This morning a comment was left on the open thread:

My wonderful brother, Gary, passed away on Saturday from lung cancer, which had been eating him away for a long time. Yes he had been a heavy smoker from his early teens.

He asked me from his deathbed to find this website, but he didn’t write its name down. He called it The Cat, run by a man named Sinc Davidson. I tried googling and eventually came here.

He told me he was a regular commenter, and used his formal first name Gareth, which he never used in real life.

Gary found amusement in sometimes childish activities. He told me he pretended to be a left-winger, commenting on a right-wing blog (whatever turn you on I suppose!). Actually he was extremely conservative both in his social views and his economic views.

He wanted me to tell you all of his passing and to wish you all well, particularly a commenter with a nickname of Jaycee.

He did tell me what nickname he used (besides his first name) on the site, but I’ve forgotten it. Maybe some of you can place him.

I have been in contact with June and she has confirmed that her brother was Gareth Hamilton – known to us as “Hammy”.

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  1. calli

    There ya go…over a page of fond farewells…

    It was the least I could do for someone who made me laugh so much whilst really annoying me.

  2. Leo G

    Beat your chests harder, you white knight fuckwits.
    “Hammy” isn’t real. Re read what Alexis said you rubes.

    Dot showing once again he either can’t read, or lies, in no way proves or disproves Hammy’s existence (or now non-existence) and I made no claim it that effect.

    Our problem is that we must start from premises not justified by experience and use only logical argument to conclude that Hammy and Hammygar existed as virtual identities of one Gareth Hamilton, who existed in reality- in other words, an ontological proof of the existence of Hammy.
    Andrew has kicked things off by nominating Dot as “the fool who understands the definition of Hammy but denies that Hammy exists”.
    The proof would lie in demonstrating the inconsistency of the two statements:
    – Dot understands the claim that Hammy exists.
    – Dot does not believe that Hammy exists.

    I see an immediate problem though- the definition of Hammy.
    Any suggestions (besides tactless anatomically referenced ones)?

  3. JC


    Of course I broke him. He had severe psychological problems after I dealt with him. He’s not dead. At least he’s not dead until we see the death certificate and a registered docs name is on form, so we can contra check with him… The doc.

  4. JC

    And dot and JC confirm that they are f*ckwits.

    Fuck off you senile old twit. If you wanna buy into the hoax, then go ahead. As a deather I’ll wait till June sends Sinc a scanned copy of the death certificate which will have the name of a doctor and I will confirm by calling him/her to verify it.

    He was cremated, only family, no dealt notice and June seems to know Sinclair as Sinc and me as Jay Cee.

    Go slam you stupid head into a brick wall. Maybe that could get part of your senile brain working again.

  5. Viva

    He was cremated

    Just as well – otherwise JC would be out there digging up the coffin.

  6. JC

    Just as well – otherwise JC would be out there digging up the coffin.

    Hence the name Kero.

  7. .

    Right on JC. I have a bridge between San Francisco and Marin County for sale as well fellas.

  8. Grigory M

    jupes #925151, posted on July 15, 2013 at 1:43 pm

    I love Hammy. [Philippa Martyr]

    Me too, over the top parody is a hard skill to master.

    Masterly he was – and almost invariably good humoured. Sad that he is no more.

  9. Armadillo

    Whoa. I’m seriously considering recanting my previous post about Hammy faking it all.

    I was here the other night on the open thread, telling the story of having a hot bath in Sydney, and subsequently losing my wedding ring. It’s our 20th Anniversary today, so we are just sitting around, having a beer and waiting to head out for dinner (a 7pm reservation). Miss A sitting opposite me at the table in the breakfast room runs her feet across the carpet, and comes across something under foot. It’s my wedding ring.

    I have a photo of us in Sydney on the Thursday night, the ring firmly attached to my finger. I noticed it missing on the Friday after a hot bath. FMD. Hammy has been reading the Cat. Its a sign.

    Either that, or Miss A is a devious little bitch.

  10. calli

    In the spirit of Hammy…


    And the wedding ring is with IT’s interesting photocopies…and other stuff I’ve cleaned up.

  11. Armadillo

    I’m convinced Hammy is speaking to us from the urn.

  12. vlad

    I’m convinced Hammy is speaking to us from the urn.

    From the Urn Malley, perhaps.

    Put me down as another sceptic; I’m not saying he isn’t dead, simply that we have yet to be given sufficient reason to believe it. Anyone can say anything; it’s known as hearsay.

  13. Gab

    Either way, dead or alive, Hammy would be having a grand old laugh at this thread.

  14. vlad

    And never mind the death certificate; I’d be happy to see a birth certificate for “Gareth Hamilton”.

  15. calli

    Why do we do this?

    It’s fun!

    A Catallaxy Law. A wise and just law that I’m happy to obey.

  16. old bloke

    I only hope that Hammy’s demise doesn’t result in the return of Numbers.

  17. Pickles

    Surely there’s a Cat with some sort of seance ability? If so let us know what we have to do and it can be run like a QANDA thread.

  18. Armadillo

    From Eggy’s link…..

    Well done Hammy! Keep it up and you’ll be pushing Arlene Composta standards.

    It appears Sinc has been somewhat encouraging of Hammys behaviour. Bad Doomlord. Bad.

    Doesn’t explain the wedding ring, but if I find out that Sinc has been covertly running “Advanced Stalking Classes”, then I’ll be most upset. I never even got an invite.

  19. Oh come on

    Hammy’s game was to flush out the pretend conservatives by offering them a seeming free kick.

    He succeeded, marvelously.

    Don’t be jealous, tomix. One day you too might succeed at something.

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