

    More than 300 former Obama campaign staffers have released a letter calling on Warren to run for president.

    Do not forget, the Obama clique has its own political machine, presently labelled Organizing for Action.

    This is virtually a separate campaign machine to the Democratic Party that the Obama groupers campaign under for electoral purposes.

    The likelihood that OfA and all the Obama groupers would simply disband themselves and go look for jobs at Walmart after the next election would be about zero.

    OfA and the Obama machine now has a political life of its own, and is clearly taking a long term view on its survival.

    The Clintons have their own political machine so OfA is redundant to any Clinton tilts for the White House.

    Therefore, Fauxchahontas Warren offers some real advantages to the OfA machine:

    She appeals to the radical base;

    Her policy positions are doubtless palatable to the Obama community organiser base compared to the Clinton policy positions ( which largely seem to consist of lining their bank account and Bubba bonking anything in a skirt ).

    Fauxcahontas ain’t no spring chicken nor is she the head of a political dynasty, thus clearing the way for future Obama family members and associates to be supported in tilts for the White House in a foreseeable timeline ( President Moochelle ? Senator Malia Obama versus Senator Chelsea Clinton ? ).

    In saying this I note that the Golfer-in-Chief lends his name to all this, but I am assuming the real push behind OfA are people like Michelle Obama, Valerie Jarrett and others behind the scenes. A couple of years ago I argued that the Obama machine would seek a permanent presidency by seeking repeal of the 22nd Amendment so that the Lightbringer could continue his works in perpetuity.

    Plainly even the Obama insiders recognise he is too disinterested and too unpopular to seek a constitutional change. So generational inheritance of the role becomes the next step.

  17. Bear Necessities

    I wonder if Teddy Kennedy ever rooted Elizabeth Warren?

  18. Bear Necessities

    He rooted everything else in Massachusetts!

  19. JakartaJaap

    Just reading the US meeja this am and it is scary. People ie media Leftards see Warren as the new, improved hope and change! The planet will heal, the seas will stop rising …. oh my dear

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