Rafe’s Roundup April 26

Roundup has been on hold since I went into hospital on Monday 13 to have my second hip replaced. The first went three years ago. All is going according to the script, I just have limited activities for a few weeks, like no driving and great care in movement. Apparently there is great Youtube footage of hip jobs but I have not been prepared to look at it.

A nice Liberty Quote.

“The anti-climate science nonsense being promulgated by ratbag groups such as Quadrant, the IPA and the utterly degenerate and despicable Catallaxy blog depend on the rantings of a handful of so-called ‘sceptics’.”
— Harry Clarke

Greece. Down and out?

A useful government publication. Recycling by Penn and Teller. Sadly longwinded for busy Cats.

This has become a hotly debated topic demonstrating the death of the spirit of critical inquiry in the modern academies.

The importance of negative results and the way they are overlooked in the pharmaceutical industry. More on “Research Misconduct” . Failure to take notice of negative results is also part and parcel of the climate science that refuses to accept things like the failure of all the models used to predict disastrous warming.

Culture. In the Spectator last week. This week. Celebrating Ruth Park’s story of Surry Hills in Sydney. Declaration of interest, Ruth Park is my mother in law and we worked on two books together, the biography of the boxer Les Darcy and the update of her 1974 Companion Guide to Sydney.

The steampunk genre of writing. My son is a contributor. First Strike Shark Boats Legion

Climate. The end of fish and chips in the UK? Flight from climate science.

Sport. Sorting out the performers.

Around the town. Hendo and the media watchdog [Updated on Friday afternoon]. The Australian Institute for Progress, (AIP) “because the future does not look after itself”. IPA HEY. The Sydney Institute. Australian Taxpayers Alliance, Quadrant on line, Mannkal Foundation, Centre for Independent Studies.

Don Aitkin. Jim Rose, feral and utopian! Jo Nova, climate realist par excellence. Sean Gabb’s site.

Sites of interest. Spiked on line . Richard Hammer, Free Nation Foundation. Aust NZ libertarian students. Powerline. The British libertarian alliance.

Education, accuracy in academia.

For nerds. Melvyn Bragg’s radio program. Stephen Hicks, always interesting for nerds. Have a look at his piece on entrepreneurs and also his critical commentary on the rediscovery of Hegel. Econotalk.

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19 Responses to Rafe’s Roundup April 26

  1. blogstrop

    Best wishes for a good recovery Rafe. Always value your contributions.

  2. Pedro the Ignorant

    Speedy recovery Rafe. Keep at the physio, it will be worth it in in the recovery phase.

    I fully concur with lay people ever looking at operations on the internet, especially if you are waiting for a procedure yourself. The TV doctors are never covered in blood and gore, and all the instruments are delicate little things like watchmakers tools, not the industrial size cutters, crunchers, splitters, multigrips and saws that is the reality of the the operating room.

    Some things are better unseen.

  3. egg_

    Best wishes for a good recovery Rafe. Always value your contributions.


  4. Motelier

    All of the best, Rafe.

    Just remember, most joints are replaceable, lives are not.

  5. Token

    All the best for your recovery Rafe. We do miss your considered insights and great warmth.

  6. Gab

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Rafe. You’ll be up and doing the Mambo in no time at all 🙂

  7. calli

    Poor Rafe! Best wishes from the owner of a titanium knee. The cyborg club is the best club in town.

  8. Pity that Lomborg gets the lollies. Bloke’s okay, but he’s more a warmist who believes in a better class of white elephant.

    It’s the sort of Abbott government move which pleases nobody much and attracts fire. An example: If Abbott had named a Qld sportsperson for a knighthood instead of the Duke it’s likely the Libs would still be in power in Qld. A lot of people would snigger at “Arise Sir Mal” or “Arise Sir Alan” or “Arise Dame Cathy” – so what? The Fairfax-perusing classes would have howled, most people would have had a good laugh…and Queenslanders would have been in a much better mood come election day.

    Also, blatant enemies like the ABC are for kicking and defunding, not for cajoling and pleading. The people who mock him just for eating an onion or wearing the clothing necessary for his volunteer work as firefighter and lifesaver are never going to be interested in fairness. Tony reminds me of the hero in an old swashbuckling movie who lets the bad guy retrieve his sword.

  9. Leigh Lowe

    Extremely wise to avoid viewing orthopaedic procedures.
    It derives more from carpentry than it does from other branches of surgery.

  10. Quibbler

    Take care, Rafe. I hope you are up and about soon.

  11. Jansen

    Best wishes etc. not like you are the first to have a new hip nor, from your own account, is it your first. Never mind. You’ll be right.

    Now the mewling platitudes are done let me say how much I have enjoyed “The Harp in the South” trilogy. It certainly painted a very vivid picture and I hope all my copies have gone to homes that appreciate them as much as I have done.

    So what’s the “Companion Guide to Sydney” like? Is it and the Darcy biography worth chasing up?

  12. Rafe

    Thanks for the kind words!
    Jansen, The Companion Guide was the 1974 book, we updated it to take account of the major developments in Sydney including Darling Harbour and the Olympic complex. The attraction of the book and the revised version Ruth Park’s Sydney is the vivid account of the incidents and characters that shaped Sydney from the day they came ashore at Circular Quay, and also the way the city is described in terms of day and half day walks around the inner suburbs.
    The Les Darcy book is more in the nature of social history than a boxing book: a great feature for me was the opportunity to fully research the WWI conscription debates and discover the incredible degree of division in the country that was hardly mentioned after the war.
    Boxing fans were disappointed by the modest amount of fight descriptions and I have put on line some commentary and press cover of the time. http://www.the-rathouse.com/2008/Darcy-fights.html

  13. Gertrude


    The 110m hurdles await you.

  14. Combine Dave

    Good luck Rafe, get well soon.

  15. Rabz

    Have a speedy recovery, you ol’ rogue.

  16. Baldrick

    Always thought you were a bit of a hipster Rafe. 😉

  17. Eyrie

    Fantastic! We’ve officially made “utterly degenerate and despicable”. Can we aim higher (lower)????

  18. Beertruk

    All the best, Rafe (I have been targeted for a bloody knee replacement). Just be careful with those metal detectors at the airports. 😉

  19. P


    #1666179, posted on April 27, 2015 at 8:42 am

    Always thought you were a bit of a hipster Rafe. 😉

    IMO, apt.

    I would also like at this time to thank you for your posts as Catallaxy’s “Central European correspond” back in Sept 2014. I enjoyed all your posts then, and wish you now a speedy recovery.

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