Happy in his private jet

Here’s the guy who is joining big Al Gore to create an intercontinental songfest to spread the word on climate change – one Pharell Williams.

Not much more needs to be said:

Pharrell Williams

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32 Responses to Happy in his private jet

  1. Stimpson J. Cat

    Drop it like it’s hot, drop it like it’s global warming.

  2. mizaris

    Just like old times really – people singing and dancing to please/appease the weather gods. Lorded over by just as many scamming witch doctors, medicine men and shamans.
    Plus a large helping of do as I say not as I do. Where does the stupidity and hypocrisy end with these people????????

  3. Disillusioned

    Just as bad as the US billionaire who flew two nannies to Davos while telling Americans to tighten their belts and live on less while the hypocrites milk every last cent out of them. How about a global tax on private jets at $100 per km?

  4. egg_

    Singing and dancing for the tobacco farm cracker, eh?
    Times don’t change much down South?

  5. ar

    No wonder the mullahs locked up those Iranian kids for singing Happy – they were more discerning than I thought…

  6. Rabz

    Eking out a subsistence existence, eating dirt (leavened with the odd grasshopper) and residing in a cave is indeed for the little people.

    I’m not surprised he’s so happy.

  7. Chris M

    He is working. The high pitched whine of the turbofan engines assists with composing his whiny-voiced songs.

    Besides all that public transport on commercial flights suck, definitely need your own aircraft in this era.

  8. A Lurker

    Self-reflection is evidently not a common character trait of Champagne Socialists.

  9. talleyrand

    Farrell is entitled to enjoy his wealth, but not to pontificate to the rest of us on how to reduce our Carbon footprint.
    I can kind of understand how the French peasants felt, just prior to the Revolution 1789. “Cuz I’m Happy” …

  10. Alfonso

    My hero Kerry Packer had a private B727 way back when, none of that cramped G2, Lear minature, cheapo, low rent bullshit.
    He took it to Las Vegas for a week’s gambling. Disembarking the generous Kerry gave the Capt, FO and FE an envelope each that contained $10k to gamble, a fortune in those days. On the trip back Kerry inquired how they went at the tables. Capt , FO were up and down, one lost the lot…..the FE said “You must be joking that’s going off my house loan, I kept the lot” Packer sacked him on the spot, with the comment that he had given the money for gambling and the FE had disrespected that.

  11. Motelier

    So Mr Pharell Williams joins the set of do as I say not do as I do.

    Hypocrisy alert.

  12. Oh come on

    Well, what were you expecting? He’s famous enough to require a cause to champion. But he became famous because he was gangsta. And it is imperative that he retains the accoutrements of the successful gangsta. It is immaterial that the cause he champions and lifestyle he must be seen to lead are totally incompatible.

    He turned up. He cares. That’s what matters.

  13. AussiePundit

    Who the [email protected] is Pharell Williams?

    1. he did the 2014 Grammy-winning hit song “Happy” which is a fun, catchy, ear-wormy song.

    2. He also performed the infamous 2013 song “Blurred Lines” with Robin Thicke.
    Blurred Lines is the song that launched a million angry feminist tweets.

    If you are a heterosexual male, I can recommend the unrated vevo version of Blurred Lines. (totally not safe for work btw…. don’t watch this music video from anything resembling a workplace. I’m serious)

  14. Memoryvault

    “You must be joking that’s going off my house loan, I kept the lot” Packer sacked him on the spot,

    Sorry Alfonso, but it sounds too much like a direct re-write of Matthew 25:14-30 to be believable – urban legend maybe?

  15. Let’s not forget Pachauri’s chartered jet from NY to India – for cricket practice. Natch, he chartered again for the match.

    But make allowances for the pressures of the man’s lofty responsibilties. It’s a bit like a Borgia pope needing to unwind with his drinking buddies and girlfriends after a grueling day’s piety.

  16. Pedro the Ignorant

    Kerry Packer had a privately owned McDonnell Douglas DC-8 aircraft, used mainly for transporting his polo ponies around the traps.

  17. handjive

    If it wasn’t for double standards, the doomsday global warmers would have no standards at all.

  18. Percy

    Ah. I mean that’s a fine effort, as good as it gets in fact, of ‘not scrolling up’ re Tom’s post directly above yours. I mean it in friendly jest of course.

  19. notafan

    Six young Iranians got into big trouble for making a video to Pharrell’s song ‘Happy’. I read they were facing whippings and prison for the evil of women and men being in the same place.
    I wish he coulf have chosen discouraging African Americans from converting to the lie of Islam as his raison d’etre rather than the lie of global warning

  20. .

    Blurred Lines was a massive rip of a far superior song.

    Pharrell is a good producer however. What he thinks of it “never flooding again in Australia” is demonstrably silly considering the current month’s weather and rainfall.

  21. Aussiepundit

    Blurred Lines was a massive rip of a far superior song.

    Which song was it ripping off?

  22. Fred Lenin.

    It was 8 degrees here in Melbourne this morning at 7 am ! Must be the Gullible Colding Al ?
    Also Als private jet does not pollute ,it has a Dispensation ,from Al the Bloody Marvellus to verify this .

  23. .

    #1581208, posted on January 26, 2015 at 11:31 am
    Blurred Lines was a massive rip of a far superior song.

    Which song was it ripping off?

    Obviously it was ripping off Marvin Gaye’s “Got To Give It Up”

  24. john constantine

    What is big al gore doing under that desk?.

  25. Bushkid

    I saw that Antarctica was to be included in the list of continents to be subjected to this tripe.

    Who will make up the audience, how will they get there, and what will be the dreaded CO2 “cost” of getting the “stats”, their entourages, energy requirements (you know, that electricity stuff that runs the show) and the audience there?

    I was going to say “to get them there and back again”, then I thought, Nah, just leave them there, but then I thought yet again and realised that levying them there would be cruel to the penguins and seals. Wonder if they’ll be flying anywhere near Mt. Erebus………..

  26. gabrianga

    Isn’t that Bono in “blackface”?

  27. Empire

    Nice jet.

    Sanctimonious turd.

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