Star Wars – enjoy

I now think I should not overlay my take on the film before you see it. Go and enjoy. We can discuss the film when it has finally left the cinemas in March.

In the meantime, let me just note this from Instapdundit: The ‘secret weapon’ behind Star Wars who was Marcia Lucas, George Lucas’s first wife, now departed from the scene and almost erased from history, who was the one with the judgement that made Star Wars work. Her personal story is quite incredible.

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  1. Rabz

    Hilary “thunderbox” Clinton – a talking garbage can.

  2. stackja

    Did Lucas base character on someone like HRC? Or did HRC base her career on Lucas character? Hollywood and politics go a long way back.

  3. Ant

    You’re being picky.

    It was an excellent 2 hours of entertainment and a technical marvel in execution. No other movie industry, other than the USA’s, could even come close to doing anything like it.

    The Australian movie industry, for example, would struggle to do Episode IV today to their 40 year old standards.

    Of course, if you go and watch it to learn the meaning of the universe you’re gonna be disappointed.

  4. Myrddin Seren


    Go sit in the Naughty Chair and have a think about getting new specs.

    It is quite obvious that HRC is a Sith Lord, not our beloved Leia.

    We will put this unfortunate lapse down to Tuesdayitis.

  5. calli

    Whoa! Steve “disappeared” his own story.

    Or did someone leave the pod bay doors open?

  6. calli

    And it’s solved a riddle – why the first batch were so exciting and rip roaring and the second so excruciatingly dull.

  7. Myrddin Seren

    The Clintons made Steve an offer he couldn’t refuse……

  8. Ant

    I love Mark Steyn as much as anybody, and am going to his IPA event in Feb ’16.

    That linked review he wrote on Star Wars is probably accurate and probably correct.

    It’s also crap, in the fecally useless sense of the word.

    The frickin movie is a piece of entertainment and about as deep and meaningful as humming through a Mariah Carey Christmas carol.

  9. Caveman

    Its a story about a galaxy far far away , we will never get there with wind power anyway.

  10. Brian

    I intend to see it, but I do appreciate that Mark’s original expertise was in entertainment.
    He makes a valid point of how culture has shifted over time, but also acknowledges that lots of people love the oohs and aahs of the Star Wars genre.
    I guess we could draw analogies with the Bread and Circuses during the twilight of the Roman Empire.

    But just looking at his article again – it is a perceptive analysis of just how shallow the whole thing is. And who can dispute what he says about the characters and their acting. Especially after watching a few of the reruns on TV of late. Second time round and a lot of the gloss has rubbed off.

    And that is Mark’s somewhat overshadowed talent. All of his arts reviews unfold things unseen but quite revealing. I didn’t think I would ever be interested in music or theater reviews, but Mark’s almost always contain fascinating insights, and much that often bears upon the progress, or more accurately, the disintegration of our culture. It might be great entertainment, but it all has an effect in the long run.

    But to give Lucas his due, I think the major philosophical lesson in the whole thing is that you get people to give up their freedom by creating a war where you control both sides. Lots of lessons in that.
    Fighting climate change for instance? Governments wanting their people to give up their advanced lifestyles and freedoms in order to fight this nebulous ill defined by ever present boogy man of whatever weather event is being blamed on our emissions. This is “Monsters under the bed” stuff – but it is got major traction because every one is on song – politicians, scientists, armed forces, media, charities, etc

  11. Steve tickler

    Looking forward to the Beta-Max release.

  12. Arnost

    Kids took me to see the movie as a surprise present on Friday. (And got mum to pay at that!)

    My 11yo daughter loved it – the smiles, clenching of my hand, utter absorption in the movie and the necessary tears – particularly since she never showed much interest in the prequels and the clone wars that her SW Lego obsessed elder brother had on all the time. 9/10

    My 13yo hated it… It destroyed Star Wars for him. He spent the weekend trying to find a reason for and justify the plot twist. Absolute grief and disbelief.

    On a related subject, it is interesting to see how stingy Disney is with salaries. $450k for essentially the two main trilogy protagonists! On a movie expected to Gross $4Bio? Wow…

    And from a personal view – beats the crap out of the episode 1-3 trilogy. The oohs and aahs are there. +1 Calli. Riddle solved.

  13. Rabz

    the $450,000 flat fee received by British newcomers John Boyega and Daisy Ridley

    I’ll be gobsmacked if those two nonentities are even worth that.

  14. Stimpson J. Cat

    Mark Steyn, much as I love him cannot be taken seriously except on matters political, or showtunes.
    He just released a f?cking cd for cats entitled “Feline Groovy.”
    And he has the nerve to mock Star Wars for being shallow entertainment?
    The ginger fliptop head Canadian muppet.

  15. Copperfield

    I think in the best traditions of Hollywood,should George outlive Marcia,he’ll be sure to mention that Jar Jar Binks was, ‘bless her heart,one of Marcia’s.’

  16. LordAzrael

    On a related subject, it is interesting to see how stingy Disney is with salaries. $450k for essentially the two main trilogy protagonists! On a movie expected to Gross $4Bio? Wow…

    Not sure about the guy, the girl has a pretty weak resume acting wise. $450k sounds like a pretty sweet deal, and I’d assume that it would go up greatly for subsequent movies.

  17. dweezy2176

    I’m getting old (68) & am past these hi-tech computer graphic movies nowadays still prefer a half decent cowboy! .. managed the halfway point before boredom set in & went to bed! Glad I downloaded it rather than wasted my money on a ticket!

  18. BarBar

    I would strongly advise that children who love the first Star Wars episode are not taken to see this one – JJ Abrams restores the heart and then kills it. Cynical.

  19. dweezy2176

    There you go .. switched the, blo0dy, thing back on today & did the 2nd half .. wish I hadn’t 2 hours of my life I*’ll never get back & at my age .. duuuuuuuh! .. totally off-the-wall finale .. and couldn’t tell the difference between this one and the previous sequels/prequels, whatevers’ .. other than the 1st one which I thoroughly enjoyed but then I was still a young & naive 30 something!

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