Model T versus Tesla model S

The Race of the Centuries: 2013 Tesla Model S vs. 1915 Ford Model T

We stage a multi-state enduro to find out if today’s automotive pioneer can outrun its predecessor.

Cutting to the finish, the Tesla won by an hour (over several days) due to breakdowns of the Model T.

A nice story, and I cant recall where I found the link. A senior moment.

Flying out of San Francisco tomorrow morning to touch down in the Emerald city on Saturday. All going well.

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  1. Bruce of Newcastle

    I’ll repost a couple of links that I mentioned a few days ago since they are apt and a lot of fun.

    Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Tesla Model S P85D Road Trip

    What Running Out of Power in a Tesla on the Side of a Highway Taught Me About the Road Trip of Tomorrow

    Maybe if Musk can find a compact supercapacitor system that will allow a Tesla to be recharged as fast as a petrol car can be refuelled it would be different, but right now they are expensive hype.

  2. handjive

    Uploaded on Mar 26, 2010
    Leno road test his Baker Electric and the electric Ford Focus used on the Green Car Challenge

  3. Oh come on

    IIRC the average speed you travel at on a road trip in a Nissan Leaf, charging time included, is about walking speed.

    We’ve come a long way, baby.

  4. squawkbox

    Won’t happen, but if the old Jeremy Clarkson Top Gear was still around I would love to see them do a London to Edinburgh race on the old A1 highway featuring 21st century electric car and 18th century horse powered stagecoach.

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