And now the heavyweight division

Republicans have been very reluctant to attack Obama for the whole of the past seven years. Whether it is the courtesies of the American system or Obama has the photos I don’t know. But now we shall see since he has moved to attack Donald Trump himself. This is from the NYT and featured at Drudge: Obama Accuses Trump of Exploiting Working-Class Fears.

President Obama said in a radio interview airing on Monday that Donald J. Trump, a leading contender for the Republican presidential nomination, is exploiting the resentment and anxieties of working-class men to boost his campaign. Mr. Obama also argued that some of the scorn directed at him personally stems from the fact that he is the first African-American to hold the White House.

That Obama reached for the race-card is disgusting and despicable but par for the course. Since nothing anyone in any leading position has said has referred to the President’s racial background – half white, half black – that he grabs for it in every controversy he is part of has degraded the American political system since it allows him to ignore the substantive parts of any criticism. But lets get to this business about resentment and anxieties, which are not just held by men, and not just held by members of the working class. Let us go on to what he had to say:

“If you are referring to specific strains in the Republican Party that suggest that somehow I’m different, I’m Muslim, I’m disloyal to the country, etc. — which unfortunately is pretty far out there, and gets some traction in certain pockets of the Republican Party, and that have been articulated by some of their elected officials — what I’d say there is that that’s probably pretty specific to me, and who I am and my background,” Mr. Obama told Steve Inskeep, an NPR correspondent. “In some ways, I may represent change that worries them.”

I just think he’s a far-left loon, and that pretty well covers the kinds of change he represents. If his standard of concern is whether something might “destroy the United States”, as he says below, I’m not sure short of a nuclear war what he would include. This is truly disturbing:

“This is a serious challenge — ISIS is a virulent, nasty organization [!!!!!] that has gained a foothold in ungoverned spaces effectively in Syria and parts of western Iraq,” Mr. Obama said, referring to attacks the group organized in Paris and apparently inspired in San Bernardino. “But it is also important for us to keep things in perspective, and this is not an organization that can destroy the United States.”

As for destroying the United States, there are other nations along the pathway to the US that might find things have deteriorated to a very considerable extent because of the American President. Think about this, a reminder of where things have gone with Iran:

The Iran deal isn’t merely sub-par diplomacy, it is a scandal. I don’t see how a president who took seriously his duty to preserve American security could have entered into it. There is another scandal, too: a journalistic one. Here, as in so many instances, reporters have covered up for the Obama administration by deliberately failing to report the facts surrounding the Iranian nuclear debacle. It would be interesting to compare the number of minutes that network news broadcasts have devoted, over the last few months, to the fulminations of Donald Trump with the minutes they have devoted to the crumbling of the Iran agreement. Likewise with column inches in our supposedly sophisticated newspapers.

But Obama has now taken on Donald Trump who will or will not react and will or will not reply directly to what has been said. This really is a moment of truth. I don’t know why it has taken so long for such a showdown to have occurred, but the time has now arrived. Is Trump up to it? We are now about to find out.

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  1. Robber Baron

    Race bating. It’s all the lefty’s have got left.

  2. BorisG

    Republicans have been very reluctant to attack obama

    Steve must have been on another planet. just remember the universal screening about obamacare, or Iran deal, you name it…

  3. Barry J

    What is that saying about a bloke and his tools. Not taking responsibility for your own actions I think is another Lefty giveaway.

  4. rickw

    Obama could be any colour and he would still be shit.

  5. There have been some seriously racist contenders for the presidency. One of them even got all the way to the White House: the Democrat Woodrow Wilson. (Compare his race and civil rights attitudes to that of his Republican successors, especially Coolidge.)

    There were lots of race-baiting Democrats after Wilson, but none got to be president till 2008.

  6. cynical1

    Obama’s trouble is his background.

    He sees everything through the prism of white colonialism.

  7. Obama could be any colour and he would still be shit.

    But shit’s brown! You called him brown! Waaaaahhh!!

  8. Alfonso

    Obama must have some NZ Maori background, as in anyone winning a public argument against a Maori there is a racist .

  9. handjive

    Samuel L. Jackson Says, “I Voted For Barack Obama Because He Was Black!”

    Because he is not white.

    Nothing racist about that, unless you add the word ‘muslim’.

  10. A Lurker

    I was reading something this morning that suggested that Obama is a homosexual Muslim, and that his wife Michelle is a trans-sexual.

    IF that is true – and I guess that time will reveal all – then it could explain Obama’s deference to Islam, his support for homosexual marriage and homosexual issues, and his antipathy towards Christianity and Christians.

    His general loathing of the West, of America in particular, and of white people can easily be explained by his upbringing amongst far-Left Communists, and anti-white activists and agitators.

    Americans are free to vote for whoever they choose – but there should be ‘truth in advertising’ and I suspect that for all these years, America was sold something that simply never existed, a benign mirage – and in the place of what was promised, is a malign Communist changeling.

  11. Baldrick

    O’Bummer is playing the TLS victim card because once Leftards have worn out their welcome, it’s all they have left.

  12. stackja

    BO has been a fraud from day one. IS did not just appear. BO created IS.

  13. So Trump is now the nominee. Something has obviously flipped; first Putin putin’ in the word, and now Obama bleating.

  14. I am loving the rage and fear of the US political aparat,they are really afraid of the reality and Truth that Trump is bringing ,tgeir protests are more and more frantic as tge working Americans increasingly support him. The Lies get more desparate ,he is a right wing fascist who has made left wing statements forty years ago ,now tge Trump Card ,bes a Raaaaciiissstt!bHaHa ,he will be a “mizawjinist ” next , we know what he has done he has consulted his OLD lover Jools the Ozzee,she and macternan are advising him after their Huge success here. We are on to you Baz we know ,so does Michelle.

  15. BOB

    Obama is a proud and relentless carrier of a massive chip. Michelle likewise. The sooner they are gone the better.

  16. Derp

    Screaming. Damn iPad

    BorisG, that sentence works in so many ways

  17. Twodogs

    The greatest threat to the United States going forward is not Obama, it is the inherent stupidity of Americans. Over 60 million of them voted for this goon… twice. The next Republican candidate selection and Presidential election are the defining votes for any possible sanity and recovery of global status to be restored. I do not hold high hopes because they are an inherently stupid nation…

  18. John Constantine

    Their hussein obama is not a Muslim, as we all acknowledge, he is only a lone wolf that is nothing to do with Islam.

    It just suits cultural Marxism to currently use muzzies as cannon fodder to fundamentally transform the West.

  19. notafan

    Michelle ‘s personal history is too public for her to be a man. They would have had to set a narrative up before they married in 1992. Where did their daughters come from?
    I suppose Obama could be bisexual and a muslim. Muslims don’t have so much of a problem with the act but acting homosexual in public.
    Definitely not a Christian.
    He certainly is descructive.

  20. Ant

    If Obama gave two stuffs about “racism” in America, he would never have joined the Democratic Party.

    But that would have meant that he wouldn’t have risen above the position of dumpster sanitizer at his local Chicago tip.

    And Tump’s “exploiting the resentment and anxieties of working-class men to boost his campaign”??

    From a Democrat this would be so cringeworthy and sickening you’d reach for the chuck bag, but from Obama of all people it should only extract nothing but the deepest contempt from the “working class” he has shafted for the past 7 years in pursuit of his insane agenda.

  21. Cannibal

    I thought the heavyweight division was decided last week when Bambi was forced into a back-flip on Syria by Putin (who must be a raaaaccccisssst!)

  22. Entropy

    I honk we can do without all the unhinged rumours floating around above. Just settle for Oba a bing a coward who retreats behind the race card every time someone points out he is a very poor president.

  23. outsider

    Steve, first – this is probably tongue in cheek, right?
    Trump does little but denounce the ‘leadership’ (i.e. Obama) as stoopid, incompetent, etc. BHO is his whipping boy and gets the best laughs, especially the ‘contained’ comment the day of the attack, along with the ME adventurism and the Iran ‘deal’, not forgetting the $43m gas station in Afghanistan. Obama is his hidden ace in linking HRC to the leadership: ‘we can’t afford four more years of this.’

  24. gabrianga

    `Not because he is black.Because he is a dyed in the wool egotistical moron(and Socialist) who just happens to have coffee coloured skin.

  25. Boambee John

    Obama could not be a Muslim, that would require him to recognise Allah as a greater being than himself.

    This would never happen!

  26. Toiling Mass

    There is no reason to imagine Obama is gay (and if he was, so what? It would be the great political virtue of creating a false domestic narrative which is hardly new.)

    I doubt he is Muslim. I think his earth-shattering inability to read real-world events and his disastrous agenda is the mutant spawn of his internationalism and left-wing relativism. And other people are always understood as members of collectives with established relationships – a black dentist is always being oppressed by white factory workers.

    Cultural and moral relativists always proceed from the absolute moral certainty of relativism.

  27. Stackja

    BO is a Chicago “political” “expert”. Well out of his depth. His colourful character, is his one and only asset. What ever else he has is courtesy of compliant MSM and gullible electorate.

  28. Zatara

    Obama is getting into the game vs. Trump because nobody else has been able to put a dent in Don. Also because Hillary getting her bum kicked by Sanders at the Dem ‘debate’ Saturday and in the resulting poll isn’t making the Dem establishment very comfortable so quick, change the subject! Divert, Divert, Divert!

    Obama isn’t eligible to run again. He can and should be ignored (for now).

    Trump has a primary to win.

  29. Mick Gold Coast QLD

    From Entropy at 9:33 am:

    “I honk we can do without all the unhinged rumours floating around above.”

    Nah bugger ‘im – “honk” all you like. The magic negro deserves all he gets, and some. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t render it “unhinged”.

    He called it on, he deliberately provokes the reaction weekly, let him have both barrels. Read about it – he wouldn’t know who fathered him because his mother was anybodys.

  30. Tel

    Obama personally going after Trump might as well be handing him the Republican nomination by executive order.

    As for Hillary vs Sanders, if it was me I’d vote for Sanders only because he’s an honest nutter, which is preferable to a sleazy scumbag. But looking at the Dem voters I think it will be a Trump vs Hillary election in 2016.

  31. “Republicans have been very reluctant to attack Obama for the whole of the past seven years.”
    This is just…amazing. While I’ve seen a few Kates Klassics in my time I don’t know what to say with this one.
    It’s just a whole new level of denial of reality in favour of his own entirely imaginary internal narrative.

  32. None of you are taking into account the fact that obama ,kerry,gore and the u.n.communists have solved two of the worlds urgent problems.
    The Syrian problem ,by only giving Isil syria iraq and lybia this will keep them busy ,Germany will be subject to further negotiation,problem solved!
    Getting a lot of other muppets to sign up to an obtuse ,obscure ,non binding sort of agreement that wont do anything but looks good .
    They are now working on gay marriage ,misojenee ,islamophobia and racism solutions to these world shattering problems are expected as soon as more taxpayers funds are available .
    Innit wonderfull to have LEEDERS like tgese products of the Lying meeja!

  33. BorisG

    I honk we can do without all the unhinged rumours floating around above.


  34. BorisG

    they are an inherently stupid nation…

    If the Americans are a stupid nation, which nation isn’t ?

    You are an amazingly righteous, 2dogs

  35. jupes

    President Obama said … that Donald J. Trump, … is exploiting the resentment and anxieties of working-class men

    Yes. Because obviously only ‘working-class men’ could be dumb enough to vote for Trump.

    We saw this idea that only the ‘working-class’ (i.e. idiots) liked Trump from that stupid journo while he was being beclowned by Trump’s press secretary last week. They don’t even try to hide their contempt.

    You can just imagine all these political and journalistic hacks thinking they know all there is to know to get by in the corrupt political system and then along comes Trump and breaks all their stupid rules. ‘Trump is an idiot blowhard he’ll self-destruct within a week’ they no doubt all assured themselves, ‘Only uneducated morons could possibly support him.’

    Sucked in dickheads. The Donald is still here and getting stronger, while your corrupt candidate is either asleep or on the dunny.

  36. Michael

    “Republicans have been very reluctant to attack Obama for the whole of the past seven years”

    Woah! Is it April already?

  37. Empire

    Get a grip people. He can’t be muslim and gay or he would have been euthanised in his youth by the Indo sunnis he fraternised with.

  38. Simon/other

    Trump will just ignore him like every other world leader does. How’s that yankee phrase go “Don’t sweat the small stuff”. Man… Is Obama small stuff or what.

  39. BorisG

    IF that is true – and I guess that time will reveal all – then it could explain Obama’s deference to Islam, his support for homosexual marriage and homosexual issues

    this is an incredibly stupid comment. are all others who support gay marriage or favour appeasement if islamists also gays and Muslims?

    The truth is that Obama’s views are aligned with the views of a significant left-leaning section of the public even in the US, and overwhelmingly in Europe. This is an absolutely essential thing to understand if you want to combat it.

    Trying it explain it away by references to Obama’s background is not only futile but extremely counter-productive.

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