CFMEU Dan the Man hands out another union favour

The paybacks have been coming thick and fast in Victoriastan; I guess they won’t ever stop as long as Dan the Man is in power.

But here is a clear payback to the Australian Nurses Federation, whose members? officials? paid actors?  put on their nursing uniforms (is there still such a thing?) and door knocked for Dan the Man in marginal seats, particularly those located close to the Frankston train line.

Notwithstanding the fact that the minimum nurse-to-patient ratio is set down in binding enterprise agreements, the Victorian Labor government obviously wants to ensure that these costly and not particularly effective ratios are set in stone so should the electorate, in a weird fit of stupidity, elect a Coalition government in the future, the ratios will stay in place.

(Oh please, don’t be ridiculous – the Coalition wouldn’t even think of changing this.  Gosh, Napthine says his more glorious moment was signing onto the (unaffordable) NDIS agreement and the SA Libs are calling for compensation for members of the stolen generation.  This just proves that if a party is not resolutely anti-Left, it is Left itself.)

I guess one of the other motivators of the Dan the Man government is to foist this costly imposition on private hospitals so private health insurance and co-payments can rise even more.

Here’s the story:

The Victorian Government will introduce legislation to guarantee a minimum nurse-to-patient ratio as set out in current enterprise agreements.

Health Minister Jill Hennessy said the bill would take the staffing issue off the bargaining table for future industrial agreements.

There is no one figure for all public hospitals, as the minimum ratio depends on the type of care given and the time of day.

“Nurse patient ratios are really important for patient safety,” Ms Hennessy said.

“It goes to the quality and capacity of care that Victorian patients get.

“Nurse patient ratios are important because the greater the care and focus nurses are able to give to our patients, we know the better clinical outcomes that they have.”

Premier Daniel Andrews made the announcement with Ms Hennessy while meeting with nurses at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

The legislation will also provide “flexibility” to reconfigure nurse and midwife staffing and roster arrangements “to ensure the best utilisation of available nurses and midwives to maintain high quality care”.

Questions raised about cost

The agreement covers certain wards in Victorian public health services, public hospitals, and some residential care units.

The new ratios will not apply to private and not-for-profit hospitals, residential aged care facilities and public mental health services not covered by the Public Sector Enterprise Agreement.

Tom Symondson, the chief executive officer of the Victorian Healthcare Association, said it would closely monitor the progress of the bill, which was “unprecedented” in Australia.

However he was cautious about extra costs involved in monitoring the scheme.

“If the final legislation results in the need for additional resources to support [the] health services comply with the ratios, this needs to be fully funded by the Government,” he said.

Opposition Leader Matthew Guy has raised concerns about the cost of implementing the policy.

He questioned why, after a long period of consultation, the only people who have seen the bill are in the union movement.

“This costs a lot of money and it might be right, but if you haven’t budgeted for it, how the hell can you pay for it?

“Given they’ve only shown the unions the bill, one has to be a little suspicious about the intent from the Government and why on earth they’re doing it.”

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13 Responses to CFMEU Dan the Man hands out another union favour

  1. BrettW

    Yet another example to show how VIC and QLD Governments are more concerned about policies that benefit Union members to the detriment of the remainder of the electorate.

    Time for non Union members to wake up to these Governments and get them to act in interests of the majority not the minority.

  2. thefrollickingmole

    Given they’ve only shown the unions the bill

    Oh dont worry, you will soon see the ‘Bill” my friend, soon.

  3. Econocrat

    Legislated nurse ratios? This must be more of the productivity distroying, cost increasing “reform” that we were urged to implement last week at the National Reform Summit?

  4. john constantine

    The sopranofilth are going to use the cfa to give unions the power to levy rates on capitalists to pay for socialism. cleaning out the cfa even now.

    The left are utter degenerate filth.

  5. And Another Thing

    I wouldn’t have thought any premier would be quite so obvious about paying his dues. Then he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed.

  6. Just interested

    Just aren’t you pleased it’s the Victorian Liberal Party holding these people to account?

    I’m sure they’ll do a sterling job – just like they did in government.

  7. Just interested

    Chance to see how popular Dan the Man actually is:

    AFTER a political career spanning almost three decades, former Victorian premier Denis Napthine has stepped aside to make way for fresh ideas.

    THE veterinarian turned politician will serve his last day in state parliament on Thursday after announcing his resignation on Monday.

    During a career of “immeasurable highs and lows” Dr Napthine represented the South-West Coast electorate and held roles as opposition leader and premier.

    “I bow out of politics and parliamentary life with many, many happy memories, with lifelong friends and hopefully with a record that says I made a difference to my community and to this great state which I love so much,” he said.

    Dr Napthine was sworn in as premier on his birthday in 2013 after the shock resignation of Ted Baillieu.

    After just 20 months in the top job he moved to the backbench after leading the coalition to defeat in the November 2014 election.

    He had intended to finish out his term but decided to retire early after speaking to friends and voters.

    “They suggested it was perhaps time to step aside … and allow fresh blood to take us to the 2018 election,” he said.

    “I think that’s a very powerful message.”

  8. billie

    Seriously, does anyone really think we will have a Liberal Party in Victoria that is capable of anything different to the last one, anytime soon?

    Say, in the next 10 year?

    I understand the frustration with the current situation, but it is partly of the Liberal Party’s making surely?

    We had “Silent” Ted Ballieu, then “Do Nothing” Dennis Napthine as premiers, and narrowly dodged having that fellow who is Lord Mayor of Melbourne now as premier, and that’s the “cream” of our talent?

    It feels a little like rape is not only unavoidable, but the Libs are bent over and in an inviting position!

  9. Tim Neilson

    Inevitable result – pressure on hospitals not to admit patients, and to send them home early, in order not to blow their budget on maintaining the ratio.

  10. MAGB

    “Given they’ve only shown the unions the bill, one has to be a little suspicious about the intent from the Government and why on earth they’re doing it.”
    Matthew, the unions ARE the government.

  11. rickw

    Dan the Man?

    More like Dan the Sham.

  12. Paul

    Staffing levels in Melbourne Private Hospitals is already shit. Can’t find a Nurse? Can’t find one that speaks English? It all started well before Andrews blundered into Spring Street.

  13. JohnA

    Health Minister Jill Hennessy said the bill would take the staffing issue off the bargaining table for future industrial agreements.

    [Employer:] Well, we’d really like to lower the ratio to give better care to our patients. However, YOUR government took it off the bargaining table, and we can’t do a damn thing about it.

    [Employee Union Rep:] Oh, hell! No more members.

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